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What is TPM?

A sale makes an agreement with a customer to offer a certain product during a certain period for a certain price and/or quantity.

TPM LandscapeTPM1.jpg

            1) Create a Marketing Plan in CRM


2) Planning layout will come directly to CRM through BI(BPS)

3) Create a Trade promotion in CRM with the following value

Account type

Planning Account/Hierarchy/Target group ID

Promotion type/objective

Planning profile

Plan, Actual, buy period , pre dip & post dip


Trade spends




4) TPM Dates


5) Enter products; spend types/ category etc., which will generate the PR conditions


6) Once you save the status to Released CD conditions will get generated.

7) Promotion Execution:

PR & CD conditions will be generated based on the planning data

Validity date of PR and CD conditions is based on the Buy-in date

Generated CD & PR conditions will get replicated to R/3

8) Stock is reserved in APO and figures for demand planning are loaded from BI to APO

9) Entering a sales order takes promo conditions into account and uses ATP check.During order creation the promotional related SKU’s are automatically recognized based on the customer/SKU/buy period dimension. If promotional prices/discounts are agreed, it is visible in the conditions tab on R/3 sales order.

Promotion ID is visible in the profit segment of the order.

10) R/3 sales order, delivery and billing data flows into BI for reporting.

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  • Hi Pramod,

    Nice post.

    I have a question wrt the Planning profile creation that needs to be done at the BW-BPC end.

    May I know a bit more detail about this like whether we have any standard content of planning profiles or do we need to create customised ones.

    This is one thing i.e whether do we have any standard content of planning profiles for TPM or not in BW-BPS.

    Another thing is, I am unable to retrieve in CRM, the planning profiles i had created in BW-BPS using BPS0 T-Code. i am trying to assign planning profile to a planning group using the below navigation.

    SPRO->CRM->Define transaction types-> & then the customising header against one of the transaction type & trying to assign profile in SEM Planning tab by doing F4, but nothing is coming, neither the content not the customised ones.

    Once this part of configuration is done, then only i think we will go to the next level i.e CRM_UI (which is wen interface for reporting & planning data updation in the layout).

    Did you face kind of problem earlier.

    Could you pls throw some light on this.