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SAP Cloud Platform Portal – Get Your Free Trial Today!

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service are outdated names. They were rebranded to SAP Cloud Portal Portal starting March 2017.



Register for a free and unlimited portal service trial with your SAP ID or SCN credentials.


  1. In your browser go to

  2. Click Register.Trial Registration.jpg
  3. Fill in the form, then scroll to the end of the license agreement and select the checkbox.
  4. Click Register. You will receive an email notification.
  5. In the email click the link to activate your account.
  6. Click Continue, A message appears with your trial account name.
  7. Click OK to continue to your account page.
  8. On your account page, in the navigation panel at the left, click Services.
  9. On the portal service, click on Enable.
  10. Once the service enabled, click on Go to Service to access the portal.






Getting Started with the Trial


In your new trial account you will find new engaging sample sites available for free to all users. These sample sites designed to give you a jump start on your first steps in setting up a site using portal service. All sites were created based on the out-of-the-box content provided with portal service, therefore you can now easily customize their content and branding for a wide range of scenarios.







Featured Scenarios powered by Portal Service


CP Scenarios.png




Learn more


To learn more, discuss with us and find links to our product materials, you may visit the Cloud Portal community.

You may also find us at the @Portal_SAP twitter account or the #cloudportal hash tag.

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  • Actually, cloud portal is now available for _all_ users with a NW Cloud development account. The old constraint that only account created after October 16th have access is no longer valid and could be removed here. It is already gone on the welcome page on

    • Thanks Marco. Actually phrasing was changed in this page to reflect that, for the sake of those who could not access the portal. Bottom line - all trial user can and welcome to access the cloud portal.

  • When I try to apply an account, it says export control need to review my account?

    I am SAP Employee.

    This is a Cloud solution.

    How can you control a Cloud solution to the export control location? IP restriction?

    • Hi Henry,

      We are working on improving the legal process around the access to SAP trials.

      In your specific case, confirmation will be received within 1 day,



  • Hi

    How could I change the database, which I have chosen while the first registration? There i clicked on HANA but I want a MaxDB now..

    What could I do?

    Thanks, Andi

    • Hi Andreas,

      The option to choose the database is applicable for the Hana Cloud Developer Account. I guess that this is not reversible but you can create additional account and choose MAxDB.

      Cloud Portal is currently running only on Hana Database.

      Best Regards,


  • HI,

    Just a small help, i have created a trial account for SAP HANA CLOUD, but when i click SAP HANA CLOUD Portal on welcome screen it shows me "401 unauthorized access". My SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit is opening but not Cloud portal link.please help me with that.



    • Hi Shadaan,

      Could you let me know when did you first created your trail account and what is your SCN/SAP ID user, so I could check this issue and try to solve it.



  • HI,




    • Hi Shadaan,

      You can create a scenarios integrating SAP on-premise systemsby using the platfrom connectivitiy services. More information can be found in this help page.



      • HI,

        Thanks for your quick reply.just have few more question,

        1.previously sap hana cloud portal was called SAP netweaver cloud portal,so whats the main difference between both,and why its been changed?

        2.And one more Question....what is difference between sap hana cloud and sap hana cloud portal? Is this possible to use application which is developed in NWDS in Cloud Portal,if yes,then How



        Shadaan Quaiser

        • Hi,

          Here are the answers:

          1. SAP announced that SAP NetWeaver Cloud with all related services including the portal are merged into SAP HANA Cloud. The funtionality are unchanged, it is a matter of rebranding and reflecting an evolution in SAP's cloud platform strategy.

          2. SAP HANA Cloud Portal is running on top of the HANA Cloud pltform. The platfrom is a java-based development environment and shared services. The Cloud Portal enables easy creation and consumption of portal sites that allow users to expose cloud, social and business apps including non-SAP content in a composed portal site.



  • Hi,

    I want to use SAP Mobile Documents using the Hana cloud trial user, but does not work. Is it possible to use it? and if it is possible, which is the URL to put on it?

    Thanks and regards