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SAP Insider Webinar – link to recording and Q&A from the session

The last webinar from the series “Integrate SAP® and Microsoft SharePoint and Office” focused on best practices for implementing end-to-end scenarios with Duet® Enterprise.  You can now watch the recording of this well attended event (almost 500 people registered to participate) that took place on October 30th.

Presentation was followed by a lively discussion. 

We want to share with you the questions that came up in this live discussion along with the answers provided by the solution management team. 

Let us know if you have additional questions, provide your comments and join this discussion online!

Q: Can you describe the bdc model in more detail. What is this model?

A: Some links from MSFT regarding BDC:

Q: When I am building Mobile sales App using SAP NetWeaver Gateway what are the pros and cons of Duet Integration from Mobility only perspective with      NetWeaver Gateway not Sybase Unwired Platform

A: Mobile apps will be built using NetWeaver Gateway. The same infrastructure that is also leveraged by Duet Enterprise. So you would only develop the      scenario once and then either expose it via SUP to you mobile device, or via Duet Enterprise to SharePoint

Q: Are the workflows capabilities only for simple single step workflows or multi step serial and parallel workflows as well?

A: Out of the box simple Workflows are supported without any development. If you want to have more complex workflows, this is also supported by Duet      Enterprise, but might require some development / customizing

Q: Is there any capability related to the document management in SAP with the repository of original files being managed in SharePoint?

A: Duet Enterprise does support DMS integration (e.g. you can view, upload and retrieve documents from SAPs DMS system in SharePoint)

Q: Does this development process work if you are running NetWeaver Gateway as a standalone server?

A: Yes, the development process does also work if you are using NetWeaver Gateway standalone. Depending on what and how you want to develop you      might have to install an add-on in the backend system.

Q: Can you have Office Integration without Sharepoint? if so please describe how it works.

A: With Duet Enterprise SharePoint is central part that is leveraged to provide SSO, Security, Supportability, … and more infrastructure components. Via      SharePoint you can easily expose the data also to Office clients and at the same time also allow access via SharePoint.

Q: Can you say something or share a link to more information about the licensing of Duet Enterprise?

A: Duet Enterprise is a user based license which is required on top of a backend user license and a SharePoint license. For prices please reach out to you      SAP account representative

Q: Do we need to change the models when upgrading SAP R/3?

A: Duet Enterprise and NetWeaver Gateway provide a kind of abstraction layer to the backend system. Because of this abstraction the backend system can      be updated ideally without a need to adjust the models created on Duet Enterprise.

Q: What if I want to use Duet Enterprise in collaboration with Sharepoint to interface with SAP SRM ? Does it provides any specific interfaces for SAP SRM      shopping cart creation and following operations? or is Duet Enterprise just an enabler?

A: SRM is not supported via an out of the box building block. However, using the new NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder together with the BDC Browser a      lot of business objects can easily be accessed. Not only BOR and RFC can be leverated for model creation, but also SPI, BOL, GEnil, BW, HANA      (see

Q: Does Duet also work with SAP PS? Or SAP PPM?

A: One of our reference customers, TMVW,  is using Duet Enterprise for these scenarios (”

Q: Is a DuetE or NetWeaver Gateway image available so that we don’t have to go through all the installations?

A: The installation of Duet Enterprise is supported via an Installation Wizard. On top of that we have a ready to use Hyper-V image available on      SDN:

Q: Can SharePoint workflow send an email into SAP mail box for user to complete the workflow action?

A: A SharePoint Workflow can also send a notification to the SAP system — this would probably require some custom development. If this SharePoint      Workflow is triggered via a SAP Workflow (using Duet Enterprise), then this information would be automatically sent to SAP to complete the workflow.

Q: Can SharePoint workflow be triggered based on data change in SAP?

A: When there is a data change in the SAP system, then a SAP workflow could be triggered which in turn triggers a SharePoint workflow.

Q:Is this compatible with SP2013

A: Next version of  Duet Enterprise (2.0), which is currently in ramp-up  is compatible with SharePoint 2013. Please, see a roadmap slide presented      during the webinar

Q: Does SAP sell Duet Enterprise licenses?

A: Yes, SAP sells Duet Enterprise licenses

Q: Can you please mention a cloud service where we could setup a SAP and Sharepoint test environment beside Amazon AWS?

A: The demo was done using Cloudshare. However, other cloud providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS should also work.

This list of questions and answers is attached to this posting in the txt document for your convenience.


Duet Enterprise Solution Management team

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