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Configuration setting for LO cockpit datasource extraction during implementation

Installation of LO datasource in RSA5 and generation of LO datasources in LBWE is not enough in order to extract data to BW stream.

Issue1: Unable to fill setup table for LO cockpit datasources.

Issue2: Added records remains zero in BW after data extraction(Application component field remains blank in PSA request.

Those two issues are due to missing configurations in ECC system.

Configuration setting1: Industrial sector assignment

Goto T-code: SBIW-> Settings for Application-specific datasources(PI)-> Logistics-> Settings for IBU Retail/CP-> Determine Industrial sector


Select Standard(Core) radio button and click on save.(Retail should be used only if the sector is related to Retail industry)


Configuration setting 2: BW selection in “BTE Apllication Indicator”

This setting needs to be done in T-code BF11.


Make tick mark for BW & NDI and click on save as shown below:



After completion of those two settings, the datafield “Application component” in datasource gets populated with corresponding application component.

This field remains blank if those setting are not configured in ECC which leads to above mentioned issues.

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