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Square Peg Round Hole working in an ABAP Development World

So this is another “fluffy” type blog.   It is about a lot of different concepts.   They all revolve around trying to put a square peg into a round hole.  And we all know how well that works. I hope to hear your example(s).
Square peg round hole
The programmers lined up one, two, three, four, and five.Oh no, five didn’t fit.   Why, oh why didn’t I fit?  I program ABAP just the same as everyone else.  I ask questions.   I put together technical specifications, I code, I spend more time than I want in meetings.    Why don’t I fit?
So why don’t I fit the mold?  You know the good old programmer mold?  Why don’t you?
I was asked once if I wanted to be like Thomas Jung   Know everything there was about technology and more.   Or become a business expert, know everything about the business and more…   My answer was, well, both.  I sure got a strange look.
Square peg round hole, right?   Gradually this is changing.  (Yes, the buzz word paradigm shift.)
If I had to think about the people that were all that and a bag of chips.    What would I think about?
Listen well.
Ask lots and lots of questions.
Know about more than one area.  They know how SAP works.  In general they know how different modules effect each other.
Technical.   They knew the new technologies, the old, the effects of both, and the best tool to use.
When they are done, they know a piece of the process.   They understand how the change they made effects the system.
It makes sense.
And, oh yeah, there is this thing called enhancement points.   You can put them in a lot of places in SAP code, and cause short dumps in other parts of the system.
OK – round peg in square hole again.  That is the “old” way of thinking.  More and more functional analyst, business users, and team members expect all the above traits.   It is no longer enough to just code and write technical specifications.   (You can still find jobs that is all that is required.   Beware – a lot of rework is involved.)  They expect that you will ask what you don’t know, listen to their overviews, and question anything that doesn’t make sense.   They do not know all the technologies available to use.    AND so it is up to you to suggest one or the other.   In a lot of jobs this is prized.    It makes for a better solution as they type up the functional specifications.
Enhancement points are excellent tools.   They can cause short dumps.  You as the technical person should know in general what transactions will go thru your enhancement point.   The last thing you want is a break in production.
So now the square peg in the round hole is the programmer that only codes and writes technical specifications.  Soft skills are a MUST! 
Now let me add the BUT to the blog.  But a junior programmer would not expect to do anything except for code.  Maybe some technical specifications.
But there are companies that still believe in the old model.   Programmers program and write technical specifications.  Then the functional person or the business user better know something about technology.   I am aware of how hard it is to be involved when you are off-shore and on different hours.  How frustrating for you!   I bet you have a lot of rework.
So there was a shift somewhere around the way.   Square becomes circle – circle becomes square.
Next Square peg round hole
Adding content to SCN.   I do it.  Many do.   Many do not.   So I am a square peg amount the SAP masses.
Well – that’s changing?   Well it was until the new format.   Ah, it’s not so different….  Trust me!   Yeah, right.   Just getting used to it myself.  But it is cool sharing what you know.  I always say if I reach just one person…
I’m hoping for a shift here.
Next Square peg round hole
Using new technology in your workplace.  Ever go to SAP Teched?  If you haven’t you should.   Ever read about a new technique that you could use now?  Cool huh?   Do you have coding standards?   It’s probably not covered in them.
What happens when you try to introduce the new technology?  Or worse make it the standard way to do something?
slam door.jpg
Are you a square peg?
Take the test:
Did you read this to the end?
Like new technology?
Use new technology?
Write blogs, comments, answers or questions on SCN?
People give you strange looks a lot of the time?
Love your job? Or smile at the monitor?
If you answered yes to any of the above you are a square peg.    But don’t worry, there is hope!   We will be changing those annoying round holes to squares soon.
Leave me some comments on how you are a square peg….  I’d love to hear them.

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