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Tip to transport the qualifications catalog

In many implementations, the transport option is not switched on for the qualifications catalog. Many a time, functional consultants create the quals catalog in the DEV, environment only to recreate them in QAS and PRD.

Here is a tip to transport the quals catalog:

In the customizing step Set Up Transport Connection (you can access it in IMG, by following the menu path IMG >> Personnel Management >> Organizational management >> Transport >> Setup transport connection),  make the switch TRSP STOBJ “blank”. Capture.JPG

The other values for this switch are T and X


You need to be cautious, when the switch is “ON”, you do not make any changes in the OM/PD components. Any changes you make, will be automatically recorded in this transport.

Now, when you create a new qualifications catalog (Q or QK), the system will ask you to enter the transport request.


Once you have completed creating the quals catalog, as a suggested practice (learnt from experience!), set the switch TRSP CORR to “OFF”. This will enable you to record transport for changes to OM or PD components.

I have found this to be particularly useful and efficient compared to RHMOVE30 or RHMOVE50 reports.

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  • Thank you for mentioning the transport option for PD objects and the very detailed screen prints.

    I migrate my catalog via an LSMW. Very often it is not turned off and data is transported or added to a transport request without the consultant knowing why.

    So I turn the transport mechanism off and migrate the QK, Q and their relationship to the system of my choice.

    Rhmove* are nice tools but if you want to migrate in different phases and test the migration it is much easier and takes no time to use the LSMW functionality.