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TM Enhancement Guide Validity – Also for TM 9.0 and following releases.

Hello Readers,

some of you have raised the question when there will be a TM 9.0 ff. Enhancement Guide.

Well, actually, the TM Enhancement Guide provided here in the SCN (link: see also within this blog) is a document that is in most of its parts also valid for TM 9.0 and the following releases to come.

A TM 9.0-related version will be available and is in process already. Most important differences to the current document will be:

  • Chapter 5 UI Enhancements: As per TM 9.0 we use SAP NetWeaver 7.31 coming with quite some changes to the Configuration UI (FPM/FBI). But in general all concepts are still valid as described in the current document. As per 9.0 it just looks a bit more nice and has some features to provide a way better overview of things like UIBB configurations, Wiring, Toolbars, etc.
  • Chapter 3.3 BOPF Enhancement Workbench: There are actually some more features available that I had addressed with the BOPF team based on feedback from one of the first large customers that went live with TM 8.0. It is now possible to create your very own BOs via the Enhancement Workbench. Moreover, some smaller features have been added that might be of interest.

This and a few more things will change in one of the next versions of the TM Enhancement Guide. But until then, you can be sure that most of the topics in the available document are(and will be) also valid for TM 9.0 and the following TM releases.

I’ll keep you posted!

Best regards,


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  • Hi Holger,

    Thanking you for drafting such a good document version 1.

    By when you are planning to publish the SAP TM enhancement guide version 2.

    We are eagerly waiting for the updated one.

    Thanking you very much in advance for preparing such document.



    • Hi Bharath,

      current plan is to get the new version of the enhancement guide published with the end of the current development phase of TM which is making progress. Expexted is a time frame between end of June / beginning of July.

      If there is any topic that you may need help with in advance, don't hesitate to ask your questions here.

      Best regards,