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BIF- Josh Bentley

My colleague Mark MarcusMark Marcus asked me to join the “Blog it Forward” challenge.  I think it’s an interesting way to start using SCN.  Those of you, who are not familiar with the “Blog It Forward Challenge”, please read Moshe Naveh’s blog [].  And if you want to read Mark’s BIF, here it is:–mark-marcus

I am building up my experience interacting with SAP customers in my pre-sales role of Mobility Solution Engineer in North America.  I have over 5 years at SAP, of which 4 was spent in our amazing IT department.  It was hard for me to leave other jobs in my life, as well as relocate to Pennsylvania from Georgia over 13 years ago, but I have to tell you that leaving our IT department was hard as well.  I was happy, and I am happy.  This is a great place to work if you assert yourself and your skills.  SAP is huge and that means a lot of areas to focus on, and a lot of areas that need your focus to keep us all growing.  So now I am in pre-sales, 100% customer facing and sharing my 15 years of mobile and telecom experience with them.  In the process I learn how smart our customers are, and they really are!  From time to time I post a tweet via @bentley_Josh on twitter, and here is my Linkedin account..

For this BLOG I wanted to answer some stock BIF questions and add a few of my own before unleashing it on some new colleagues:

  • Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

Ayn Rand.  When I was told that I would get angry if I read the novel Atlas Shrugged I took it as a challenge.  I already had some independent streaks in me that helped provide confidence, but when I finished this novel from the 1950’s written by an immigrant from Communist Russia I was floored.  It seemed the freedom she was seeking the USA was under attack right in front of my eyes.  Now I am not trying to start a political BLOG here so I will save more on this topic for later.  (photo source:

atlas shrugged cover.jpg

  • What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

Implementing iOS technology at SAP.  With the help fo a lot of amazing people at SAP we went from 5 iPhones on my personal account in 2007 to now having over 30K iOS devices (secured by our Afaria product).  To help put in the plans, infrastructure, wiki pages, and all the associated steps was a once in a lifetime chance.  I thank the late Steve Jobs from Apple and our current global CIO Oliver Bussmann for (@sapcio on twitter) for this opportunity.

(pic of me working the SAP Runs SAP booth in Newtown Square office to raise awareness)

sap runs sap booth v2.JPG

  • If you could have any job, money and skill are not an issue, what would you wake up everyday and do with your time?

I often ask this question when I want to see if someone is telling me what they think I want to hear, or if they really are sharing something.  I would be a documentary filmmaker.  I love to learn, and to watch a well done documentary I think is a great way to pass on information.  I lke to figure out if the film is so guided by the filmmaker that facts supporting the opposition are omited, or if a historical documentary teaches me something factually new about an event I thought I already knew a lot about.

Being born and raised in Georgia, living in Pennsylvania, and traveling well over 50% of my time I have plenty to share.  I suggest we all remember that any interaction, good or bad, leaves us with knowledge. 

So if you want to use my three Q&A items they are:

  • Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?
  • What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?
  • If you could have any job, money and skill are not an issue, what would you wake up everday and do with your time?

And I am sending this BIF task to:  Martin Lang and Marilyn Pratt so they can contribute if they would like.

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  • Hi Josh,

    Nice #BIF!  I read Atlas Shrugged way back, and I loved the book - for the story and the writing.  I never knew (at my young age) that there was a political message in there.  Ah, youth.


    • Thanks so much for the comment.  Today's youth has something we didn't have.  An online version of their life to reflect on when they are older.  We have to use our internal hard drive which fails after a late night out....

  • Thanks for tagging (and bringing my eyes to this interesting first blog) and a thanks to Mark Marcus for dragging you over here.

    I knew a number of Russian immigrants to Israel when I lived on the kibbutz and they had very strong opinions about the community and a "social fabric" so I appreciate what you said about Ayn Rand and didn't know that about her.  That's quite eye-openning for me. As to transplanting (I've done that myself and its an interesting challenge), my eldest child just moved to Georgia and she LOVES it.  Just got back from there myself and again, openned my eyes and learned a great deal. Had a blast at Atlanta Make Faire (geek heaven)

    • I hope you have an awesome TechEd.  Sorry I will miss you this year.  FYI, I am going to work to infuse humor in all that I do, as we discussed in person last year about how to train via video.

  • Hi - Thanks for the post. I have to work closely with our Techies and also Pre Sales guys and it is sometimes hard to keep the two roles separate when you have a deep technical knowledge! Great post, I hope to hear more from you on SCN

    • Think of me as a guy who can relate to those with a pocket protector, or a private jet.  I try to use broad language on technology but can get in the weeds when addressing mobile topics.

  • Hi Josh,

    Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

    Have a nice day!


    Hari Suseelan