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     => understanding The Interanal Table TIP.


Understanding HR Schema and PCR with an Example

Personnel Calculation Rule and Schema – An Understanding

Simple way of writing a PCR

Operations in PCR


Understanding HR Schema and PCR with an Example

Changing Absence Valuation Rule Dynamically



     1st: choosing Operation/ Function Time or Payroll.

09-10-2012 10-07-24.jpg

   2nd: Input Operation.

09-10-2012 10-07-52.jpg

    3rd: read & investigate to deeply understand the meaning of them.

09-10-2012 10-08-52.jpg

Note: with commands AMT=…., NUM=…., RTE=…. and HRS=…. in Payroll and Time Schema, the operations are only AMT, NUM, RTE (Operation of Payroll) and HRS (Operation of Time), click step by step to have more detail.

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  1. Former Member

    hi Woody,

    Kudos to you first of all. you are just rocking with your blog.

    One kind request to you, example which you have provided contains related information on payroll more .

    Will you please do the same simple example on each related to time management would be helpful for us beginners like me who loves to learn time schemas and master in it

    You told us to read f1, we are reading it. but sufficient example on each would be really helpful to us. please do this to us.

    as this our kind request.




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