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Blog it Forward – Patrizia Rossi

Thanks a lot to Blog It Forward – Rui Nogueira and Blog It Forward – Ivan Femia : I received their invitation for this BIF ( Blog It Forward Community Challenge by xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) ).

About Me


I was born (tired …hihihi) 30 years ago in Rome.


When I was a child, my dream was to become a director or screenwriter. I’ve always loved to write. My first story was “My life. as seen from my teddy bear”.


One day, when I was 8 years old, I realized that I wanted a computer! Unfortunately, to always be satisfied was difficult in a large family like mine because I’ve a brother and sister.

The first computer I saw was a Commodore 64: my neighbor had one. I still remember the tape for games . My parents gave me my first computer when I was 14 years old: a Pentium II. After 3 days, I locked the BIOS password by mistake but I took the screwdriver and I opened it. I removed the battery . The computer became my best friend from that moment. My favorite shop has no shoes or clothes, but a lot of technology.

I wrote my first program using assembler. I apply the flow chart also in my life: I analyze all the options and I always choose the hard way.

I started working about 11 years ago: I met a lot of people. I experienced moments of difficulty where I had to put aside my shyness and pull out the grit.

I have a great passion for the cinema and my favorite movie is “Gladiator” because I’m a little fighter as the protagonist. I don’t give up in the face of hardship.

Il Gladiatore 2.jpg

My motto is “it’s not strong who wins but it’s strong who falls and gets up again”.

Ah… greatest love is Juventus (football team) !!!


BIF questions by Ivan

If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

I really like super heroes such as Batman, Spiderman, etc… I see myself as wonder woman ( wonder Patty ) because she’s determined.

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

I like being able to find help when I need it and above all to know great technicians who do my same job.

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I’m torn because I love my job and I would do exactly the same studies but I also would study film .

BIF questions by Rui

Name the person who affected you most in your career/way of thinking and why.

I have met many people in 11 years of work but there’re 3 that I’ll always thank. My first manager, Mr. Zampieri, and my first “mentor”, Mr. Turino which I knew in the first company where I worked. They taught me this job and I learned to be more sure of myself and not be afraid of difficulties. The third person is Giampy: he was a great colleague and he’s unfortunately no longer with us . He had the ability to make us smile always: his cheerfulness made my work more “light”.

What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

The most fun project was an FSCM project for a Car Rental Company: FSCM was a big challenge and, in the same time, I enjoyed because I met very nice people.

Windows or Mac?

I started with Windows 3.1 and I’ve always used Windows but now I say Mac .

What is your favorite place in the world?

A desert island !!!

Blog It Forward to…

I would like to Blog it forward to some great technicians: Tzanko Stefanov , Andreas Profitlich , DJ Adams . I would like to ask them:

  • If your life were a movie, what would it be?
  • What would you say to a young and inexperienced colleague to encourage him not to give in front a problem?
  • What’s on your desk?

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  • Hi Patty, you don't come across as 'always tired' anymore!  You seem to have a great deal of energy and enthusiasm!

    I'll take liberties, and answer one of your questions: What's on my desk?  Coffee, headphones, paper, ibuprofen, a spoon, and an envelope from last Christmas from Kelly Weaver.  She knows why 🙂

    Assorted other debris as well.


  • Great blog Patty! 😆

    Assembler? Really? The only far I get with FASM was a "Hello World" and I still not sure that I fully understand it LOL

    I began with VB 6.0 and C++...and didn't stop since then...keep going and keep rocking...if you're not an SAP Mentor should be for sure 😉



    • Thanks Blag! 🙂

      Yes, Assembler! We compiled our hard and long programs and I remember that then we printed these with an old and noisy printer with continuous form paper!

      Thank you for your nice words, I appreciated. 🙂



  • Hi Patrizia,

    Nice to learn a little more about you!  I like your style ... Choosing the more challenging options ultimately makes you a better developer (the old sayings 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', or 'no pain, no gain' come to mind).  I wish more developers in the SAP ecosystem were willing to try new things. 

    Wow, Assembler ... you have my respect!



    • Hi John,

      I'm not afraid to learn new things: I like to experiment and I love the challenges 🙂

      Thank you for your words 🙂



  • Hi Patrizia,

    Good Day!

    One of my favorite movie is "Gladiator". How can we forget his acting and movie! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

    Have a nice day! 😘


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Patrizia

    It seems like you are a great fighter & awaits for more challenges. Thanks for letting us know who you are . I'll definetly take the privilege to endorse your BIF 😏 for motivating the new peers in SCN. Hope you dont mind for that. It shows your desire & courage to explore the computer with screw driver @ 14 yrs age. I loved it 😘 what I loved in you the most is .

    My favorite shop has no shoes or clothes, but a lot of technology.

    I experienced moments of difficulty where I had to put aside my shyness and pull out the grit.

    Hope one day you fulfill your desires by becoming a film maker. 😛



  • Ok, coming to this about two years late, but still fun to read and learn about you, Patty. I think I was a little bit like you as a child, though perhaps about 18 years earlier. 😉 I messed about with early DEC PDP-11s, Commodore PETs, and Apple IIs in high school, but I didn't get my very own personal computer until I was in university:  a Commodore Vic-20, the precursor to the C-64. Besides being self-taught in (NON-Visual) BASIC, the first programming language I actually took a class for was FORTRAN, followed by Pascal and then Assembler, and then some years later C (no ++ at the time).

    We should form a club for those who always choose the hard way (whether we actually mean to or not).

    So, are you still writing? Is Teddy your editor and first beta-reader? 🙂