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Most Common Issues in SAP Workflow-I

Please find the most common issues and there solution in SAP workflow

1. The  most common issue when user receives an email notification for a New Workflow present in his inbox and user does not be able to able to see workflow after he clicks on the link came with notification or if he directly goes to inbox.

Solution :In such scenarion ,you have to check User’s id in SU01 transaction logon data tab and see whether  user’s id is locked or not .if it is locked user will never be able to see workflow in his UWL (Universal Worklist ) on portal .

Just ask basis guy to unlock the user id and then after unlocking ,ask user to refresh and check the UWL inbox .

2. Workflow goes into error state and of no use and user wants to remove it fro his inbox

Solution in such cases ,just go to SWI5 ,enter user id,copy the workflow id and then go to SWWL and paste the workflow id and just execute it  and delete the workflow and it will gone fro user inbox .

3.  Workflow goes in to error state and user wants to Complete it manually and wants to remove fro inbox .

Solution . Follow the above steps ,copy the workitem id fro users inbox and go to SWIA transaction and paste the workitem id and execute.On executing it,you will find a option of “Complete Manually “.this is nothing but deleting the workflow logically and then workflow will be gone fro user’s inbox .

4. Workflow does not goes automatically to the next approver  when first user approvers it .then user request to forward it manually to next approver.

Solution :l just go to user’s inbox and copy the workflow id and then go to SWIA transaction and paste workflow id and on the top ,there will be a letter box symbol means to forward workflow manually to any user’s inbox .just enter the user to who you want to forward it .

5.  User receives 500 workflows in SAP inbox processed through job and gone in to error due to any configuration .Now those configuration corrected ,job will process successfully but what to do with with those error workflow .

Solution :In such cases , just go to SWI5 ,see the  task number of those workflows in inbox ,copy that task number or coy workflow ids (better you copy task ) and then go to SWWL transaction and just paste the task number ,workflow status ,and date and just execute.and then delete all those 500 ,1000 etc workflows in just few seconds or minutes .

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