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How to trace the Trade Promotions in CRM from the Sales Order in ECC

One of the most common question in the Trade Promotion Management Space is – how do I find out the trade promotions whose conditions (may be Rebate  or Discounts) got into the Sales Order in ECC?

To Answer this question – I am proving a step by step process how this can be achieved

  • Get the sales Order Number for which you want to trade back to the Trade Promotion (For Example – 100XXXXXXX)
  • Now pass the sales order number to VBAK table, field VBELN


and note down the Value of the filed KNUMV

Pic 2.jpg

  • Now take the Value of KNUMV (Here – 0015129651) & Pass it to table KONV field KNUMV

Pic 3.jpg

Here you will get all the conditions attached to the sales order – some conditions would be coming here from TPM Spend Types (depends on the config)

Here lets’ take all the Condition numbers (field – KNUMH)

Pic 4.jpg

  • Now take the List of the condition numbers & pass to table CND_MAP_KNUMH field KNUMH

Pic 5.jpg

& Take down the VARNUMH

Pic 6.jpg

here we see from the sales Order – out of many condition 2 came from CRM (basically TPM)

Note down the values of VARNUMH

  • Now log into CRM and go to the table /SAPCND/CONDREF and pass the above values of VARNUMH

Pic 7.jpg

Here note down the REF_GUID (condition Record ID) only for the entries where Ref. Type is MKT

  • Now go back to ECC to the table PRPS (given Project system integration is there for the environment) and pass the value to field CGPL_GUID

Pic 8.jpg

Here you can see Trade Promotion IDs

So our goal of Tracing Back to Trade Promotions from the Sales Order is successfully done.

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