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Travel, broadens the mind, Empties the pocket! Or how Cloud based SAP Travel OnDemand gave me back my life!


My name is Marcel Lindsay and I work with SAP in the cloud and I don’t like doing expense’s, there I have said it! 😀

I have a question for you; do you enjoy doing your expenses? 😯

That’s a very simple question and I can guarantee if you are like me, you hate doing them, actually next to ironing, yes I do my own ironing, I can’t think of anything more loathsome.

Ok so loathsome is going a bit too far, but if we as employees want to be paid we need to do them, so we have no choice and most likely no money if we didn’t!

So let’s picture the scene, we return (haggard, tired and worn out and broke!) from a number of long busy, business trips and finally do we get the chance to sit down and relax? NO!

We now have a few hours to spare and prepare ourselves mentally for what’s to come; we dump out all of our receipts into a large pile on our desks and start the laborious process of DOING OUR EXPENSES!

A number of hours later, we submit the expense form after we have painfully gone through multiple versions, additions, subtractions, revisions and possible a nasty incident with a stapler we then say a little prayer to the great Expense God we get paid as soon as possible and we wait, and wait and wait, and it eventually comes back to us saying NOT APPROVED!!!!!.

I am this man, or I was this man before SAP Travel OnDemand came along, but more about that later!

So let’s change tack a bit and focus on what company’s think of this, they don’t want to make it easy for us to get paid, right?

They like making us suffer right?

Well no actually believe it or not, we have spoken to lots of different companies in SAP about expense management and what they say may surprise you.

So what do they want to happen in an ideal world with Expense Management? – well firstly

They really want you to do more productive work (That’s a bit of a shocker), the more time you spend doing non-productive work, doing expenses for example, the less time you spend talking to customers, building bridges, flying airplanes, developing apps etc.

Get paid more quickly!

They also want to pay you as quickly as possible – yes that’s right, they want to approve and process the expenses as quickly as they can and with the minimum of fuss , this lowers the cost of the  expense payment process and makes it easier for them to track and manage these costs more accurately.

Integration (We are SAP after all!)

They also want to have the process as seamless as possible – so anything I submit should be routed, approved and integrated to the their back end system to allow the swifter payments etc to happen in the first place.

Reporting is important too !

They also want to be able to report more quickly and to a greater level of detail than they can at the moment, so this helps them with controlling their costs and could also help you as a manager to track your team’s expense costs as well.

End to End Process (Again we are SAP after all)

Business processes are bread and butter to SAP – Companies want an end to end travel and expense approval, authorisation and payment process

How can we make all the above happen and make it easier for me as a business traveller to do my expenses?

Easy…….SAP Travel OnDemand……

SAP Travel OnDemand lessens the pain of business travel by providing an easy and efficient way to manage business travel.  Not only can this fully-functional solution manage travel from pre-trip approval to expense reporting, but it is also mobile and easy to use.  And like any cloud solution, SAP Travel OnDemand is accessible from anywhere.

So it’s easy to use?

In a word yes you can access it from your mobile device, phone or laptop and the interface is kids play and simple to master.
Take pictures of your receipts attach them to expenses and your done – submit and wait for approval and payment – how easy is that?
Also because its mobile it’s doable anywhere and why wait till you return to create your expenses , why not do it en-route?

From your company’s point of view SAP Travel OnDemand makes so much sense as

     • Low cost deployment to many business travelers, including contractors anytime, anywhere.

     • Control of the software cost through subscription based pricing

     • Time to value: Faster adoption curve, always on the latest release, including regulatory requirements.

     • Easily connect customers with their Travel Service Provider ecosystem ( i.e. Booking and Credit Card partners) This is end to end travel management

So get some of that time back and talk to your company today about why you aren’t using SAP Travel OnDemand !!!!!

If you want more information – register now for this webinar –

SAP Travel OnDemand:  How UST Global runs SAP to manage travel expenses like never before

Date : Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Time : 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Duration : 60-minutes

Travel expenses are the second highest controllable expenses after payroll expenses.

However, businesses like yours are able to take control of their business travel expenses, reduce travel expense management costs , increase travel policy compliance, improve travel vendor discounts, maximize credit card remittance discounts and help get reimbursed faster for business travel with SAP Travel onDemand. Come hear Corby Brendle, Practice Director of UST Global, share why they chose SAP Travel onDemand to help them reduce corporate travel expense sby 11.6% of hard cost savings and run their business like never before.

With the addition of the SAP integrated GetThere Online booking tool they recognized an additional 15% savings in total travel cost without reducing actual travel.

Registration link:


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