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Public Solution Model (PSM): Get insight through different tools

In this blog I will show you different ways to browse the Publish Solution Model of SAP Business ByDesign.

What is the PSM?

The Public Solution Model (PSM) is the released business content of the SAP Business ByDesign solution. The different published content types are i.e. Business Objects, Business Configuration Objects, Data Types, Form Message Types, Object Value Selectors, Embedded Components, UI Inports, UI Outports, Business Configuration Entities, Inbound Service Interfaces, Enhancement Options and Data Sources.

Customer-Specific or Scalable Solutions can only access released content of SAP Business ByDesign. For content available on the UI and not released but required for the development of a solution there is a process in place which allows partners to request for additional business content to be released (FAQ: How can I request release of PSM business content?).

During the design and development process of an solution it is essentional to understand the released business content and to identify possible gaps early to request for addition releases if required.

Tool Overview

The major places to search for PSM content are

  1. the Repository Explorer in SAP Business ByDesign studio access PSM information of the connected system
  2. the Help Viewer (Microsoft Help Viewer or H3Viewer by The Helpware Group) to display PSM Help content offline
  3. the Test Shell as part of the Partner Development Work Center in SAP Business ByDesign

In SAP Business ByDesign studio the code completion, the UI designer and others provide PSM information as well. For searching through PSM content the three above are in my opinion the best tools.

Personal I prefer to view the PSM Help content offline via an Help Viewer. It is the fastest option because the PSM content is uploaded into the Help Library for offline use. The content can also be accessed with the external H3Viewer without the need to logon to SAP Business ByDesign studio. A smaller downside is, that the content needs to be updated manual from time to time.

The Repository Explorer loads PSM information from the system the Studio is connected to. It is very helpful, if up-to-date PSM information are required for instance during an development phase which involves the release of additional PSM requests.

The Test Shell lists released Object Value Selectors and Embedded Components which have not been included into the Repository Explorer or PSM Help Content.


Repository Explorer

You can open the Repository Explorer from SAP Business By Design studio menue View->Other Windows->Repository Explorer.


The Repository Explorer displays PSM documentation for Business Objects, Data Types, Enhancement Options and Inbound Service Interfaces. Content can be further filtered by Namespaces, Deployment Unit or Usage Category. You can hide or unhide Action, Associations, Nodes and Queries for Business Objects.

The navigation through the Business Object is performed by navigation throught the Business Object structure on the left. Forward navigation as in the Help Viewer is not possible.


Help Viewer

You need to upload to PSM Help content into the Help Library before it can be displayed. (Download details are available in Business Center for Customer and Partner only):

In the Help Viewer you can displays PSM documentation for Busines Objects, Data Types and Enhancement Options.  It also provides you with information on deprecated content. Via forward navigation you can navigate from an Businees Object to its nodes to its Node Elements and to the used Data Type.


Test Shell

You can access the Test Shell with your ByD Service Agent which has the Work Center Partner Development assigned.


With the views Object Value Selectors (OVS) and Embedded Components (EC) this components can be listed. Further technical details are displayed when the entities are opend in UI Designer.


You can access PSM information from various places. Each has its pro and cons. The Repository Explorer is called directly from within SAP Business ByDesign studio without additional installation steps and retrieves most up to date information. The Help content is displayed in a stand alone Help Viewer with fast forward navigation possibilities. Released OVS and EC are displayed in the Test Shell and further details in the UI Designer.

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  • Hi Ralf,

    another good way to get insight into PSM is Data Model in UI-Designer. With mouse-over-effect

    you see also some detailed informations about the object.

    To see which UI texts corresponds to the PSM element you can also have a look to workcenter "Partner Development / Business Objects" go to "Show Business Object Instances". With this viewer is it easier to understand the meaning or relation of various ID's.


    • I think it is a pity that we can not attach some images in answers like "Reply" and "Comment".

      I send you a mail, maybe you have the ability to attach images in your post.

  • Hi Ralf,

    Now, i understand that we have to use the Repository Explorer to explore the PSM.

    That's great but the search tool is so poor in this view. Is the a solution to "extract" the content of the repository to use it in a tool like MS Help 3 Viewer which is more powerfull in search...


    • Hi Charles,

      the MS help viewer solution that Ralf describes is still available. The Repository Explorer is just an other option.

      Best regards,



      • Hi Thomas,

        It is quite right. It is still available for a FP40 system and the content is dated from 2012-08-28. But there is no PSM documentation for a 1302 system and I guess there is change since 2012-08-28.



        • Hi Charles,

          there was a delay in the publishing of the 1302 PSM documentation. Thanks for pointing this out. I will update this conversation when the files are available.

          Best regards,



          • Hi Thomas,

            Any tentative date by when we can expect PSM to be published for 1302?

            Looking forward to that eagerly!

            Many Thanks


          • Hi Ankur,

            we are facing some issues with the created the MS help files due to a changed API. So there is some delay. The Repository Explorer is currently the tool that contains the up-to-date information.

            I will update this post as soon as the documents are available.

            Sorry for the inconvenience.

            Best regards, Thomas


  • Hi,


    Is there a "new" way to seach easely in the PSM via the Repository ?

    It is still a poor fonctionnality...


    Best regards,


    Charles PAULET