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Promotion Management in BI4.0

Starting with SAP BI4.0 LCM is the only tool to promote content from one system to another, when systems are on the same version.

The promotion management application is integrated with the Central Management Console in BI4.0. LCM tool supports for promoting a object from the source system to the destination system (universe, reports, connections, Users/Groups and Rights from one system to another system).

The Life Cycle Manager tool supports the following features:

• Create a new job

• Copy an existing job

• Edit a job

• Schedule a job promotion (specify a time for job promotion: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)

• View the history of a job

• Export as LCMBIAR

• Import both BIAR /LCMBIAR

• LCM enables you to promote info-objects along with the associated security rights.

Login with your Logon Credentials.



Creating the LCM Job:

To migrate objects, you have to first have to specify which content you want to promote. This is done in LCM tool with 3 main steps:

1. Create a Job: A job is collection of objects that can be moved from one BOE environment to another.

When you create a new job you must logon to the source system and an Input/Output FRS should be running and enabled,  as the Job is saved as an Object in the CMS database and as a file in the Input FRS.

Select Source system as a Login to a New CMS.


Select Destination System Login to a New CMS.


Enter the save job folder, source and target systems and then select create option.


2. Add Objects: Add the required objects from the CMS repository that should be migrated.


Once you have selected the objects you want to promote, click Add&close. If you want to select things from multiple folders, make sure you click Add before navigating to a different folder.

3. Add the dependent objects: Objects such as universes, connections, images and other dependencies on which the primary objects depend on also have to be added to the job. LCM will automatically compute the dependents when you click on “Manage Dependencies”.( info objects are dependent on other info objects) If you do not use this option, the dependents are not promoted along with the job.


displays the list of info objects and their dependents


Select Apply and Close.

Select Promote Button. The Promote window appears with Summary Details.


The lifecycle management console tool supports the following security options:

• Do not Promote Security – If you select this option, jobs are promoted without the associated security rights.

• Promote Security – If you select this option, jobs are promoted along with the associated security rights.

• Include application rights – If the infoobjects in the job inherit any application rights, the job is promoted along with these application rights. This option is enabled only if you select Promote Security.


Test Promote: As the last step you can test what would happen when promoting the job, without committing the objects to destination


To promote a job you can schedule it or you can run it manually.


You can check Promotion status (success, Failure, Partial Success)


Rollback: This feature enables to restore the destination system to its previous state, after a job is promoted.

In Settings tab, we will see different options like “Manage Systems, Rollback Settings, Job Settings and CTS Settings”

Manages Systems: This selection displays a list of host names, port numbers, display names, and description.

Rollback Settings: We can enable/Disable Rollback Settings

Job Settings: We can restrict number of job instances that can exist in the system

CTS Settings:We can Integrate Transport Mgt Systems by using BW system/Web services system


The Override Settings option enables you to promote the overrides through a job promotion. If the overrides fail at the destination system during the promotion of objects the system sets the job status to “Partial Success” and Failed

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  • There is an internal switch on the Upgrade Management Tool that will disable version checking. This will allow you to use the tool for porting objects between environments of the same version e.g. between Test & Prod:


    Add the switch -internal_use_only_noversioncheck to the startup command:


    e.g. -jar upgrademanagementtool.jar -internal_use_only_noversioncheck


    Considering the performance and reliability issues when porting a large number of objects with Promotion Management (LCM),  this may come in handy for bullk loading of objects between environments of the same version post migration.


    More than likely not supported - so use at your own risk.

  • Hi Pavan,

    Good work !!! However we cant see the images 🙁 . I have a request for you. Like Promotion Management could you please explain us how exactly the Version Management will help us in BI 4.0.

    Also, we have few limitations with the LCM tool like, we cant promote report instances, Users Favorites and personal documents, inbox....

    Could you please explain us what are the reasons behind these limitations.....



    • Hi All,

      Sorry , i didn't see this Posts. Updated Images..

      We can Promote Report Instances. You can see Report instances while selecting Manage Dependencies.



      • Hi Pavan,

        Just now we have tried to promote a report with few instances using LCM however we could see that the instances are not getting migrated(promoted). I beleive this by product design...

        Any comments on this 😕



        • Hi Niranjan,

          If your report have instances, you will Get Instances with Excel file symbol in Manage Dependencies screen. And also you can see instance details at promotion summary Page under objects to be promoted section.



        • Though this would have already been figured out, but just adding my info for others who may visit this Blog.

          You can go to Promotion Management->Settings->Job Settings and select to show or hide completed instance of an object in its dependency list. By default, its hidden. (unchecked).

          Save your settings and you should be able to see instance in added objects dependencies.


          Prakhar T

  • Promote promotion jobs

    Also, if anyone looking for promoting promotion jobs themselves, then try adding the folder in which your promotion jobs are. Try with the folder with lesser jobs inside it.

    Or better, go to CMC->Folders->LCM->Promotion Jobs; create a new folder (Test). Copy the promotion jobs you would like to promote. Create a new job in any folder outside 'Test' folder. Specify source and destination, add the folder 'Test'. You will find all the promotions jobs required listed on the next screen.

    This failed for me with failure message 'Application not available'.

    So I used UMT for this purpose (As James explained).

    It would be good if someone can find a solution for error encountered in above workflow.

  • Hi,

    While I am trying to craete Promotion Job, after selecting all objects, when I am trying to click on promote, there in tab Test Promote, Test Promote button is disable/greyed.

    Can someone guide, why this option is disabled, how to enable this option.

    Thanks & Regards,


        • Try to check with Administrator user.

          Check whether you have authorizations or not(user/Group) for Promotion Management

          Go to Applications-->Promotion Management

          Select User Security-->select user or Group and then select view Security.

    • HI Sonal,

      I not sure on which patch you are on, but for 4.0 SP5 it doesn't disable the 'Test Promote' button (which is inside test promote link), but gives clear error when button is clicked. this is managed by folder/content level right to edit object.

      Just check license key and ensure no SSO is being used. we had some issues with PM not showing properly because of improper token handling; CMC itself worked fine.



      • Hi,

        I am working on BO4.1, I have checked all rights under Application--Promotion Management--Security--Full Control. My id is in Administrator group also.

        But still I facing this problem, also when I left Test Promte and try to directly click on Export option it gives me error and dont also me to promote.



        • It would be best if you raise this as a forum question.

          Ensure to update the version of BO and server OS. Also capture a screen shot when you raise your query.

    • Hi Pavan,

      Good doc, but i have a question sometimes when i move the universe/explorer model to QA and i get to see the partial success for my promotion job..

      Any thoughts?

      thanks in advance,


      • Thanks Vinay..

        If the overrides fail at the destination system during the promotion of objects, the system sets the job status to "Partial Success" and also sets the "Overrides Failed" warning status on the object. check the logs...

    • Thanks Antonette.

      If the object is already exist in the destination system with the same name, but having a different CUID , the object is not replaced when promoted using LCM.

      Delete the duplicate object from the destination environment which is having the different CUID. Promote the objects with new Job.

      • Just one more question related to this one, if the CUIDs are not the same (promotion fails) and we delete the old object, will the (non promoted) dependancies still be there?

        i.e. if we delete the old universe and promote the new universe (instead of overwriting it), will the existing reports built on this (deleted and newly created) universe still work (if you are only promoting the universe and connection, not the reports)?

        Kind regards


        • You should never delete the universe. If the reports built of that universe will loose the connection to universe, if you promote the new universe. New universe will have new CUID. All the existing reports need to be repoint to the new universe.

          Hope it makes sense.

          • Thank you for the speedy reply Jawahar 🙂

            Is there any other way to promote the universe if the CUIDs are different and still keep the report dependancies intact?


          • No. As per best practice, we always need to keep same CUID across all environments.

            You have to manually chnage the reports sources to the new universe. There are some third party tools which will help in repointing the reports without manual intervention. But they are expensive tools.

  • Hi,

    We followed the following steps to Promote the reports to Testing Environment.

    1. We went to Promote Management --> New task.

    2. We added: the folders with its dashbord and webi report, user groups and OLAP connections to Bex queries (that we use in the dashboard and in the web intelligence report).

    3. We checked the dependencies with "Manage dependencies" and checked the remaining necessary objects.

    4. We checked the Security Settings and checked "Promote security" (also we tried without pronoting security too).

    5. We tested the Promotion.

    Result: Promotion failed.

    We also read this topic: Promotion Management in BI4.0 and we've done all the steps.

    What step are we missing?



  • Hi All,

    Initially we are doing promotion with enterprise account only as we faced some issues with windowsAD.

    Promotion with Enterprise A/C : Always successful.

    Currently ,we are doing some testing for "promotion with windows AD account" over the entire Landscape.

    Promotion with windows AD Testing::

    To promote the content with windows AD , below command needs to be added on Source and Destination System mandatorily under Command Line Parameters across all the nodes having AJS

    Command :: For example , Djava which includes .conf and krb5.ini

    Log on to CMC
    Navigate to Servers
    Add the above command under Command Line Parameters across all the nodes having AJS.
    For example, system name >AJS>Properties>Command Line Parameters>Add the above command .
    Restart the server
    Start the promotion.

    We successfully promoted the content from QA to SB and vice versa i.e., success on Non Prod systems.

    But we are getting issues ,when we promote from QA to Prod and vice versa , error message is just "Failure" and failure don't have message.

    Please do the needful