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Pre-Sales Life, 211 – Fifty Shades of Mobile

My apologies in advance to any readers who stumbled upon this mobile strategy BLOG but were looking for something else.  But hey, there is always a chance to learn something new.  Have a listen to this great Rachmaninoff  song during or after reading.

So where does the SAP mobile platform fit into your business? Easy answer, it depends. I would say SAP reinvents itself to stay fresh while staying innovative with its classics, just like a pop band that becomes a classic and a gold standard for the industry.  We are not just an ERP and BI company.  Case in point, an IT guy of 15 years (Me!) who has worked for a telecom company and loves mobile can end up in one of the best of our 5 market categories, Mobility.

5 pillars.JPG

So we have a lot more than fifty shades of mobile but let me call out a few of the important ones in the short time I still have your attention:

Domination – that’s right, we want to dominate in this space. We want your devices to be free to interact with your data but only when solid control is in place.  It can be in the form of our Mobile App servers for enterprise or consumer apps, or maybe device control through our best in class MDM, Afaria. In fact, have you seen how easy it is to add devices to a new group with application assignments?  Check out this video on applying policies.

7.0 home page.JPG

Safe Words – As in, keeping your enterprise data safe, secure, encrypted. We will work with you to allow dedicated access to your data with complimentary controls in place to match your internal systems. Check out this information on how you can secure your SAP Streamwork data with Box.  More to come on this later.

sap and box streamwork.JPG

Toys – These are not just mobile devices for games, but as much as possible we design our apps with gamification in mind, check out a video on this topic from TechEd here.  Make using an app fun, and when possible three clicks or less. Mobile devices are still best when used for consumption of data or targeted execution.  Don’t try to create humongous content on a mobile device, the ecosystem is just not there yet.


Fantasy – Feel free to dream it and we can make it a reality. We offer more ways to connect to more systems than any other company. We can co-innovate with you and build a custom app demo and then convert that design into a working app for you.

We also can connect an off the shelf app to your systems, browse some apps here and here. Contact me and we can discuss this process.

itunes apps.JPG  sap android store.JPG

Love – Your employees should love to use their devices. Satisfaction from repeating patrons can cause a groundswell of love within your organization. When you make things perform in a clean and simple way on a device that is popular because it is cleanly designed and easy to use then people will love you. Like I said above, don’t try and make a mobile app for content creation that is too complex. 

happy phone user.jpg

Communication – Isn’t that what you want out of a mobile partner, someone who will listen to you before, during and after your mobile project.


So to recap:  SAP is a great place to get your mobile software because we are on point strategically and embrace the rapid changes in the ecosystem while never forgetting the technology from beginning to end.



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  • Nice blog, not too sales-y if you see what I mean 😉 But OMG I can't believe you did that!! (the Fifty Shades analogies).

    Thanks for sharing what the SAP Mobility Team has been up to, it's interesting information for other SAP colleagues as well.

    I'd like to hear more about how SAP gamifies its mobile experience, we have an SAP Gamification space on SCN and I would love to see you blog about gamification. Myself I'm working on a project to gamify SCN and will share my experience there soon.

    I like the music reference, this one is my favorite Rachmaninoff piece.



    • You're not supposed to connect the dots in public 😉 

      I will look into some gamification specific info from the mobile team to share with you. Thanks for your comments and let me know if you need anything here or via email. 


      p.s.  For those in the know, that bit of classic music is one of many tracks named in a certain book.