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Author's profile photo Debopriya Ghosh

RF Menu Configuration with ITS Mobile

Type of Object – Enhancement

Description – RF Menu Configuration with ITS Mobile

Process – WM/MM

Document Purpose

In warehouse management there is always a requirement for faster processes and up to date information.

For this warehouse operators make use of RF devices to capture the various data such as storage unit number, the material number; the quantity etc.

Typical RF devices are handheld terminals, barcode scanners and truck mounted terminals.

These RF devices basically have small screens and therefore the information sent to them is limited and just up to the need. Also the interaction needed must be minimum so that the processed can be made faster.

ITS Mobile is a SAP technology to connect mobile devices to a SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Dynpro programming model.

ITS Mobile replaces the Web SAP Console which will be phased out with SAP NW 7.10. It is available for SAP systems based on SAP Netweaver 7.10, SAP Netweaver 7.0 and SAP Netweaver 2004. ITS Mobile is an integrated part of SAP Netweaver and based on ITS. For SAP customers using older SAP releases with a Basis 4.6C and 6.20, ITS Mobile is available in conjunction with ITS 6.20 standalone.

This document is to configure RF Menu (Dynpro Programming) with ITS Mobile device.

Configuration Details

Go to Transaction SE80

Create an Internet Service

Create a Theme with Topic 99


Double Click on Internet Service Name and in the Parameter do the below settings

Parameter Name


























Right Click on the Topic 99 and create HTML Template


Right Click on HTML Templates and click create. Give the Program Name and Screen Number and generate style as Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables) and click Save.


Have to create the HTML Template for all the Screens of the Program.


Right Click on the Internet Service Name -> Publish -> Complete Service

Go to Transaction SICF


Click Execute

Right Click on default host and give service name


Click Enter or Tick Button


Give Service name and click Enter or Tick Button


In Service Data Tab, set GUI Link as Yes and Click GUI Configuration

In the GUI Configuration set the Service Parameters as below


Parameter Name









Internet Service Name





In Logon Tab, set Procedure as Alternative Logon Procedure


In Logon Tab, set Logon Procedure as Logon Through HTTP Fields


In Handler List Tab, set Handler List (In Order of Execution) as ‘CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS’


In Error Page Tab, Click System Logon and click Configuration


In System Logon Configuration,

Check Define Service-Specific Settings

In Select Display, check System ID, Client and Language

In Action During Logon, set protocol as Do Not Switch and check Do Not Display Warnings and Deactivate Login XSRF Protection

In Logon Layout and Procedure, check Custom Implementation and give ABAP Class Name as ‘CL_MOBILE_SYSTEM_LOGIN’.


Click Save and click back

Right Click on the Service Name and Click Activate Service.

And Click Test Service


Now this Service Name will be configured by the external client in there ITS Mobile Device.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Content..... 🙂

      Author's profile photo Samir Suryawanshi
      Samir Suryawanshi

      Hello Debopriya,

      Good content .We had used ITS for one of our clients and for some screen SAP had not created the ITS screen thus resulting in dump. The abapers had to regenerate the specific screens to resolves this. Any trouble shooting or common errors to add to the content to avoid or resolve common errors will make the document more helpful.

      Is helpful though..

      Thanks for sharing.


      Author's profile photo Mihailo Sundic
      Mihailo Sundic

      I agree with Samir, maybe references to screen resolutions and common problems could be added to make it even more useful.

      Author's profile photo Sandeep Kumar
      Sandeep Kumar

      Hi Debopriya,

      Great Document. Detailed and very helpful.



      Author's profile photo Mohammed Savad Kaprakkadan
      Mohammed Savad Kaprakkadan

      Hi Debopriya,

      Very good documentation. Thanks for sharing.

      I have one doubt, if we develop RF menu using ITS, then is it required to configure via menu / transactions via LM00/01.


      Abu Fazi

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello, I have Intermec terminal, my login page (web gui) is very small. I've tried many different ways, but nothig, also I have the same configuration like you wrote in this post. But the only different is: In Logon Tab, set Logon Procedure as Logon Through HTTP Fields

      I dont have this.. I just have the option: "authentication fields"



      Author's profile photo Patrick van Nierop
      Patrick van Nierop

      Select 'alternative logon procedure' > scroll down > press the 'default' button > delete whatever options you don't need

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I do have selected "Alternative Logon Procedure". When I press "Default" button I just have this options:

      1 Fields Authentication

      2 SSO Authentication

      3 Basic Authentication

      4 SAP Authentication

      5 Certificate Authentication

      6 Service Authentication

      Nothing more, do you have any idea how to solve this ? Is just the "login" page who is small, the other ones Id change with the resolution browser options.



      Author's profile photo Patrick van Nierop
      Patrick van Nierop

      How does it look in a normal browser? And what browser are you using on the intermec?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      In the normal browser look small but ok (image attached).
      And for the terminal I'm using Intermec Browser (

      Author's profile photo Alfonso Alvarado
      Alfonso Alvarado

      Hola Lenin,

      Did your problem get solved? If so, please let me know how you did it. I have even changed the CSS template in ITSMOBILE and still have same problem of sizing.

      Thanks in advanced,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Lenin,

      What version of SAP are you on?

      'Fields Authentication' logon procedure has now been renamed to 'Logon Through HTTP Fields'.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member




      Author's profile photo Alfonso Alvarado
      Alfonso Alvarado

      Hello Utkarsha,

      Did you get any answer from Lenin? I am still havingthe issue where main screen (LM01) and following templates are too small, I have to zoom every time I login. I have changed the templates RLMENU 2088 and still nothing. Is there a way to change only one parameter to increase the size view of the LM01 and other templates while viewing them in the device?

      The device is a Intermec. System is 745. thanks in advanced.


      Author's profile photo Sravan Kumar
      Sravan Kumar



      I have copied code from one SAP Instance and replicated the same in another SAP Instance ( code and service) and tested on browser it works fine but when i try the same in device( Motorola Bar-code Scanner) Each screen comes with different size. Please provide the possible solution how to set the screen to device's screen.


      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi There,

      Has anyone activated the new gui for ITS Mobile ie. webgui_new_design parameter. Refer to note: 2108843 ?




      Author's profile photo Alfonso Alvarado
      Alfonso Alvarado


      Hello Experts,

      I was able to zoom (increase size) my template's size. However, I am still having the issue where main screen (LM01) is too small, I have to manually zoom every time I need to login.

      I have changed the template RLMENU 2088 in SE80 and still nothing. Is there a way to change one parameter to increase the size view of the logon screen?

      The device is a Intermec. System is 740. thanks in advanced, would appreciate any helpful input.


      Author's profile photo Nitin Sikka
      Nitin Sikka


      I want to know, once service is created how to configure it on handheld device or how to access it on handheld device




      Author's profile photo M S P
      M S P

      Followed the same process but Push buttons are not working in ITS screen ie bowers where as push buttons working perfectly in SAP.

      Can any one help here.

      Author's profile photo Mairana Chacin
      Mairana Chacin

      Hi ABAPER P ,


      I know it has been long time, but did you solve the UI look? I have the same problem.

      The push buttons are working good but the UI is like was yours.

      Did you find a solution?

      Thanks in advance,



      Author's profile photo 叶 文远
      叶 文远

      Nice work,Thanks for sharing.

      I want ask a question that how can I get the PDA  data and put it on my ITS screen automatic?

      Hope somebody can help me,thanks!




      Author's profile photo Vivek Chaudhary
      Vivek Chaudhary

      Nice Content

      Author's profile photo Uday Bhaskar Raghupatula
      Uday Bhaskar Raghupatula

      Thanks a lot sir for the detailed explanation. Really appreciated.




      I have configured following this blog, I was able to launch the initial screen (using http url), but subsequent screens are failing with the error 400. The same service is working when I use https but the device which we are trying is working only with http because of certificate issue.




      Request you to help me here , what could be the reason for the error when I use https protocol.