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Enhancing Infotype 0009 Using de-coupled Frame work in ESS

Overview :

Many  times it is required to enhance ESS personnel information to accommodate customized requirements . Example: Adding a new field to address or bank details to cater the needs of country specific Business transactions .  So here is the step by step approach to enhance the UI and also get the values saved  in backend R3 in respective  infotypes.

We have taken the example of enhancing  Bank details  i.e. infotype 0009 for china with a field to be served as both input / out put one in ESS .

The technique which  supports  this extension  is known as De-coupled frame work design.

What is  Decoupled Frame work :

This is the new  frame work which allows infotypes  to be created /extended with separation of business logic from UI part ie the visual display. Infotypes that are created using the new method are also known as “decoupled” infotypes.  The user on the high level is completely  ignorant about the technical design and also the data flow which makes the usage of infotypes more of a common man usage.

Step by Step Approach.

Lets  take the example of enhancing IT0009 with customised field  ZZBKREF  in Bank information Tab in ESS personenel information.

When we see IT0009 , we can find standard  field BKREF  but here we have taken ZZBKREF to be able to make it I/O field and changed by user.

When User  wants to display Bank information field ZZBKREF should apper as an o/p field and when clicks edit option it apperas as an i/p field  to allow user to modify existing value .


The 1st step for this enhancement is to find out the screen structure for IT0009 . Respective screen structures are stored in table view V_T588UICONVCLAS. We see it is HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009 is the generic screen structure for IT0009 . If we want country specific screen enhancement that also we can find here . eg . HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0002 for US specific IT0002.


FM HRXSS_PER_P0009_XX is the RFC called from webdynpro for accessing IT0009

It can be obsevred that the FM uses portal screen structure HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009 as Export parameter to R3.



Communication  between  ESS portal and R3 happens using this screen structure  so HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009 needs

to be enhanced with custom field ZZBKREF for Bank information extension.

Lets take a look on HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009 . It has a CI include CI_XX_R0009 whre we can add the custom field .


Step :3

Now we have to do the main part ie business logic to map the front end portal field ZZBKREF to back end R3 infotype

record data structure.

So BAdi HRPAD00INFTYUI is implemented to keep the business logic hidden from portal UI .

Here is the flow of communication happening between Portal to R3 Via above BAdi.

Data Flow :


                      To and fro communication from portal to R3

BAdi  implemention


Sample code for INPUT_CONVERSION

  IF  screen_structure_name = ‘HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009’.

* assign screen to a field symbol

    ASSIGN screen_structure TO <r0009>.

* get type casting

    ASSIGN pnnnn TO <lfs_p0009>. ” CASTING.

* get BKREF from screen which is modified by user from ESS UI

    l_bkref = <r0009>-zzbkref.

* Save the value in Infotype field BKREF to save it in infotype data base.

    <lfs_p0009>-bkref = l_bkref.



* Field symbol declaration

  FIELD-SYMBOLS : <lfs_hcmt_bsp_pa_xx_r0009> TYPE hcmt_bsp_pa_xx_r0009,

                  <lfs_p0009>                TYPE p0009.

* trigger this BAdi only for IT0009

  IF screen_structure_name EQ ‘HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0009’.

*   Assign Infotype Structure and screen structure

    ASSIGN pnnnn TO <lfs_p0009>.

    ASSIGN screen_structure TO <lfs_hcmt_bsp_pa_xx_r0009>.

*   Move BKREF value form database to Screen structure

    <lfs_hcmt_bsp_pa_xx_r0009>-zzbkref = <lfs_p0009>-bkref.


Step – 3

From Portal side also the field is added and enabled to get displayed on ESS.


Test the same from portal to display backend value BKREF from R3 .


Go to ESS —> personnel information tab


Click bank information

Lets try to modify the value of bank reference field and

see how the value of bank reference field gets updated in portal and R3.



View from R3:

We see the bankreference value getting updated  in R3 IT0009


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