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Conditional Breaks in Adobe Forms

This is a very small example on how to put a conditional break in Adobe forms. As the name defines, conditional break means, Break when some condition is satisfied.

Let consider this example. For an employee table which is to be printed in the form, there is a requirement, that a page should contain only details for one employee describing one para graph after his details.

For this we can have a table created in interface for the employee, containing emp id, emp name, emp status, etc, etc….

We will use this table in the layout of the form. Then select the data section of Data view for the table, goto object and under that select pagination. There we will have conditional break and and edit button against it. Click on the EDIT button, we will get a script editor, In that click plus button and then click Insert Sample Expression button and then select Emp ID. A statement will automatically come, which will say something like Data[-1].empid ne data.empid . Then select Before radio button for BREAK and for TO select Top of Next Page. Then say OK. Activate and execute the form.

You will see for every emp id the details pertaining to it are on a new page og the pdf rendered when executed.

Please add anything else as comments on to this.

You all are welcome for your replies.



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      Wouter Peeters


      Do you know if it is possible to add conditional breaks on subnodes in your form context?

      Imagine a header and item table your are using, in your form. Each line in the header table represents a document. This would mean you design your context as follows:

      - Node 1 HEADER

      -- Subnode Items ( with WHERE conditions set to the right header -> item key )

      It is possible to add a conditional break on the top node of the header, which simulates a new page for each document for example.

      My question is: is it also possible to to a conditional break based on a field of the subnode ( item table ) ? Or simulate this conditional break in some sort of way.

      At the moment we cannot find a clean way to  do so, only alternative is to move everything to 1 table which is not preferred. This way we can add multiple conditional breaks.

      Thanks for your reply.

      Kind regards,


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Sorry Wouter, i havent done such an extended research n this.

      I will try this and let you know if i get any solution.



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      Former Member

      Hi Wouter,

        I am trying to solve almost the similar issue - I have one table which has a deep structure

      Header and Item records in a single internal table. For one record  I will have one header structure which will have Many item records. I am not able to acheive conditional page break on this. could you Please provide any suggestions on this.?.



      Author's profile photo Sudhanshu Sharma
      Sudhanshu Sharma

      I followed same but couldn't get page break. All the records are being shown in same page. please advise.