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Rebate in MM


Rebate agreement is contract that is made between the vendor & the buyer for giving certain percentage of discounts on supplying over a particular value  of material.

The below mentioned is the step for the same

Step 1: Creation of a Rebate Agreement.

Vendor Used:100023

Rebate Agreement Created: 37

  1. T-codeàMEB1

Select Agreement Type -1000(Vendor Based Rebate).

                                   -2000(Material Based Rebate)

Then select /wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1_153333.jpg




Enter the required Purchasing.Org & Purchasing  Group

Enter the Condition Granter ( i.e. Vendor),Currency, validity start & end of the agreement.


Select the   ./wp-content/uploads/2012/11/5_153346.jpg


Maintain the rate of rebate.


Select  /wp-content/uploads/2012/11/8_153352.jpg

Maintain Scales according to the value & discounts.


  1. Goto–>Material for settlement.

Enter the material code. This material will be used at the time of settlement through credit memo. We can create a dummy material for this purpose.

Save the agreement.


Step 2: Setting up the vendor master.

T-code: XK02

Select the Purchasing Data Field & select the mentioned fields in Control data.

  1. 1. Subsequent Settlement
  2. 2. Subseq.sett.index.
  3. 3. B.vol comp./


Step 3: Partner function

The partner function Invoicing Party need to be maintained as to vendor.

Step 4:Define Business Volume Comparison type

  1. SPRO–>MM–>Purchasing–>Subsequent Settlement–>Agreements


Step 5: Define Rebate Arrangement Types for Subsequent Settlement

  • SPRO–>MM–>Purchasing–>Subsequent Settlement–>Agreements


Here you can assign the BV Comp/agree.type

The time of update of the Settlement ie PO/GR/IV

I have used IV as the control parameter & hence did the complete process to update agreement.

STEP 6: Creation of PO

T-Code: ME21N

Create a fresh PO for the vendor 100023; maintain the Material, Plant, Quantity etc.


  1. In Conditions tab, check the Rebate Condition –>A001.Select Details ./wp-content/uploads/2012/11/f_153369.jpg


Details Screen: Rebate Agreement 37 Active for the Vendor.


Rebate Agreement –37 picked automatically for the Vendor as created.

Step 7: Goods Receipt


Step 8: Invoice Verification

T-code: MIRO


Step 9: Running Rebate Settlement

T-code: MEB4

Enter the Vendor as Condition Granter, Settlement date as the agreement end date mentioned & simulate.


As the PO value is less than 50000, as mentioned in rebate agreement the rebate % is 0.

Created another PO with value 45000; done GR & IV. 

After the 2nd Invoice Done for Rs.45000 (Total PO Value=5000+45000) Hence Rebate of 6%


Created another PO with value 50100; done GR & IV.

After the 3rd Invoice Done for Rs.50100 (Total Value=50000+50100) Hence Rebate of 7%


Simulating  Finally


Settlement Done


Here the material we had mentioned in the agreement 37 as material for settlement is used to post the rebate.

-Arun Yesodharan

Associate Consultant

HCL Infosystems

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