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Dear Portal community and Cloud Portal fans,

Join us in celebrating general availability of Cloud Portal announced at TechEd Las-Vegas during Vishal’s keynote and with it the new free and unlimited Trial.

To join this celebration, we invite you to take part in the cloud portal end of year challenge and build your unique cloud portal site, using your own trial account.

Your site can be shaped in a “beauty-style” – pixel perfect user experience with the ultimate social aptitude, or the “geek-style” – extremely intellect non-mainstream site. The combined way is usually impossible but when we are talking about the cloud portal, it is absolutely feasible to build the ultimate portal site that comes with a superior user experience, running business applications (SAP and non-SAP) coated with social capabilities.

What are the guidelines?

  • Get your free trial account and create a new portal site.
  • Themes for your new site can be: LOB (e.g. HR site, support site etc.), Mobile (focus on iPad) or free style
  • When your site is ready, just post a blog in SCN on HANA Cloud Portal community describing the use case along with screenshots and main capabilities used.

Everybody is a winner – some win a little more…

The challenge will run until end of year. During January 2013 we will announce the top sites coming out of this challenge and will showcase them as a nice clip posted on SCN.

Those who will send us information on their new site (screenshots, video or a URL to the site) by Thursday, November 15 9:00am CET, will get presented during a Customer Showcase session at the SAP TechEd conference in Madrid that afternoon.

To learn more about Cloud Portal, discuss with us and find links to our product materials, you may visit the Cloud Portal community.

Let the game begin.

Ifat Shwartz
Product  Manager – SAP HANA Cloud Portal

SAP Portal Portfolio

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  1. Former Member

    Hi there!

    I would like to post my Site for the “End-of-the Year Challenge”!

    Therefore I will re-post my ‘Product Launch’-Site! Check out my blog about it on SCN!

    There is a tutorial video with it for other colleague competitors to see how easy & fast you can build a SAP NW Cloud Portal. If anyone is looking for an example business case, check this link!

    I am looking forward to see my ‘Product Launch’-site presented at the SAP Teched 2012, coming Thursday!


    Gijs Leurs

  2. Former Member

    As a User Experience (ux) design consultant with a former background in SAP NW Portal I’m of course glad to hear SAP is (finally!) upgrading it’s portal solution and proposition.

    I do have a question regarding the use of themes. Based on this blog (and some others) it seems to me you can only select one theme at a time. But what about the mobile theme? Does it mean you can only optimize your site (portal) for either Mobile or the web? I truly hope that’s not the case…

    Frodo Jansen

    The Next View, The Netherlands

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Frodo,

      Very good comment. With the current version you build the portal site once and you have it mobile ready, using HTML5 for dynamic adaptation to a range of devices, without spending extra effort in specific mobile adjustments.

      However we already considered the option to enable multiple layouts to be set per device form factor. This part is still in design phase.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Basar,

      Very nice use case. Can you also share the URL to your new cloud portal site?

      You can do it via ‘invite users’ option.



        1. Former Member Post author

          Right, missed that… But you have to invite me to your site otherwise I’m getting a “no permissions” notification. You can invite by selecting Manage Users –> Add –> specify email address (

          We plan to add soon a “public site” variant where you can choose to publicly share your site with everyone.

  3. Marilyn Pratt

    Well your catchy title does indeed capture interest of particpants.and I like seeing the activity here.  For inclusion’s sake (and to prevent stereotyping) let’s assume we can have beautiful geeks and beauties that are geeks so there won’t be any gender discrimination complaints LOL.  I can’t wait till you add the public site vairant so that we can see publicly what folks like Basar shared.  Otherwise we’ll have a whole mass of “add me too” requests 😉

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks Marilyn. We are currently working on a nice way to showcase the great and beautiful experiences we got from the participants. As indicated in the blog – everybody is a winner  🙂


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