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[EN] SAP Solution Manager – Mobile Apps, released in the Apple Store

[ Updated on 31/08/2013 ]

I found that post as one of my most view on snc, most view but less liked/rated :-P. i created the post on Nov of 2012.  and since that i forgot to update it with more information about the mobile options on SAP Solution Manager; i don’t have jet a lot of experience on the setup of that apps but found that information interesting for show it to customers interested on it..

Idioma Enlace


The best official presentation from SAP

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 – Mobile Apps & Executive Scorecards

Dr. Matthias Melich, SAP Solution Manager Solution Management November, 2012

Availability since SP6:

Escenario Disponible?
End-user experience yes
Change aproval (CHARM) yes
Incident Management yes
System Monitoring / technicl monitoring yes
SAP replication management not released but planned
TDMS not released but planned

The apps are focused in Run SAP Like a Factory topics :

More information:




If you need support while setup, testing you can contact sap ags correct department within component  MOB-APP-SMG

Related Support Notes:

Note Description
Mobile Gateway TECHMON service issues


Same host visible multiple times in the Techmon Mobile app

The selection of a technical system is lost in mobile app
1799062 System Monitoring Mobile app Refresh does not work
1852141 System Monitoring Mobile App confirm alert not working

Updates from SCN contributions:

by Uwe Fetzer  promo videos



by  Raquel Pereira da Cunha

SAP IT Incident Management by SAP AG for iOS:

by Vivek Hegd connection infraestructure


by John Krakowski

English Language Descriptions:

SAP IT Change Approval by SAP AG

SAP User Experience Monitor by SAP AG

SAP System Monitoring by SAP AG

Hope that information can help you to find how improve SAP Solution Manager scenarios on mobile devices.



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