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Create a Search Help for an AET Generated Field

Hi, I have come across many SCN post on how to create a search Help for a custom field generated through AET. So i just created a Document which could help people how to create it.

Before Creating a AET field with its Search Help, Go to SE 11 and create an Elementary search help for that particular field and SAVE it ( Ex: create a table with one field say COUNTRY and enter some values and create a search help).

Let’s have a scenario where in we have to add a Country Field (though we have a standard COUNTRY field let’s not use it and try to create a custom country field) with AET and provide a search help for that field.

Then go to Web UI and follow these steps.

1)Select the Business Role where you want to create an AET field.


2) Select any Business Transaction where you want to create an AET field.


3) In the Overview Page, click ‘Show Configurable Area Button’ and select the view are where you want to get the field.


4) Next window pop’s up click on Create Field Button.


5)  Next screen check the package and select the business object where you want the new field to be present and press OK.


6)  Next screen provide all the info required like field name (Country), field type (Uppercase Text only for creating search Help), field Length (20), and search help (click on the search help icon).


7) After clicking the search help icon, provide the package name where you have created the Search help in SE11 and click on search button and select the search help. And click BACK on next screen appearing.


8) We can see a Yellow triangle logo which indicate that it is inactive, now click on save and generate button.


9)  Click choose if the Request no. is correct if not click create button to create new request.


10) Now we can see that a green circle as appeared, this indicate that the field is generated and active, click BACK.


11) Next screen click on Show available field and search for the field COUNTRY and pass to right side.


12) Once you get the Field Pass it to the right side.


13) Click on choose if the request is right.


14)  Here we can see our new Custom AET field created along with the search help.


Hope this document will help .

Thank You & Regards

  Rohan Poovaiah.

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