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Chrome is now supported for NetWeaver 7.02

Google Chrome is now also released for NetWeaver 7.02 SP12 (beside NW 7.30 and 7.31) with some limitations. For further details see PAM: and SAP note: 1655306: .

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  • Hello,

    Very good news (besides FireFox and Safari of course). Thanks for the effort. Does WDA support iPad Safari too? If not, when is it going to be supported? Based on my tests on 702SP11+ESS EHP5 it is only the dropdown which does not work, otherwise it renders pretty well already.




    • Hello Tamas,

      SAP supports Safari on Mac OS only. It's not supported for Windows and iOS. But the usage is tolerated, meaning customers are enabled to run it on "own risk". If there are gaps (such as the dropdown), we try to solve them.

      Kind Regards


      • Hello Andreas,

        Thanks for your quick answer and thanks for tolerating iPad 🙂

        Please have a look at the WDA dropdown issue on iPad. I tested 702SP11. It works with Unified Rendering Light Speed in Web Dynpro ABAP OFF (but then it looks rather bad). It should be very limited work to fix it. Especially interesting need with the latest SAP Portal officially supporting iPad (and iPhone) out of the box and the dropdown issue is blocking for standard HR ESS/MSS (tested only WDA).

        Here is my forum question with details of my test.

        Thanks a lot for keeping us informed with SAP plans for fixing it.