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New FPM Application Creation Tool in 7.31

As always every upgrade gives us something new, so is our recent upgrade to Netweaver 7.31(ECC EHP 6). As a part of my exploration(in order to find out the major changes), I started building a new FPM based WD ABAP application ! I created a new a WD Component implementing the interface – IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK. Quickly built the WD Context node and related UI element. When it’s time to create the actual WD Application, I started hunting for the Application Creation Tool(Used to be WD App – FPM_CFG_APPL_CREATION_TOOL in 7.02), but to my surprise, I don’t see this application anymore under the FPM_OIF_COMPONENT(My assumption was there would some changes to the existing application, but I don’t find the existing application all together) . Started digging more out for more information on the new ACT, finally found some interesting information in the latest FPM Cookbook ( ). As addressed in this cookbook, the new ACT application is FPM_CFG_BO_MODEL_ACT –

Starting the ACT

1. Open the ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80) and open the APB_FPM_CONF package.

2. Navigate to the Web Dynpro -> Web Dynpro Applications folder in the hierarchy and choose the FPM_CFG_BO_MODEL_ACT WD application.

3. Choose Test from the context menu.

Following these steps (Of course activated the new SICF Service) to see the beautiful new UI –


Went ahead giving in my WD Application related info –


As the final step, I went ahead linking this new configuration to a Transport request –


Clicked on “Save” button to see the following screen – Allowing me to “Launch the Configuration editor” and “Execute Application”.


I will continue the Steps ahead in my next blog…

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