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How to Create a ‘Product Launch’ Site with the new SAP NW Cloud Portal in minutes!

** This blog is written about a fictitious company called Fonz Group, a well known Dutch Brewery Company! **

Fonz Group has already experience with the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal (NWCP) in Beta Release of this new product in the Cloud/Portal portfolio. Maybe you know the company already from an earlier NWCP Demo: Travel Portal. The travel department of the Fonz Group already uses the Cloud Portal for their Travel Management scenario. Now,the marketing department would like to use it for launching their new products.

Setting up NWCP for a Product Launch!

Business Scenario: we are a Brewery Company called Fonz Group, and we are ready to launch our brand new product:

“Double ZZ” is our latest beer release. This strong beer is best for autumn/winter period to drink with nice company at the fireplace, at home, in a restaurant or a bar!

“So drink up, EnJoY and tell me how much you like it!!”

My Role as Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, I will use the NWCP to expose our new product to the market.  A product portal contains all relevant information about the product: description, photos, videos, prices, configurations, brochures, etc. The site has to be created and updated very easily and quickly. Sales people use it “On the Go”, therefore an iPad version of the Product Portal Site is a huge advantage for them. Since most product information is in the SAP ERP and/or other CRM systems, the portal has to integrate with these in a secure way. Last but not least, this is an excellent platform to integrate social media!

What will be covered in this Product Launch Portal?

We will give an Insight how to build a state-of-the-art solution within minutes! We will build a site and expose a diversity of content types. The sales representatives who will promote our new product will need the following information while visiting new sales opportunities and/or existing clients:

  • Double ZZ: Introduction page of the new product “DOUBLE ZZ”
  • Product Information: Related documentation (e.g. product range, pricing list)
  • Social Media: All sorts of social media integration (e.g. YouTube and Twitter integration)
  • Business Analytics: Charts and graphics about specific clients (e.g. integration with BI/BO and In-Memory Computing possible)
  • Request more information: Request more information (e.g. extendable with secure connection to On-Premise ERP System or any CRM System for entering Purchase Orders directly. This is not covered in the movie, on request we can build this integration)

Fast & Easy! Let’s get started!

The embedded movie shows the following steps synchronously:

  1. Create a new Site; easy creation of a new Site.
  2. Create the Pages; rename, add, delete or shuffle the pages.
  3. Change the Look & Feel (Theme); download the standard SAP Theme, duplicate this one and make your changes to the CSS file. Please be careful, not everything is modifiable!
  4. Upload your CSS file and apply this one to the Site you created at step 1.
  5. Add Content Types to the pages; various content types are explained (We created all content (PDF’s, HTML and Image) before!).
  6. Preview the end result via the Site Simulator; you will see the iPad Preview, you can choose landscape and portrait views.
  7. Change the URL of the Site; in this case we changed it to the new beer which will be launched “…/doublezz”.
  8. Invite the end users who will use this from an iPad; the Sales Representatives of Fonz Group.
  9. Publish the Site; every end user will get an email with the URL to open their Site!

What are the USP’s of the NWCP?

Whether your organization has or does not have an On-Premise NetWeaver Portal, the Cloud Portal offers added value for you:

  • Flexibility. It is a cloud solution, which means that you don’t need to invest in hardware, SAP licenses or maintenance (lower TCO!); you just use the Cloud Portal on a subscription basis. Further, it allows you to create sites very easily via drag & drop.
  • Mobility. It offers a state-of-the-art user experience on iPad (best choice) but also on other tablets.
  • Security. It provides a secure connectivity to your SAP backend systems.

Hopefully you enjoyed the movie and the explanation of how simple it is to create an SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal!

Please feel free to get in contact with us. We are willing to tell you more about this great product and other business scenarios if you like!


Gijs Leurs | Sr. SAP NW Technology Consultant |

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      Former Member

      Nice use case for SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal, and very well done tutorial video! Thank you for submitting this!

      You make it look so easy! So why then should someone hire Intenzz (blatant offer for you to add your value proposition here).

      One minor correction: SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal is now generally available, not in beta release.  Can you correct that bit?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for your reply! It’s indeed a great new product for Fast & Easy creating a Site for multiple business purposes! My goal with this blog & movie is to let the audience see how you create a SAP NW Cloud Portal Site for just an example Business Scenario I picked! 🙂

      The creation of the Site itself is straight forward and our Business Value is to advise and extend any content to the Site as a customer wishes. As you can read, I didn't describe how to connect (e.g. with the Cloud Connector) to an On-Premise ERP System. As you can see in our demo of the Travel Cloud Portal (which we also built as SAP Bèta Program Partner Intenzz built).

      Last but not least Yes I am fully aware that SAP NW Cloud Portal is GA since 16th of October. Most people will know already from other blogs and social channels that the SAP NW Cloud Portal is GA! 🙂 (I wrote about the Bèta Program in relation to our Travel Management Portal Demo built).

      Hope you understand!

      Cheers & Wish you a nice weekend!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Gijs,

      Perfect use case example for NWCP...