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SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SP8 Release – Portal On Device is Stepping Up!

Dear Portal Experts,

We are pleased to update you that SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SP8 is available on Service Marketplace.

As you probably know, with the previous SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 Service Pack (SP7), we have released the first official set of capabilities enabling the consumption of the portal on mobile devices (a.k.a. “Portal On Device”). This new release (SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SP8) includes several significant new enhancements for the consumption of the SAP NetWeaver Portal on mobile devices. Among them are:

  • Out of the box, fully supported, tablet framework page (in addition to the smartphone framework page already shipped with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SP7).
  • Enhanced and streamlined branding and theme-ing capabilities for the mobile framework pages and mobile applications.
  • Customizable Toolbox area for the smartphone and tablet framework pages. Toolbox is an overlaying list of launchable items, such as Favorites or Contacts, which you open and close using a tab on the left side of the mobile framework page.
  • Out-of-the-box available configurations, such as: An Every User Mobile Role, enhanced logon pages for on-device usage, device group mechanism is active by default, and more.
  • Consumption of Web Page Composer content on mobile devices.
  • Wizard based NWDS plugin for consumption of SAP NetWeaver Gateway services.

Combined with the upcoming planned release of Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 Service Pack 3 (planned for Q4\2012) – we now have a truly compelling solution for our existing SAP Portal customers to easily “mobilize” your existing portal content.

Below you can find a short YouTube video demonstrating the consumption of the SAP NetWeaver Portal on a tablet device:

Disclaimer: please note that the applications shown above (RSS reader, Document explorer, Workflow) are demo applications used for demo purposes alone.

And here you can find a video demonstrating the new SAP NetWeaver Gateway NWDS Plugin:

I would recommend you all to review the detailed presentation. The full list of new portal capabilities released with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SP8 is available in the Service Pack release notes.

All these new capabilities will be demonstrated in the coming SAP TechEd conference. Looking forward to meeting you there!


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  • Hi Aviad,

    thank you very much for using the blogs section of SCN to headline this availability of On-Device.

    We'll use this as the trigger to bring our 7.3 Portals upto SP08.

    What about our 7.31 Portals, when will On-Device be available for our 7.31 Portals ?

    Is there a matrix anywhere showing what is available for which support stacks of 7,3 and 7.31 ?

    All the best and thanks again,

    Andy Silvey.

    • Hi Andy,

      These are great news. Looking forward to read your blog about your implementation of Portal On Device.

      In case you are upgrading to SAP NetWeaver 7.31, I recommend you to use NetWeaver 7.31 SP5 (not yet available on SMP).


      • Hi Aviad,

        thank you.

        The current Customer where I am, have, for reasons of the nature of their business, opted for an agile infrastructure giving the different business units the most flexibility for upgrades and support packs and removing dependency between logical backend components sharing the same front end Portals, consequently in the landscape we have including entry portal and side car portals for different backends a variety of versions from EP 7.01 SP7, EP 7.02 SP09, EP 7.3 SP05, EP 7.31 SP03, (and CE 7.2 SP04) both the 7.3 and 7.31 portals are in Project stage and have not yet gone live hence we have the possibility to give the business units using those portals the most forward looking flexibility by bringing their portals upto a support stack level which supports on device before their portals become operational. Hence my question again, which support stack for 7.31 will support on device ? SP05 when available or a higher one ?  And is there a matrix available showing for 7.3 and 7.31 which support stacks support which functionality and forward looking ?

        Thank you very much, all the best,


        • Hi Andy,

          In this case I recommend you to use SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.31 SP05. Please check the PAM for the exact dates.

          There is no such a matrix. In case you are joining TechEd this year, I would recommend you to join our roadmap session and hear more about the SAP Portal strategy and future looking topics.


  • Hi Aviad,

    Thanks for the update.  This is looking really nice.

    However many of the scenarios shown in the video relate to surfacing unstructured content which your portal might deal with (eg. web content).  But what about if you are using your portal purely for transactional processes (eg. ESS/MSS)?  I can see that the UWL appears to be in there, but I would be very interested to know to what degree that is supported, and what customizing might be required to get it to work.



    • Hi John,

      Portal On Device is an aggregation layer for mobile applications on the user's mobile device. The applications can be deployed on the local server or on a remote server.

      The applications integrated into the framework of Portal On Device are both transactional applications (consuming the data via an RFC, Gateway oData service, Web Service,...) or applications surfacing un-structured content - just as we know from the traditional portal.

      To summarize, it is up to the customer to decide which content is available via the mobile representation of the Portal - structured \ un-structured\ both.



      • If my customer has 30 web dynpro applications running in the portal alongside a couple of Visual Composer applications, will these all work within the Tablet Framework and Smartphone framework pages?

        • I would recommend you to select the most important applications out of these 30 applications and re-write the UI in a modern UI technology and in a form factor that fits the device on which it will be running > this approach will create the most attractive mobile solution for your end users.

          Regarding Visual Composer, expect to hear some news about this topic from my colleague Yariv Zur.


    • John - one additional comment, the UWL application that you can see in the video is a demo application. It is not delivered as part of the standard offering of Portal On Device, though you can relatively easy develop it.


      • Hi Aviad,

        another question 🙂 In one of the youtube videos one could see an mobile document browser. Is this also just a demo app, or is this coming in a future release, because I could not find a hint for that in the documentation.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Michael,

          The document browser you see in the demo was developed specifically for demo puposes. We currently do not plan to develop mobile / HTML5 based KM document browser.

          We are planning a mobile document browser based on SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText.



  • Hi Aviad,

    I am doing a Proof Of Concept at the moment for POD Portal On Device NW7.31 SP5, testing and proving capability on the IPAD of UWL and SRM Shopping Cart.

    Today we've been pleased to see the UWL running on the IPad.

    Scenario is, the User is on Wifi inside the Corporate Network, in one of the Organisation's offices.

    Can you please give some pointers for the possibilities available for setting up Single Sign On SSO from Safari on IPAD to the POD Portal assuming the User is within the corporate network on wifi. If you can provide some leads to the possibilities for SSO from IPad to POD Portal I'll fill in the gaps and test it out and blog it.

    My assumption is it's certificates generated on the Portal and loaded into the Safari browser and then configuring the logon module on the Portal.

    Thanks and all the best,


    • Hi Andy,

         we are intresting in POD and have displayed some portal applications on ipad and phone.

         But what my customers most need is UWL,but the POD does not support web dynpro for java,so we are very disappointed.

         My portal release is NW7.3 SP8, you say you use NW7.31 SP5 and can see UWL running on the ipad,could you please tell me how can you achieve this,I am poor in develop.

        Thank you very much,


      • Hi Lexian,


        At the current Customer where I am engaged among all of the SAP Portals we are in a project to make the current Enterprise Portal 7.02 into a sidecar Portal for one of the backends that has grown to needing a dedicated Portal and therefore replacing the Enterprise Portal 7.02 with a new Enterprise Portal on NW7.31 and since the 27th October POD has been included in SP05 for 7.31 then it has given us the opportunity to start doing Proof Of Concepts with POD.

        Our POD goals are modest at the moment we want to see what we can do with the UWL and SRM Shopping Cart on POD on IPad.

        To specifically answer your question, as I said, we have NW EP7.31 SP05, and we are simply following the documentation for POD (on 7.3) on, at this Url:

        As of close of business yesterday (we are doing this POC in between our main work) we'd got the UWL to open on an IPad as a Launcher Application, and I gotta say, it looks really cool, infact Portal on Device looks much cooler on Safari on the IPad than in Internet Explorer on a PC, and simply by following the doco. The User we tested with yesterday didn't have any Work Items, so the next logical step is to test with a User with Work Items and Fix On Fail and keep developing the POC until we have achieved our goals, and while documenting the whole thing  so that on the next version it can be done quicker, nicer, cheaper, faster.

        The driver behind this POD POC is that the Customer where I am currently engaged has a lot of Managers with IPads, and the biggest bug bear for these people is that walking from meeting to meeting they can do _some_ things like email on their IPads, but still in the year 2012 there are many Business Applications and Tasks which are not running on IPads and force these Managers to be anchored to their desk and their PC's so that they can do tasks like WorkFlow Approvals in the UWL on the SAP Portal. The goal for us is to push the boundaries and see what Business Tasks from SAP Portal which currently force these mobile Managers to be anchored to their desks
        can be moved onto the IPad so that these mobile Managers can complete these Business Tasks on the move around the offices between meetings.

        Feel free to ask any questions on the specifics of how we are doing things and the problems we are solving.

        My goal at the end of this POD POC is to Blog the results and lessons learned.

        One tip, do not follow word for word step by step the pdf document, 'Introduction to Portal On Device', from February 2012, because that document is now out of date and not all of the preparation steps are necessary - I got that t'shirt 😉

        I must re-iterate, POD on an IPad makes Portal in Internet Explorer looks like something from the 1920's, if Portal in Internet Explorer looked like it does as POD on an IPad it would be a revolution !

        All the best,

        Andy Silvey.

        p.s. all doco I find on POD I am adding to the SDN Wiki I maintain at this url:

        • well, a colleague of mine and I are doing this work, he's doing all the SmartPhone stuff and I am doing the Tablet side.

          We now have UWL on Tablet - IPad and on SmartPhone IPhone.

          We've tried Nakisa but on Apple it needs flash, so no Nakisa on the Smart Devices for now.

          Next we'll add the SRM-MDM Shopping Cart to Tablet and SmartPhone.

          Already the feedback is it looks really good until we get to the underlying application eg, UWL, and then it is back to WebDynPro and doesn't at all look Tablety or SmartPhoney, so the next task will be to do some hacking with HTML5 and get the UWL looking better.

          To save us from re-inventing the wheel has anybody done anything already on making the UWL look like a Tablet or SmartPhone app instead of WebDynPro and do you have any pointers.

          And a question for Aviad and the Team, what are the plans for the next generation of Portal Applications, when will the most common most valuable Portal Applications be available as PC/Web Browser Friendly and SmartDevice Friendly ? As I am sure you know, now we have POD the Users want the whole experience 🙂 Great job though, this is a revolution for SAP Portal, this in my opinion is the biggest technology and availability jump for SAP Portal since it went from INQMY and two ldaps and IIS to the SAP J2EE Engine - nice work.

          Thanks and all the best,


        • Hi Andy:

               Thanks for your replay.

               Could you please tell me if you relaize UWL on Ipad through development.


               Best Wishes,