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Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme

Getting Started with SAP Business Client

A new User Experience with SAP Business Client – Your Business Application Entry-Point

Where do you stand? What’s available to you?
SAP BC 7.70 (RTC 29th, January 2021). Next release 8.00 expected Q1 2023)


Quartz Dark


New with 7.70

SAP Fiori 3: Visual Theme Quartz

Quartz will be available for SAP GUI for Windows and SAP Business Client to use the SAP Fiori launchpad to launch both SAP Fiori apps and SAP GUI for Windows apps using the Quartz theme.


2928874 – SAP Business Client 7.70: Prerequisites and restrictions

SAP Business Client 7.70 expected releases

SAP BC 7.0 (EOL April 12, 2022)

DOWNLOAD; don’t forget to install .NET 4.6.2

SLIDES: Overview slides on SAP Business Client 7.0: Learn about new features and benefits of SAP BC, read about use cases, and review the roadmap.

SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM), Operating Systems

SAP Roadmaps: Scroll down to search for SAP User Interface Technologies Roadmap if not already displayed.

SAP BC 6.5 (end of restricted support
= March 31, 2020)
SAP Business Client 6.5 – out of restricted support
Where is the Help Portal Documentation? SAP Help Portal: SAP Business Client
Where is the video playlist for SAP BC? YouTube video playlist for SAP BC

New Visual Theme SAP Belize:

I want to integrate Fiori Launchpad as the start page in the Business Client with theme -SAP Belize for a harmonized User Experience.


Theming with UI Theme Designer

To start the UI Theme Designer within SAP Business Client enter the transaction /UI5/THEME_DESIGNER.


SAP Help Portal: SAP Fiori Integration


Available for S/4HANA 1610 or higher application backends and frontend server with SAP_UI 3.0 or higher.

Harmonized User Experience with SAP Belize and Business Client 6.5

Connection typ Fiori launchpad (6.0 >):

I want to integrate Fiori Launchpad as the start page in the Business Client using the System connection type Fiori launchpad, incl. the ability to render transactions with SAP GUI for Windows directly from the launchpad


SAP Help Portal: SAP Fiori Integration

Prerequisites: User Interface Add-On 2.0 SP01 for SAP NetWeaver or component SAP_UI 750 SP01. SAP Enterprise Portal requires at least SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP4.

Integrating Fiori launchpad (youtube video)

Connection typ SAP Business Client (5.0 >):

I want to integrate Fiori apps in the Business Client using the System connection type SAP Business Client


SAP Help Portal: SAP Fiori Integration into PFCG

Prerequisites:User Interface Add-On 2.0 SP00 for SAP NetWeaver or Component SAP_UI 750 SP00

SAP NWBC 5.0: Integrating Fiori Apps:

Integrating NWBC 5.0 and Fiori Apps

I need answers to my questions See FAQs
I am an administrator. I want to know more about installing, configuring, and administering the Business Client

SAP Business Client for desktop 6.5: Setup (Installation Guide)

This document describes how to install and distribute SAP Business Client for Desktop 6.5 + providing information on the UI landscape format introduced with SAP BC 6.0.

For more information you’ll always find a copy of the NWBC Administrator Guide in the SAP NetWeaver Library (under SAP Netweaver Business Client).
This wiki page provides more details:

I need to know about browser support for NWBC for HTML.

(NWBC for Desktop supports Internet Explorer. With SAP Business Client 6.5 PL5 there is also a chromium based webbrowser control available. It is delivered additionally as alternative rendering engine to the Microsoft IE WebBrowser control).

See Product Availability Matrix (PAM) 

Once you have chosen the correct version of NetWeaver, choose “Technical Release Information” -> “Web Browser Platforms”. )

What are the most useful SAP Notes for NWBC?

1378659 NWBC known issues & what to check when opening a ticket

2714160 – SAP Business Client 7.0: Prerequisites and restrictions

2744024 SAP Business Client 7.0: Expected releases

2455699 SAP Business Client 6.5: Expected releases

2446515 SAP Business Client 6.5: Prerequisites and restrictions

2302074 Maintenance strategy and deadlines for SAP Business Client / NWBC

2227396 SAP Business Client 6.0: Prerequisites and restrictions

2201009 SAP Business Client 6.0 Patches – client only

2227431 SAP Business Client 6.0 expected releases

1620576 NWBC for HTML: Prerequisites and restrictions

1795171 – Multi System Support – Recommendations and Restrictions

2080071 – SAP Screen Personas Support in SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java Supported Features

1053737 – Expected release dates for SAP GUI for Windows

Try these SAP Notes (as appropriate):


1638715 NWBC: SSO Troubleshooting against ABAP

Also, look at the Troubleshooting info on the SCN Wiki (thanks to Gabor for putting this together):

NetWeaver Business Client Troubleshooting Guide – Netweaver Technology – SCN Wiki


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      Author's profile photo Damean-BF Chen
      Damean-BF Chen

      Many thanks for the well thought out intro. The transaction code BSSP_CONTENT that you mentioned does NOT exist in our system (Our background is NW 731 SSP4 \ sapkb73104), is that part of NW 7.31 SSP5 or above? Is a downport available?

      Also FYI .. The link to the SAPNote 1718873 probably need to be adjusted (it's pointing to Note # 1638715)

      Author's profile photo Julie Plummer
      Julie Plummer

      Hi Damean,

      Thanks for spotting that - now fixed <embarrassed>.

      I've asked my colleague in in the Suite about BSSP_CONTENT. I'll get back to you asap.

      Author's profile photo Julie Plummer
      Julie Plummer

      Hi Damean, hi everyone,

      As above, I 've moved the section Damean is referring to, to DOC-34889

      BSSP_CONTENT is available in the Business Suite, EHP6 SP05 (ie not actually part of a NW release). Since Side Panels are only available from EHP6, a downport as such (ie to EHP5) would not really help.

      I am trying to find a way round this, and will let you all know if I find out anything more.

      Author's profile photo Rajendrakumar Gaikwad
      Rajendrakumar Gaikwad


      I installed NWBC 4 and tried to access Netweaver Portal 7.3.

      Got the Logon Page.After Logging in got the Following Error.

      Could not open the logon window for the server with the supplied URL.

      Check that the URL is valid and server is running.To do this, call the same URL in the browser.

      The URL Works fine in Browser.

      Portal 7.02 works fine in NWBC.

      i have created a thread in forum but no reply from community.

      Can you help?


      Rajendra Gaikwad

      Author's profile photo Max Robert
      Max Robert

      Experienced a similar problem with one of the five systems I accessed from NWBC 4

      Their was a DNS problem (supplied by Active Directory) and I admit this is quirky but I  had the exact same issue as you and only with this one host.

      If on Windows - Try this solution out

      Start -> Run - Drivers placing you in the drivers directory

      open the etc folder

      Edit with notepad the file "Hosts"

      Add the IP Address and url of the host.

      Reboot and retry

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      We have 2 issues we are unsure how to resolve...any ideas?

      here are 2 key Issues I have come across relative to both versions of NWBC (the thick client and the HTML thin client):

      1.  Need ability to auto-move focus (and cursor) to next input field on reaching the end of the input field.  This is a setting a user can make in SAP GUI.

      2.  Need ability for system to auto-suggest the object to be acted on based on what happened immediately preceeding it.   (For example, a Standard SAP feature today is that once a person performs a goods receipt transaction and the insp lot is auto-created, then when the same person navigates to QE01 for Results Recording upon entering the tcode, the insp lot is auto-filled.).   I believe this is standard SAP and not a user-definable setting.

      Author's profile photo Julie Plummer
      Julie Plummer

      Hi Vicky,

      1. Yes, this is standard in SAP GUI, but you can also set it for NWBC.

      First, call a transaction (any transaction) in NWBC (or standalone ):

      1.1 On the far right of the toolbar, choose the last icon "Customize Local Layout" (Alt+F12) (looks like a monitor with red, green, blue stripes on it).

      1.2 Choose Options -> Keyboard Settings -> "Automatically move focus to next input field on reaching the end of input field"

      2.This Autosuggest works with Set/Get Parameters (SPA/GPA). New in NWBC 4.0, these are cached: "Caching of at Least One SAPGUI Session per Host/Client (New)

      Through caching, SET/GET parameters are still available upon closing the last SAP GUI session."

      (From the docu: NWBC 4.0 : What's New )

      If you're on NWBC 4.0, and it's NOT working, make sure you're on the newest patch level of NWBC and SP of SAP GUI. If that fails, please open an OSS: BC-FES-BUS-DSK. Also, make sure you'e in the same session - if you open a new session, then this won't work.

      Best wishes,


      PS - I cannot personally monitor all OSS messages, so let me know the message no., if you want me to monitor it.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you Julie,

      We are also looking for a consultant to answer some questions and concerns we have before implementation.  Can you recommend someone or what is the best process?  Our SAP reps have not been able to really provide us a NWBC contact.

      Thanks again


      Author's profile photo Julie Plummer
      Julie Plummer

      Hi Vickie,

      Are you in the US? If so, please tell me quickly, and I will contact their Team Lead.

      Best wishes;

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Julie,

      Yes we are in the States.

      Thanks you so much for your assistance


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Julie,

      I am using NWBC HTML,

      i try to export data into spreadsheet and i am not finding the option excel(in existing xxl format)

      please suggest me i am facing in nwbc html only not with my sap gui


      Devi Prasad.

      Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme
      Sandra Thimme
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Devi Prasad,

      NWBC offers no export to excel option. The application has to offer it. What application are you using? WDA, FPM?


      Sandra Thimme

      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      The link in the first line "Why SAP Business Client?"

      ( http//  )

      seems to be broken in 3 ways:

      - http//  instead of https://

      - it links right thi [this Document] (DOC-33288)

      - it's an edit-Link



      Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme
      Sandra Thimme
      Blog Post Author
      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees


      the here metioned note

      1638715 NWBC: SSO Troubleshooting against ABAP

      seems not to be release.

      I stumbled appon it, as I was part of a message I got: Note 1638715 not released ( BC 6 launchpad + native SapGui)



      Author's profile photo Sandra Thimme
      Sandra Thimme
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Joachim, the note is active. Please use the following syntax: launchpad+SAP GUI: for full usage of the Fiori Launchpad connection, which is related to Fiori Launchpad resources on the frontend Server. To be able to render transactions with SAP GUI for Windows, the frontend server requires user interface add-on 2.0 SPS01 for SAP NetWeaver or SAP_UI 750 SP01. The transaction is configured using the options you have in the FLP configuration, see Configuring Target Mappings. With the SP mentioned above, you now also have the option to specify the transaction directly in the target mapping; no need for a redirection via LDP_CUST. Regards, Sandra