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Creating and cascading goals in HCM Performance Management – Flexible process

I had a request in the SCN to describe how to create and cascade goals. In this blog, I discuss how to create and cascade a corporate goal.

Corporate Goals and Core Values:

To be able to create and cascade corporate goals and core values, you need to have the role of Talent Management Specialist assigned to the employee who will create and cascade these goals.

If you are on EhP6, then you need to assign the role : SAP_HR_HAP_PMG_GOALS_SR (Specialist for Corporate Goals).

This is a new role that is available from EhP6 onwards. For EhP4 and EhP5, assign the delivered TMS role. 

You should have activated the business functions HCM_TMC_CI_1 AND HCM_TMC_CI_2. If you are on EhP6, then you need to activate the BF, HCM_TMC_CI_3 also.

Note: Even if you are not implementing SAP HCM Talent Management, you should activate these business functions.


In the portal, click on the TMS >> Corporate Goals. This will display the service, where you can create, edit and maintain corporate goals and core values

You can maintain the goals and values for specific time periods (usually these corresponds to your appraisal cycle).

To add a new goal, click on the icon Add Goal. In the screen to your right, enter the title of the goal, description of the goal, and KPI’s . After you have created the goal, remember to save the goal. The service does not have auto-save. Once the goal is saved, it will be listed in the Corporate Goals listing.

New Goals.JPG

If you notice the new goal (For SCN Blog) does not have the “green check mark” against it. This means the goal is not cascaded yet. To cascade a goal, select the goal and click on the tab Cascade Goals and Values.

New Goals.JPG

In the screen, select the org unit to which you want to cascade the goal.  When you select the org unit, if you click on the pointer (highlighted in the figure), it will display options, Select Whole Group / Deselect Whole Group. If you select the option Select Whole Group, all org. units under the parent org. unit are selected automatically. Click on the button Cascade Corporate Goal. Once the goals is cascaded, the Choose column is disabled. Now, click on the save button, to complete the cascasding process. If you have multiple appraisal templates, thant all the templates are displayed in a dialog box. Select the template to which you want to cascade the goal. Note: customers make a common mistake on not clicking on the Save button. If you do not click on the save button, the goal is not cascaded.

Config Settings in the appraisal template:

In the appraisal template, create a criteria group. In the Fixed Enhancement select the BAdi Cascading Goals – Add Corporate Goals (for core values, select the BAdi Cascading Goals – Add Core Values. The BAdi Add Cascading Goal, will cascade corporate goals and core values to the same criteria group).

New Goals.JPG

Now click on the criterion you have created in the field Refer to Attributes of (For this blog, I have named it as Training).

New Goals.JPG

In the column Objectives (OBJ0) in the value determination column, select the value determination CASCADED_GOALS_DESCRIPTION. In the note column, set it to Note Display.  The description and the KPI that you enetered will be displayed in the appraisal document.

New Goals.JPG

The process to create and cascade the core values is very similar. For creating and cascading Team Goals, you do it from the MSS role. In the BAdi , select the option Cascading Goals – Add Team Goals. Everything else is similar.

During the year-end assessment phase (Status 4 (InProcess)),if you want to cascade the goal rating also, then select the cascaded goal, enter the Goal Achievement and click on the button Release Goal Rating.

New Goals.JPG

The goal rating is cascaded to all the documents that received this goal. In the appraisal template in the OBJ0 column, select the value list Percentage (0-200).

Note: Even though the service displays Note, I have never succeeded to cascade the notes. I have had issues with the value list.

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  • Hi Venki,

    Very nice blog. In case of transfers( employee moving to new position), the existing teams goals are still available in the document. Is there any BADI/FM which can be enhanced to remove the team goals of the previous manager from the document?

    I tried deleting the relationship between Object type VJ and P but the goals are still available in document. Any suggestions for this?

    • Since the goals were cascaded, it will continue to exist in the document. The alternative will be to re-create the document; or have a program to delete the cascaded goals and insert the team goals of the new line manager.

  • Hi Venki,

    I have an issue, by mistake the cascaded goal is been deleted. So I am receving an error saying Object Id VJ 50........ is not found. I am able to add new goals and cascade the goal but this error message is appearing and the cascaded goal is not getting reflected under Objectives.

    Could  you please help me with this issue?

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • For some reason, the relationships still exist. Have you technical developer to delete the entries (relationships) in the tables and it should work.

      • Hi Venki,

        This is really a great blog.

        I have got one issue. To some users we have different look of Team Goals (Navigation view is coming instead of Corporate Goals) and this is not appearing as it should be to many of the users. Request you to please throw some lights on this.



  • Hi Venki,

    Thank you very much for sharing such a useful document.

    A query in my mind. Do we require SEM to be integrated for cascading goals in EHP6 or its a stand alone functionality? Is it different from Balance Scorecard? If yes then, what is the difference between this two?



    • Hi Daniel,

      SEM is no longer the go-forward technology for SAP. No development investments are currently being made. SEM is replaced by SSM (SAP Strategic Management, a BOBJ product).

      Cascading is an inbuilt functionality in HCM Performance Management, that enables you to cascade goals to employees in one go.

  • Hi Venki,

    Thank you for your inputs, much appreciated. One quick query!

    We create number of new Organisational units during the financial year. If we create the new org. units by copying the existing an organisational unit (which already had goals and priorities cascaded), does this copy function inherits the goals and priorities cascaded. If the copying doesn’t inherit the goals, is there a standard report/ functional module available to cascade the goals to the newly created organisational units. Your inputs are highly appreciated.

  • Hi Venki,

    "When you select the org unit, if you click on the pointer (highlighted in the figure), it will display options, Select Whole Group / Deselect Whole Group. If you select the option Select Whole Group, all org. units under the parent org. unit are selected automatically."

    What happen if this functionality does not work? When I hover over the org unit title the hand pointer appears only, options are not showed and the title is not displayed in orange.

    Any suggestions of what could have happened?

    Thanks in advance

  • Has anyone else experienced that when you "Select Whole Group" that it doesn't pick up every new org unit, if you have too many layers to your organization. I feel like it doesn't pick up any org units past 3-4 layers. It's not very consistent.

    • Hello Venki

      Thanks for the information .

      I would like to know how do we change the workflow. At my present client manager sets the goal and employee reviews the goal and sends it back to manager.

      But now business wants to change the process they want employee to set the goal and manager to review and discuss with the employee and close the goal setting.

      Also I want to know how do we enable the goal setting template in the ESS portal.

      Your input and advice would be helpful.