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System Monitoring app for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Users

As a SAP Basis Administrator or System Administrator, it is vitally important to have the latest information on the health of the most important systems in the landscape available anytime and anywhere.

The use case of a System Monitoring app is multiple;

  1. Imagine a System Administrator who gets an alert notification (Email / SMS) on his mobile and would need to check the current situation immediately (“Do I need to take an immediate action?”)
  2. Or Imagine a System Administrator wants to do some system monitoring on the go. He wants to check his favorite systems or critical systems on the go, as he does that in the Monitoring application in the Work Center.

The System Monitoring app promises to get these information closes to the end users and helps them decide on the next course of actions. With the SAP System Monitoring mobile app, SAP Basis administrators can monitor availability, performance, configuration and exception metrics and alerts of important systems in the landscape anywhere and anytime. The information is retrieved from the new System Monitoring application of Technical Monitoring workcenter.


  • Display status overview for technical systems, instances, databases, and hosts
  • Drill down to single metrics and events
  • Display overview of alerts for technical systems, instances, databases, and hosts
  • Get alert details for deep-dive analysis of certain symptoms
  • Notify other users on the alert and confirm alerts, if already worked upon.

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Happy Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager.

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