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Enhancement Framework in ABAP – Blog 1

Enhancement Framework in SAP ABAP is the new enhancement concept that helps the customers, consultants and third parties by giving an option of enhance the standard code base with the custom code that they want to add.

Below diagram shows the options available in enhancement framework.


IMPLICIT Enhancements:

In a abap report, there are two places at which the enhancements are possible by default.

One is the start of the report and at the end of the report.

So, by default in all the reports, customers can do enhancements at the start and end by creating enhancement implementations.

EXPLICIT Enhancements:

In this case, SAP has to explicitly provide the places in the report where exactly it can be enhanced.

So, again there are three options to do the same.

1. Enhancement Point:

          Enhancement points has to be created in the report where exactly customer can enhance such that the desired results at that point can be changed

by the enhancement implementations.

2. Enhancement Section:

          Enhancement sections has to be created in the report by selecting the section of code lines which can be enhanced by the customer implementation.

3. BAdi:

          BAdis are the ways of enhancements which are mainly available for ABAP Objects where a BAdi definition will be created with a interface with fixed signature that can be implemented by the customer by BAdi implementation.

We will discuss on the Implicit and Explicit enhancements in detail in the next series of this blog.

Thank You.

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