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Solution Manager SAP Education Awareness

As part of the SAP Mentor participation in the Certification Influence Council,  we had another ASUG webcast with SAP Education on awareness.  This time the topic was Solution Manager.  The purpose is to create awareness surrounding SAP education and certification.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows how Solution Manager fits in with the application life cycle


Figure 2: Source SAP

Workforce Performance Builder helps build project documentation

Many of the tools listed in Figure 2 are integrated into Solution Manager, documentation correlated to configuration

Figure 2 lists other products that work with Solution Manager.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the SAP Solution Manager courses by area.  I like the distinction between how to configure and how to use.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows the main target audience for each course. 


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows the certification courses available for Solution Manager.  Note that the one for Service Desk and CHaRM are not available until next year. 

During the webcast, an SAP Solution Manager instructor joined the call.  He suggested if you are taking SAP virtual training, use two machines  – one to watch the class, the other to do the actual exercises.  This was a good tip.

Question & Answer:

Q: When will SM200 be updated to SolMan 7.1?

A: This link shows it is already available for 7.1


Q: Are SAP Workforce Performance Builder, SAP TAO and SAP TDMS come with SolMan ?

A: TAO and TDMS are separate licenses – please contact your account rep.


Q: Which of the courses described covers the setup/config/maintenance of operational dashboards within SolMgr 7.1?

A: Steps to do this are free at


Q: How can we find the cost of these courses?

A: Go to and search for the course.  Click on the hyperlinks and it will tell you cost of training


Q: Is there anything on service market or elsewhere that provides more of what solman offers specific to solution documentation functionalities?

A: check out the SolMan SCN Space at

Also check out

If you are attending Projects 2012 in Las Vegas this week, I encourage you to look at the Solution Manager sessions or follow hashtag #Projects2012 on twitter.

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