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SAP Support Portal Uses the Updated Naming for Analytics Solutions

In May, SAP announced new branding changes that simplify the way we talk about our analytics solutions. (See Since then, you’ve seen these changes rolled out across Web content, collateral, and other places where the portfolio and product names are used. Now starting Oct 30, you’ll also see these changes appearing on SAP Support Portal.

The SAP BusinessObjects software portfolio is now known as “analytics solutions from SAP.” Analytics solutions from SAP include products for business intelligence (BI), enterprise information management (EIM), enterprise performance management (EPM), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), as well as certain additional analytic applications.

The business intelligence (BI) product names still contain the term “SAP BusinessObjects.” For example:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

However, the products for EIM, EPM, GRC, and new analytic applications now just contain “SAP” in their names.

Examples are:

  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Strategy Management
  • SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAP Sales Analysis for Retail
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  • Terrible formatting of the Blog post make it look and sound MUCH scarier than it actually is. Read it again if it was posted like this...


    The business intelligence (BI) product names still contain the term “SAP BusinessObjects.”

    • An example is the name SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

    However, the products for EIM, EPM, GRC, and the additional analytic applications now simply say “SAP” in their names.

    Examples are-

    • SAP Information Steward
    • SAP Profitability and Cost Management
    • SAP Risk Management, and
    • SAP Sales Analysis for Retail.
    • Thanks Mark for your comment! 

      We apologize if the blog came off confusing and complicated, as it was not meant to cause distress.

      We've made a couple slight adjustments, and incorporated your suggested approach.  Hope you don't mind! 🙂

      Thanks again for your insight.


  • Nothing scary about a name change, if it makes the product position better, not to mention easier to find in the 'Oh, so wonderful' SAP Support Portal.  

    The portfolio becoming SAP Analytics Solutions, is more relevant today than Business Objects (as a product group). 

    Besides, what's the important bit, the name or the functionality?


    • I agree the headline was salacious without much teeth. I for one would be happy to lose the BusinessObjects name, but it would be handy to have an umbrella term for "stuff that non-SAP ERP customers might buy because its the best solution even though they aren't interested in buying anything from 'SAP'."

      In One Voice terms, it probably translates to "SAP Analytics solutions for companies who may or may not consider themselves SAP Customers, edition for clarification."

      At the end of the day, I don't think any cares about losing GRC or EPM (did anyone ever really consider those BusinessObjects products anyway?), but having Data Services out from under our umbrella could be cause for concern.

      Except of course that it happened 6th months ago, and very few people have cashed in their "BO" chips since then.


  • How about the products and documentations themselves? Will them also be aligned with this naming change for new SP/Patch releases as of Oct 30th?

    • Hi Hengye,

      Analytics Solutions will be the high level navigation that you will see for the software in the SAP Support Portal.  Most product names have all ready been changed, but you will see a reference to the previous name in the downloads section.  As for product documentation, the help portal has all ready been updated to reflect the Analytics title, and product documentation is continuously being updated to align.  The same can be said for SP/FP notes.

      Hope that helps.