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[ Updated on 31/08/2013 ]

I found that post as one of my most view on snc, most view but less liked/rated :-P. i created the post on Nov of 2012.  and since that i forgot to update it with more information about the mobile options on SAP Solution Manager; i don’t have jet a lot of experience on the setup of that apps but found that information interesting for show it to customers interested on it..

The best official presentation from SAP

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 – Mobile Apps & Executive Scorecards

Dr. Matthias Melich, SAP Solution Manager Solution Management November, 2012

Availability since SP6:

Escenario Disponible?
End-user experience yes
Change aproval (CHARM) yes
Incident Management yes
System Monitoring / technicl monitoring yes
SAP replication management not released but planned
TDMS not released but planned

The apps are focused in Run SAP Like a Factory topics :

More information:




If you need support while setup, testing you can contact sap ags correct department within component  MOB-APP-SMG

Related Support Notes:

Updates from SCN contributions:

by Uwe Fetzer  promo videos



by  Raquel Pereira da Cunha

SAP IT Incident Management by SAP AG for iOS:

by Vivek Hegd connection infraestructure


by John Krakowski

English Language Descriptions:

SAP IT Change Approval by SAP AG

SAP User Experience Monitor by SAP AG

SAP System Monitoring by SAP AG

Hope that information can help you to find how improve SAP Solution Manager scenarios on mobile devices.



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    1. Uwe Fetzer

      NW Gateway is already part of Solman, so no show blocker.

      At sapteched Madrid SAP hasn’t mentioned SUP. I think/hope SUP is only needed, if you will use the mobile apps outside your network (outside VPN).

      More clarification by SAP needed though.

      Additional info:

      – another interesting app: Incident Management

      – Android apps are coming also (currently in approval process already)

      1. Former Member


        If NW Gateway is a part of solman it would be nice if this would be mentioned in the “Install Guide”.

        In my opinion a “How to configure” these apps is also missing.

        I get stuck by connecting the apps to the solman…

        1. Uwe Fetzer

          Quote of the Inst-Guide: “The following settings only apply in the access via Sybase Unwired Platform scenario….”. If I read this right, no SUP is needed.

          NW Gateway is part of Solman since SP 5. Please check you System Info. Also you have to activate and configure the NW Gateway.

  1. Former Member

    Just tested the IT Change Approval from iPhone. It works as mentioned. Used the embedded Gateway inside Solman system.

    Any plans to provide the feature of approving Change Documents also?



    1. Former Member

      Hi Srikar,

      that was really a useful Information, I just want to know how that can be integrated I mean can you please elaborate how to use empedded gateway inside solution manager.

      Thanks in Advance!!

      1. Former Member

        The main step i struggled  with is finding a step called:  Assignment of System alias to OData Service.

            Path to this step under SPRO: SAP Customizing implementation guide –> SAP Netweaver  –> Gateway –>OData channel development with  IW_BEP –> Registration –> Assign System alias to OData service

        Entry to be made:

        Service Doc. Indentifier : /AIGW/SERVICE_GDAPI_0001

        System Alias:  LOCAL

        Other imp. fields in the table row will be created when you save.

        Before the above step a system alias needs to be defined.

        For embedded scenario , the system alias is created when you execute the step “Configure Gateway” under SOLMAN_SETUP –> System Preparation –> Configure Connectivity.  The main items under this step are “Gateway Activation” and “System alias creation”. Othersteps like EEMON and TECHMON services activation status can be ignored.

        Also faced little problems like insufficient authorization to Change manager user id, just assigned SAP_ALL for that moment.

        Best Regards,


        1. Former Member

          Hi Srikar,
          i tried system monitoring mobile app on SP6 and it was working well for Android and IOS devices.
          But, for IT Change Approval, i had got an error when i select ticket to show details about it.

          IWCOR_CX_DS_URI_SYNTAX_ERROR has occured. see details for more information
          message no. IWFND/CM_LOGGING006.

          When i checked logs, i found that there is a problem of “invalid key predicate” for the url:

          and the problem exactly was in the key Language=’E’

          So i think that it is a problem of SAP note to be applied to SP6.

          Can you tell me if you are using SP6 or SP7?

          Thanks in advance.

          Kind Regards,


    2. Vivek Hegde

      Hi Srikar,

      Is your solman system on Internet or Intranet ? If the system is in intranet and you need to access these apps from outside then I believe SUP is very much needed.



      1. Former Member


        We have not opened the system for internet requests. So embedded Netweaver Gateway scenario is chosen.

        I recommend talking to network team and open up a external port  and then route it via DMZ zone to Solman. Its not economical for a customer to purchase SUP for sake Solman alone.



      2. Former Member

        Hi Vivek,

        I think even if solman system is in intranet, and we have a VPN Connection to solman, we can access directly to Gateway with no need to SUP.

        Do you agree with me?

        1. Vivek Hegde


          Oh Really?? I have not tried that..  According to below image, I thought only way is to use SUP/Relay server to access a system from internet if the system is in Intranet. Srikar would be able to clarify your query.


          1. Former Member


            I tried it today with IT Incident Management mobile app, it works, i can see incidents,
            but when i want to create or confirm one incident, i get an error.
            May be there are some configuration to do in Solman

            Do you know if we need to do some config in solman when we connect our mobile device directly to Solman’s Intranet. Because there is no thing mentioned in installation guide.
            all manipulations in installation guide are in case of SUP use.

            Kind Regards



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