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Overheard … During SAP HANA “Truth” Week

Our week of “Setting the Record Straight” on SAP HANA generated buzz! 

It’s been a wild and unusual week!  (You must have noticed…)

It began when the CEO of one of SAP’s competitors made some erroneous and misleading statements about SAP HANA in his keynote speech at a big event.

Normally, SAP’s response would be measured, unemotional, and somewhat detached; but in the famous words of the movie “Network,” SAP employees, partners, customers, and others collectively got up out of their chairs, stuck their heads out the (virtual) window and yelled: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”  


Overheard on Twitter

Some of the more interesting tweets included these:

HANA tweet 1 IBM.png

HANA tweet 3.png

HANA tweet 4.png

HANA tweet 5.png

HANA tweet 6.png

HANA tweet 7.jpg

HANA tweet 8.jpg

HANA tweet 9.png

HANA tweet 11.png

HANA tweet 2 IBM.png

HANA tweet 13.png

HANA tweet 14.gif

HANA tweet 15.gif

And a couple fun posts in Facebook… (check the number of “likes”!)

HANA fb 1.gif

HANA fb 2.gif


Overheard from Technology Leaders

Several technology companies weighed-in with statements on SAP HANA. Two that stand out:  


“IBM and SAP have partnered to demonstrate an SAP HANA system at 100 TB, making it the largest in-memory database system in the world. That system, running on 100 IBM nodes, can now scale to 250 TB.” 

— Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Software & Systems


“Fujitsu and SAP’s  history of co-innovation and collaboration have now provided both very large and small customers with a scalable in memory appliance that can quickly be implemented to dramatically increase data processing and real time information analytics for decision making.”

— Rolf Schwirz, CEO Fujitsu Technology Solutions


Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Unless you were on another planet, you know that this is just a small sampling of the activity in newspapers and magazines, from analysts, in advertising, in social media, newsletters, and everywhere else you turned this week. 

Here I’ve shared just a few of my favorites. 

Was there an especially funny or insightful tweet or post you saw and liked? Share it with all of us (link to it) in the comments below. 

Now, off to a relaxing glass – OK, a bottle — of wine to start the weekend, to adjust tone and adrenaline back to a “normal range,” and to begin the new week ahead with a “pivot to positive.” 

Finally, for all those who jumped on this week’s crazy bandwagon with us: THANK YOU!  All of us at SAP, and many in the broader community and ecosystem, appreciated the support and lively banter from the members of our community. 

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