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Preparing for #HANA: How to Achieve #SAP Certified Technology Associate #Certification

This certification track is geared towards the verification of technical knowledge on SAP HANA with a focus on SAP HANA implementation skills. On top of this certification ,C_HANATEC_1 you can now also get E_HANAINS131. Please find the chapter on E_HANAINST131 further down in this blog post.

< updated 19/11/2013 – added information on a new SAP Certification E_HANAINS131 >

There is another certificate out C_HANASUP_1 which is geared towards providing support for SAP HANA.

The difference between C_HANATEC_1 and C_HANASUP_1

The difference between C_HANATEC_1 and C_HANASUP_1 is that C_HANATEC_1 handles the topics architecture (design & implementation) and data provisioning where C_HANASUP_1 has a stronger focus on operational work, providing support.

Passing the certification

How do you prepare yourself for the actual certification? I invite you to read on and I hope that your questions get answered by this blog post. If you still have questions, feel free to comment on the blog post but note that I will certainly not provide exam questions / answers so please dont ask here and please dont mail me to ask because Im not handing them out. The aim of the blog post is to create awareness around the certification and provide additional information which can increase the chances to pass the certification and hopefully also help you to better understand the positioning of the certification.

Educational content

A first challenge rises when the topic educational content comes to mind.


Certain SAP HANA core courses are available as e-learning. One example of e-learning is HA100E, the online equivalent to HA100 (introduction to SAP HANA).

You can follow a part of RHANA as a sample of e-learning through one of the respective SAP demo centers web pages:


picture 1.0 e-learning offering for SAP HANA

SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Learning Hub is a recently renewed offer of SAP Education and provides access to all SAP courses, all SAP e-learning content and all SAP Ramp-up Knowledge Transfer content. SAP Learning Hub is cloud based and works with a typical cloud price model. You pay per user (or group of users), per year to have access to the SAP Learning Hub. The price drops according to the number of users you pay for.

Relevant SAP courses for C_HANATEC_1

Which courses can you have to follow to help you pass the C_HANATEC_1 certification? If you follow HA100 and HA200 you have seen everything you need for the certification but keep in mind that hands-on experience is expected. In this context I would advise students to also take a look at the online content ( – HANA PDF’s for example) and go through related content before taking the exam.


<update>Course content now based on SAP HANA SPS06</update>

The newer courses on SAP HANA start with HA. The introduction course is HA100 and its a prerequisite for HA200 (installation administration for SAP HANA SPS05). I followed TZH200 which is the older course (installation administration for SAP HANA SPS03).

HA100 is the introduction course to SAP HANA and features theoretical know-how on SAP HANA.

HA100 provides an overview of SAP HANA, discusses the architecture and takes a look at the data provisioning for SAP HANA as well as the interfaces to the available front-ends.


<update>Course content now based on SAP HANA SPS06</update>

HA200 now takes five days where HA200 SPS05 took only three days. HA200 provides a good introduction for technical roles to get started with SAP HANA. You cannot expect to walk out of the classroom as an expert as reaching any level of expertise requires a significant amount of time. You should leave the classroom with a very extensive view on what SAP HANA is about from a technical point of view and from an implementation pointof view.

As a student, it is to some extent up to you to take advantage of the training at hand to ask a sufficient amount of questions so that you understand what you are being taught.

I also invite you to read the blog post of SAP Education on new delivery methods of these courses that have become available just recently:

SAP Certification


The C_HANATEC_1 certification has been reworked recently to be more work related and it shows in the certification questions. I strongly recommend that you get hands-on experience with SAP HANA before attempting to pass the certification. Why? Because you should know where you can find what and which details are located where in the SAP HANA studio for example and those types of questions become much easier after having sufficient hands-on training. As such, in my opinion, its not a good idea to do the certification right after following SAP course HA200. Instead, take some time to play around in SAP HANA and study the relevant course content.

Too easy?

There have been claims from the SAP community that the SAP HANA certification would be too easy but thats not the case in my opinion. On the contrary, it seems many are failing the exam so those who claim its too easy either have studied to a sufficient extent and dont want to state it (not cool, right?) or they have been reading up on SAP HANA a lot or perhaps they have been using SAP HANA for a sufficient amount of time. For an associate level certification, the exam is definitely not too easy.

Topic areas


picture 1.1 percentages for certification C_HANATEC_1



When reading the following information take into account that it represents my own experience with the SAP HANA certification. In general you should study everything but I hope the additional information can give you a heads-up / warning not to underestimate certain parts and have a better idea what is important for the exam.

The areas to look out for are the Data Provisioning and Security and Authorization topic areas.

Data provisioning

Its important to have good understanding how the different data provisioning scenarios work from a technological point of view (architecture, connections etc) and which replication scenario is used in which situations (what suits best according to the information at hand). For example: if a customer wants to do X or Y, which is the best solutions are the type of questions to which you should know the answer.

Security and Authorization

Dont underestimate the questions on security because they are pretty profound and deep compared to the relevant content of the SAP course (HA200). In the course HA200 little time is spent on the security. You will probably need to use additional content outside of HA200 to get the hang of the security authorizations bit.

I would recommend you to check out the guide(s) on security for SAP HANA on and to really practice on providing users with specific authorizations because you need a good understanding of which authorization (privileges, roles) gives access to which content or which action(s) and so on.


Dont forget to pay attention to details. Some questions really dig into details such as differences in file names or commands.

Setting up your own SAP HANA training environment

You can get a free 30 day trail of SAP HANA or you can set up your own SAP HANA box on Amazon AWS (free developer license). This is a great initiative by SAP, for the SAP HANA on Amazon it means you only have to pay for the Amazon usage which is very affordable if you maintain it properly. Last months Amazon AWS bill was 18 dollars (this month its about 60 dollar) but then again, I didnt have much time to practice last month. There is a calculator available which can give you an idea of what the cost is if you spent a certain numbers of hours (per day or per month) on the SAP HANA box.

See for more information.

<other options are available in the meantime so you can also deploy to other clouds than Amazon AWS>

Sample questions

It’s always a good idea to check out the sample questions for a certification. They can give you an indication to what extent you are prepared but don’t rely on them too much either because if you redo them multiple times  you are bound to know the answer:

Commonly asked questions and misunderstandings

Some of the questions might make you wonder to what extent some think about the questions they are asking, but rest assured these questions are being asked. Below I will try to provide honest answers from what I have seen / heard / experienced.

Can you pass the SAP HANA certification without following a single SAP course?

Yes, it is possible. There is proof on SCN since some community members passed the certification without following a single SAP course.

In my opinion, this is related to the fact that there is a lot of SAP HANA content available on , , and other sources.

That, combined with the fact that you can easily set up your own SAP HANA box on Amazon AWS means that you can self-educate yourself on the topic of SAP HANA to a certain extent.

If it makes sense or not to do this, is something you have to figure out for yourself. Some people prefer to self educate themselves; others prefer to go to the local SAP Education center to listen to a teacher, ask questions and practice hands-on while they are there.

It can also be a matter of making the time available to really do it. Following an SAP course at SAP can be a way to force yourself to spent time on the topic. It can also be an opportunity to meet other participants and collaborate, socialize and connect.

The SAP courses feature an environment that is larger than what the Amazon developer license offers as BusinessObjects and SAP ERP are part of the system landscape environment that is used during the training at SAP.

In the end there is no right or wrong here, my recommendation is go for the education form that you feel matches your needs best.

E_HANAINST131                19/11/2013 – new!

There is a new certification available for persons who have already got certification C_HANATEC_1 so it’s a modular certification on top of C_HANATEC_1 which is named “E_HANAINS131 SAP Certified Technology Specialist (Edition 2013) – SAP HANA installation” and is meant to provide the chance to certify specifically for the installation of SAP HANA after which you are eligible (recognized through certification) and allowed to perform initial SAP HANA installations which were only to be performed by SAP or the hardware vendor of the SAP HANA appliance in the past.


What can you expect from someone who holds an associate level certification?

Recently, a number of certifications have been overhauled; those certifications now focus more on questions that are geared towards on actual use of the SAP product in question, hands-on, in a work environment.

This brings added value to the certificate compared to what was in place previously but it also means it can be more challenging to pass the certification without having the actual work experience or hands-on experience which is targeted in the questions.

As such, it might not always be a good idea to do the certification right after following the SAP course.

Associate level

The associate level certification can show that you are knowledgeable on a topic and the renewed exams can even proof you have some hands-on experience. What it doesnt prove is that you would perform well in an implementation project but it is a good start point to get involved in an implementation project.

What can you expect?

  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to verify knowledge
  • Knowledgeable on the topic
    • At minimum theoretically (conceptual etc)
    • Overhauled exams proof some hands-on experience (can still be little)

Professional level

The professional level certification show that you are not only knowledgeable but that you have a deeper understanding of the topic and that you have been working in the topic area to some extent. There will not be a  SAP HANA technology professional certification in the near future but there is a new certification on top of C_HANATEC_1 now so you can specialize.

What can you expect?

  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to verify knowledge
  • Knowledgeable on the topic
    • Beyond theoretical (understanding of related business processes to a certain extent)
    • Project experience

Ive done the professional level certification for SAP Solution Manager Technology Professional. The professional level certification is definitely more difficult and the exam I did was an overhauled exam which has questions that require you to have used the product hands-on. Without having project experience, you are most likely to fail on any renewed professional certification.

Will SAP HANA certification deliver you a job on a SAP HANA project or implementation?

Not by default. Many persons are already certified in SAP HANA and competition is fierce on the SAP consultant market.

Other factors can be that the customer has certain preferences when it comes to experience of a candidate. Some customers might prefer actual implementation experience or they might prefer someone who has previous experience in other areas of SAP for example.

Warning: Be careful investing your own money into education & certification. Do it wisely. There is no such thing as job guarantee.

Will this certification ensure your success?

No, a certification is not a guarantee for success. There are many pointers that make a person or project successful.

Will you be rich if you educate yourself in SAP HANA?

Not by default. Dont buy into marketing lines which state you will earn X or Y. I always say do what you love and love what you do. Dont start because its a hype, figure out what its about and check if you are into it.

Do you think certifications hold added value?

Yes, I do believe certifications hold added value. Its not just the certification that matters. The journey that gets you to that point is also important and it shows you have willingness to learn which is important. Its also a check for yourself to see to what extent you have absorbed the knowledge on the topic.

How much time do you need to prepare for the certification?

Ive seen this question pass by often and there is no good answer to the question. I can only recommend for this specific certification that you take some time to practice hands-on and that you dont rush into the certification the evening of the end of SAP course HA200.

It’s probably wise to spend a (some) week(s) on it but it’s hard to tell right because it depends on how much time you have. There is also no good median value, person X might not need much time and person Y might need a lot of time so take your time and go for the certification when you feel you have sufficient knowledge on the topic.

As a reference: I took the exam about two weeks after following the SAP course but I didn’t have sufficient time to really learn it very well (I felt underprepared going into the exam). I also did not have much experience with SAP HANA up front.

What is the cut score?

The cut score is currently 60% according to the certification webshop.

Closing comment

Im very happy with the recent collaboration of SAP Education &Certification department with the SAP community at large and the SAP Mentors. I recently published a blog post which covers my involvement in these area’s and steps I’ve taken as a SAP Mentor and a community member to add value to the opportunity that I came across. Feel free to take a look and provide feedback through the blog post or by dropping me a mail;


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  • Tom

    Another great blog. You have provided some very valuable advice for those looking to pursue certification. Now "if only" I can get my hands on a 26 hour day, I will be ready to pursue the training myself.

    Kevin Grove

    • Hi Kevin

      Thanks for your nice comment. I understand what you mean time wise.

      It has been very hectic lately. After switching companies, I embarged on a HANA quest to become SAP HANA certified and I also followed the OpenHPI In-Memory Data Management course which I can seriously recommend to any administrator who wants to know more about the inner workings of SAP HANA (compression techniquest, why certain choices were made etc), the course provided a lot of insight to what extent SAP HANA can really change things around.

      Best regards


      • Hi Tom,

        If you don't mind as I am order fulfillment  Consultant for last 19 months and I do not have a technical background so should I opt for a SAP HANA .

        • Hi,

          Is it a good time to learn about SAP HANA? It's always good to learn something new and in this case you can learn about new technology.

          I would advice you to first look at SAP HANA through the available online content ( for example and see what it is all about. It's only after looking into the different aspects (you can easily do that without heavily investing money) that you can see what would be interesting for you to follow as course or which type of certification would be interesting for you.

          There is technical training, there is more functional / development training and there is specific training on different scenarios (like COPA accelerator and so on).

          Best regards


  • Tom -

    congratulation to this comprehensive walk-through on the HANA certification, the exam preparation and the certification program as such. Overall this blog should be very helpful for potential test takers so that they know how to prepare and what to expect from the exam.

    I would love to see similar blogs on the HANA modeling exam and later on for the HANA Professional exam (which you can expect being announced not far from now).

    Let me add one helpful resource for exam preparation, a set of sample questions.


    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your comment. This blog contains information that I would have wanted before going into the exam so I hope many can use this to their advantage.

      It's probably worth mentioning that a lot of points are valid for the HANA modeling exam (the fact that the exam is reworked, hands-on experience is more or less a prerequisite, don't rush into it too fast, Amazon AWS dev license edition can be used to some extent to self train).

      Thanks for the sample questions link, I will update the blog post to have it incorporated.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom -

    adding to the difference between HA200 and TH200 ...

    The new HA200 as successor of TZH200 is now fully aligned with the SPS04 release. The extension by one day allows students getting more engaged in terms of covered contents and hands-on experience. Nearly all contents have been reworked, some to a smaller degree like the SAP HANA studio unit. Other units have gone through a major rework such as back-up & recovery or monitoring. And there are also new sections such as SAP HANA pre- & post-installation or Solution Manager in the context of SAP HANA. With that the course teaches you all relevant technical aspects of SAP HANA from planning stage down to day-to-day operations. Aside from the content rework the new HA200 comes with an improved appearance providing a new look & feel.


  • Hi,

    I am writing in from India. Does anyone know if e-academy exists for consultants in India to do HANA course and get certified. I have been trying to reach SAP Education without any sucess for doing courses of my choice. SAP Education, India requests for your resume and then have recommend me for doing SAP HANA installation and administration course at their academy. Myself being from developer background with six years of SAP Netweaver Portal experience, I am keenly interested in doing the modelling course for which I am not allowed. Is this same situation in other parts of the world? Seeking some guidance.

    S Rudra

  • Great blog Tom....Thanks for the guidance

    Will you be rich if you educate yourself in SAP HANA?

    Not by default. Dont buy into marketing lines which state you will earn X or Y. I always say do what you love and love what you do. 🙂

  • Hello Tom,

    Thanks for all the wonderful efforts you are sharing and for all the participants.It's really helpful.

    Please, where can one study HANATEC1 online as a beginner?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for wonderfull document sharing here. Very good document for SAP Technology Associate certification.

    Surely i will recommed your document for SAP Hana beginners.

    Thanks a lot.

    Tom Cenens

  • Hi Tom,

    Good informative post - Would have been good to read a few weeks ago before I sat the C_HANATEC_1 exam.

    I passed the exam (quite well), but as you said it was not easy. The questions were very well constructed and you not only need to know every tiny little detail of the HA200 course (like details in the screenshots)  but you also really need some time on a live HANA system.

    Disappointed to hear that SAP is noty considering a Professional level certification for HANA in the immediate future - I would have liked to have added it to complement my P_SM_70 Certification.

    Cheers, Claus

    • Hi Claus

      Thanks for your comment and congratz!

      SAP just recently launched the SAP HANA Implementation Professional certification which contains new types of items (use case based for example) and which really checks for project experience (without it you should fail).

      SAP is considering SAP HANA Technology Professional certification  😀

      You can most likely expect something similar for SAP HANA Technology Professional in the future but they might also look into other types of items such as hands-on integration for that particular certification because of the very technical nature.

      Due to these facts I don't expect to see the exam on short notice. I do like the fact that SAP is looking into these new item types as can bring more added value to the certifications and if that means we have to wait longer for the professional certification to appear, that's fine with me. Hope this makes things a little bit more clear.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    i guess i already told you in Madrid how helpful your blog is.

    ==> Thank you for putting it all together!!!

    I'm on my way to C_HANATEC_1 and therefore participating in HA100/HA200 in Walldorf this week.

    I'll give my personal review as a comment when i'm through.

    FYI: The course material for HA200 was updated in the meantime:

         >> Course content based on SAP HANA SPS05

    Best regards


    • Hi Christian

      Thx for the comment and good luck!

      I'm on my way for HA300 (implementation&modeling) next week 🙂 .

      Yes, idd, you are right, the course content has been updated and it looks good. Better coverage of data replication is just one of the benefits of SPS05 course content.

      Looking fwd to your feedback

      Best regards


  • Just came across your blog, Tom. Very, very helpful and useful! Thank you for putting this all together and for sharing it.

    I have been personally "fascinated" by SAP HANA lately, although my background lies more in the SD area, so this is very helpful.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Lucia

      Glad you like the blog post!

      SAP HANA is very fascinating, I've been knowledge hungry on SAP HANA for some time now. SAP HANA is often looked at from a wrong perspective (just a faster database) while it can enable customers to do things they could never do before.

      That's where the true strength of SAP HANA lies.

      Best regards


  • This is great help and much appreciated Tom.

    I've one question though.

    I am preparing for examination and I've only books HA100 SPS4 collection 97 and HA300 SPS4 collection 97.

    As you said there are new changes which has been added to these in SPS5. Could you pls detailed what has been added, so that I can learn this additional content on my own and use same old material (SPS4).Because I don't want to spend more at this point.

    Pls advise.



    • Hi Raf

      Thanks for the comment. It was very nice to meet you. Good luck on the certification! Keep in touch.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    We have another one added to our SAP HANA certification list,

    C_HANASUP_1 on the below topics:

    Performance, Backup and recovery, System reports, Trace, Authorization, Monitoring, operation, configuration, High Availability and Installation.

    could you please update your picture 1.0 to

    it would be veryhelpful for everybody to know the latest certifications regarding sap hana.

  • Hi Tom,

    I'm preparing for the C_HANATEC_1.

    I just completed the HA100R online training and already booked the HA200 5 day training in Brussels.

    Would you recommend going for the classroom based training or you think that the online HA200R training would be sufficient? I'm just wondering whether you got any feedback from people who followed HA200 or HA200R.

    At first sight the content doesn't look very different, but the price does 😉 I'd think that hands-on experience is going to be the decisive factor to pass the exam, not following it in a classroom.

    Cheers and thanks for the info posted above.


    • Hi Dieter

      HA200 5 day training would mean you are going for HANA SP6 training which has been extended compared to SP5 training from 3 to 5 days.

      HA200R is still based on SP4 if I'm not mistaken so I wouldn't really recommend it. I don't have any reference of persons who followed it but a lot has changed already between SP4 & SP6.

      Do you need classroom training is a question I cannot really answer for you. You can find the course content online in terms of theoretical questions there are more than enough online, official & legal sources such as the PDF guides on & posts on SCN & etc.

      The classroom training can provide you the advantage to ask questions to the teacher, discuss SAP HANA with the trainer & other students (social aspect) and do hands-on excercises (you can do a number of excercises to a certain extent on a HANA Dev Edition on Amazon AWS).

      Often, classroom training is also a way to force yourself (or others) to spent time on getting knowledgeable on a topic. Otherwise they might slack completely and it might not happen in the end.

      I don't have insight yet in the SP6 version I'm afraid so I cannot tell you what the difference will be yet because at this moment (today) SP5 training is still running at SAP Belgium. I can inquire about it and update this post.

      It is possible to pass the exam if you spend time self-learning theoritical content in combination with spending time on HANA (you'll need at least the 30 day trial, or a Dev Edition HANA on Amazon AWS for example or access to an actual HANA box).

      So in the end, it's up to you to weight the benefits vs cost in this story 😉 .

      Best regards


  • Hi Prasana

    Sending materials is illegal so that will never happen.

    There are plenty official, legal SAP sources on which you can find relevant information. Sufficient to pass certification if you don't want to go for official SAP training.

    Best regards


    • Hi Prasana,

      if you go through all of the Hana documentation

      here including all of the links in the Appendix

      and every document in the Hana section here

      you will have everything you need to confidently sit

      the Hana certification.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Prasana,

    HA100 and 300 are proprietary documents of SAP training services and it is illegal to freely distribute them. And SCN is not the best place to ask for it 😉 . Please remove your comment.



  • Dear Tom Cenes,

    I am working as an SAP BASIS CONSULTANT.I am very much interested to do a certification in SAP HANA but not sure where to start. Can you please guide me which certification helps me.

    • Hi Vijay

      It depends what your goal is. Do you want to become a SAP HANA support engineer (C_HANASUP_1) or do you want to engage in a SAP HANA implementation project (C_HANATEC_1) or ...?

      There is plenty of content online if you would not be able to attend a classroom training. I would suggest you to start with getting an understanding of how an in-memory database works so my suggestion would be start with in-memory data management course over at

      Once you're done with that, you would want to look into SAP specific content (Administration guide) and get hands-on experience (SAP HANA Developer Edition on Amazon AWS or another cloud environment can help out there).

      Best regards


      • Dear Tom,

        Thanks for the quick reply.I will attend the classes in will get back to you if I want any further information.

        What is your opinion adding ( C_HANASUP_1) this to my SAP BASIS profile helps me in my career ?

        • Hello Viyay

          TEC is more for project work on SAP HANA (architect role or technical implementation partner or ..) while SUP is better suited for a system administrator who will support SAP HANA for example.

          Does that help?

          Best regards


          • Thank you very much Tom, This information is more helpful..Thanks once again.I will do some R&D on SAP HANA and attend those classes in,

            Once again ,Thank  you  for your support  🙂

  • Hi,

    I am writing SAP HANA associates exam in November, Would anyone be kind enough to guide me towards the course content or some sort of documentation. I am writing on my own, not going for any training. Please advice

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Dev

      The PDF guides on are definitely a great source to start learning. Further you have plenty of content on SCN and on

      You can find some path by reading some of the comments on this blog post already.

      SAPPress has a introduction to SAP HANA book that can also be interesting.

      Further you have Open SAP course on in-memory data management (or which is interesting as well.

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    I had started preparing for HANA Technology associate (C_HANATEC131).

    As This Certification includes installation Part So is it Fine to go for AWS Services or should we do Installation of HANA on Server as well?

  • Hi Tom,

    I am very interested in learning HANA.I completed C_TB130_73 Certification (

    SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0).

    I checked out different HANA certifications (HANA Support,HANA Technology,HANA Application) that SAP provides.

    Can you please suggest me,which certification of HANA would be an added skill to my existing certification.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.


    • Hi Sruthi

      None of those certificates is tailored for BW on HANA. There is BW on HANA specific training and you can spin a trial of BW on HANA on Amazon to pratice on:

      NEW TRIAL - SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4 on SAP HANA SP07 with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1

      I'm not convinced any of those certificates will bring you move value than the above. If you still want to pursue a HANA certificate, then it depends on what role you want to be able to take.

      HANA Technology is about implementation & technology, HANA Support is mainly about supporting an already running environment, HANA implementation & modeling (application) is focusing more on data modeling.

      Best regards


  • Hi


    i have a question.. i want to know the difference between all the Hana Certifications,,and what is all about the new E_HANABW141 2014 edition?

    thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Thnx for your valuable doc.

    as i m working on SAP BW from last 10 months, it creates passion in me to go and create my future in SAP.

    So can you help me ? what could be the my first step (for examinations)?

    Best Regards