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When I transported the transformation from our BI development system (R/3 source DEV001) to our BI productive system (R/3 source PRD002), the system create two transformations in the productive system, one assigned to DEV001 and other assigned to PRD002. The first transformation is inactive because the source system DEV001 doesn’t exist in BI productive system.

How can I delete this inactive transformation in the productive system?


Go to SE80. Execute the method DELETE_VERSION_FROM_DB of the class CL_RSTRAN_STAT

Step 2 :  The following screen appears :

Execute the method in red mark.

Step 3 :  Maintain the input parameters :

Give the Transformation Id and version M and then Execute

Then the inactive transformation is removed from the productive environment.

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  1. Koen Hesters

    you can delete Active as well, first activate with objvers ‘A’ secondly with ‘M’.  I know, not the way, but it is helpful   Big Thanks



  2. Former Member

    you can use this method in 2 more scenarios


    1) when transformations are present only  logically in system ( not found in Tcode RSA1 but present in RSTRAN)

    2) Transformations can not be deleted using transport( usually happens while removing source and targets across different landscapes leaving transformation inactive)


    Quick and easy way to remove transformations




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