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SAP Cloud Connector 1.1.0 available on SAP Service Marketplace

Dear Users of the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Connectivity Service,

Since Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, the new version 1.1.0 of SAP Cloud Connector has been released and is now available on SAP Service Marketplace: SMP.

It provides new features and capabilities, like

  • mutual authentication between SCC and the connected backends using X.509 client certificates
  • integration with a local LDAP for managing SCC administrator users
  • disabling of configured exposed services without the need to remove them
  • improved security capabilities

We kindly ask all users of the Connectivity Service and SAP Cloud Connector to migrate to this new version until November 8, by proceeding as follows:

  1. Migrate to of SAP Cloud Connector 1.1.0 within the next six weeks (by November 8, 2012). On November 8 we plan to upgrade the SAP NetWeaver Cloud platform with the a new connectivity runtime, as a result of which all older versions of SAP Cloud Connector (with version 1.0.x) will cease to function.

    If you already use SAP Cloud Connector version 1.0.1, a tool-guided upgrade to the 1.1.0 version is supported and documented here. After the upgrade, you have to repeat the initial handshake to re-establish the tunnel to your SAP NetWeaver Cloud account (link).

    If you are using an SAP Cloud Connector version lower than 1.0.1, you have to first uninstall it (link), run a fresh installation of version 1.1.0 (link), configure your connected back-end systems again (link), and repeat the initial handshake to re-establish the tunnel to your SAP NetWeaver Cloud account (link).

  2. Once you have installed or upgraded to the new SAP Cloud Connector version, your applications that use SAP NetWeaver Cloud Connectivity Service will continue to run. You do not need to restart an application unless you make changes in the destination configuration for the application.
  3. We strongly recommend that you execute the initial handshake between SAP Cloud Connector and your SAP NetWeaver Cloud account again in 4 weeks time (link) in order to benefit from enhanced security features.
    We also recommend that you restart your on-demand applications that use SAP NetWeaver Cloud Connectivity Service during this period of time in order to upgrade to the new connectivity runtime.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via the SAP NetWeaver Cloud SCN discussion forum.

The SAP NetWeaver Cloud Connectivity Team

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  • We decided to extend the migration period for the SCC 1.1.0 version by two weeks (i.e. to November 8, 2012) to give users more time to upgrade to this new version of the on-premise agent. The blog post above has been updated accordingly with the new dates.