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Author's profile photo Donald Maccormick

XGlobe “hidden” features

The XComponents are probably the most downloaded extensions for SAP Dashboards / Xcelsius (with over 10,000 downloads to date) and they are used in production dashboards by some of SAP’s largest customers.

However, as they are essentially a spare-time project for me they are mostly undocumented which has left a few interesting features underused. This is particularly true of the XGlobe. The image below shows the XGlobe in action and clicking here will take you to a live version of the same dashboard)


There is some controversy about the XGlobe. Some visualization purists have suggested that it has no place in real-world dashboards as it is too gimmicky and takes up too much screen space for the value it adds. However, on the other hand I have had a number of people tell me that users like it. In fact someone recently wrote to me to say :-

“I’m successfully using XGlobe as an enhancement in one of our dashboards that has been “live” on our internal platform for some time now (the users love the new feature !)”

My view is that, given we know that one of the big issues with Business Intelligence in general is getting users to use it at all (hence the widely reported 20-25% usage rate), we should at least balance visual efficiently with end-user appeal (more discussion on this in a previous post of mine here).

Either way, I have recently had a few requests about how to use some of the features of XGlobe so I thought I would make a short (4 min) video outlining the basics. So here it is :-

I hope it is useful.

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      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      Hi Donald,

      I like your Xcomponents in Xcelsius. However, in Dashboard Design 4 SP4, we are not able to use them because they are developed with earlier versions of Adobe Flex. DD SP4 requires add-ons to be developed in Flex 4 environment.

      Are you planing Xcomponents to be deployed for DD 4 SP4 version?

      Author's profile photo Donald Maccormick
      Donald Maccormick
      Blog Post Author


      You can find a Flex 4 version of the XComponents at :-


      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      Thank you very much.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The XGlobe is a great component. I have used it in a dashboard that has become very popular and just as today - actually - I got complemented on the spinning globe thats part of the dashboard..

      Thank you for making it in the first place. I am sure I will use the component again.



      Author's profile photo Mitchell Lehr
      Mitchell Lehr

      We just released a dashboard this week using XGLOBE and the user community loves it.  The only problem is that it appears that the yahooapi/geocode service is now shut down.  Can someone confirm this?  I have tested this from within our corporate network and from my house with a simple dasbhoard using XGLOBE.

      If this is the case, how do we get the globe to point to another service or simply have the globe based on table where we provide the GEO coordinates?


      Author's profile photo Sara G Ayer
      Sara G Ayer

      Hi Donald,

      Nice feature 🙂

      No wonder ,XGlobe component adds the "feel" to the dashboard.
      But Why is that , it has to be updated most of the times.

      Sara G