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Authorizations in the Application Component Performance Management (Objective Setting and Appraisals)

SAP Standard Roles

The following SAP standard roles are delivered for PM.

SAP_HR_HAP_ADMINISTRATOR (Administrator – Appraisals and objective setting agreements)


(Employee Generic – Appraisals and objective setting agreements)


(Manager Generic – Appraisals and objective setting agreements)

You can access these standard roles in transaction PFCG. For customer implementations, you must copy these roles to a customer-specific namespace and make the necessary changes. When you enter a new name, note that it may not comprise an SAP-specific name (SAP,” _“). This is to ensure that a clear distinction can be made between customer-specific roles and standard SAP roles.

Relevant Authorization Objects

The authorization objects explained in this section are of central importance to the roles used in PM since they enable users to access the application.

The following authorization objects are of relevance:

• Transaction authorizations (S_TCODE, P_TCODE)

• Access to HR master data (P_ORGIN/CON, P_PERNR)

• Access to objects in the Personnel Planning database (PLOG)

• Access to appraisals (P_HAP_DOC)

The various fields in the authorization object enable you to control which:

• Activity (display, edit, delete)

• Object set (persons, appraisal templates)

• Content (infotypes)

is permitted for users with the various roles.

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    authorizations are an important subject and I was happy when I read the title of your document. But I was a bit dissapointed as I was exspecting more, especially your experiences with that or guidelines how to use this roles/ authorizations in this area. The information contained are more SAP Help related stuff.

    Please keep blogging in this important area.

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