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Channeling “Mad Men” — Write Your Own Ad Headline for SAP HANA

Write Your Own, and Vote for Your Favorite SAP HANA Ad Headline

Have you seen Mad Men, the hit TV show that features advertising executives from Madison Avenue in the 1960’s?  Now is your chance to take on a new role as an advertising executive!  You choose whether to personify Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Pete Campbell, Joan Harris, Roger Sterling, or anyone else. 


Photo credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Facts versus FUD

As you know from the massive communications effort around SAP HANA this week, SAP and its ecosystem of customers, partners, employees, bloggers, community members, analysts, and others are reacting aggressively to counter mis-information and factual errors that were spread by Larry Ellison at Oracle Open World (OOW) several days ago. 

Today, this ad appeared prominently in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to bring attention to the FACTS (rather than the FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt – that others are spreading) about SAP HANA. 

HANA ad Oct4.gif

Our fresh new ad even made the rounds at Moscone Center in San Francisco where OOW is taking place! 

HANA ad Oct4 at OOW.jpg

This same “Fact-Checkers” ad will appear in both the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News tomorrow, Friday October 5th.

A previous SAP HANA ad focused on the cutting-edge nature of SAP HANA as a 21st Century database, in stark contrast to old, 1970’s technology upon which much the market is currently running.  This one ran in the WSJ last week:

HANA ad Sept 21st century DB.gif


In creating the latest ad, our experts came up with three headline options (actually, there is a rumored fourth headline, but it supposedly contains material suitable only for mature audiences).  The three include:


That last one refers to this as “the one chart” they forgot to share:

HANA ad snippet Oct4.gif

Obviously, of the three options, we chose this headline:

HANA ad Oct4 headline.gif

Your Turn!

We want your input.  Did we choose the right headline?  Please vote here for your favorite headline. (Note: you must be logged-in to SCN to vote or comment.)

Also: write your own: Feel free to access your creativity as “Mad Men ad director for a day” and offer your headline in the comments section below.

Watch for More SAP HANA Buzz

Watch for other SAP HANA ads to appear in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Der Spiegel, and elsewhere.

And, watch for them to include happy SAP HANA customers!

Before You Go…

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    • Here is another one that just occurred to me:

      “As see on 300, Oracles don’t always give the most trustworthy information.

      – OH MY GOD! My reports have already ran???? All of them??? This is Madness!!

      – Madness?? THIS… IS… SAP HANA!!!!

      When checking out your next generation Data Warehouse, do as Leonidas and bring the 100.000 down to 300. With SAP HANA.”

  • HANA-luia

    They say there was a secret score

    That HANA found, and it pleased the Board

    But you don’t really care for profits, do you?

    Products, dollars, euros, ships

    Quality, metrics, retail blips

    The CEO and staff sing HANA-luia.





  • Take your pick or make it a series of headlines:

    Larry Ellison makes worst call since replacement refs!


    Larry Ellison dismisses SAP’s Hana.  Also states that replacement refs did a great job.


    Oracle Fact-Checkers to Replacement Refs:  We’ll blow the calls from here!

  • Unfortunately, I haven’t been working out much lately, so I think I mostly resemble Bert Cooper. That aside, I think it would be valuable to create a Children’s Crusade of sorts to right the wrongs of Oracle-dom, which could possibly be incited with something like this:

    “Ellison’s Math So Bad That Math Teachers Across The World Call For More Homework To Combat The Ills of Stupidity”

    Let loose the dogs of war…

  • HANA is a wonderful product. I would recommend to spend the time, money and listeners’ attention span on explaining what it can do rather than focusing on Oracle that has been caught on the wrong foot by HANA. People know how Oracle communicates and people don’t like them for that and other business practices. Set the facts straight, but beyond that, ignore them.

  • Beatles fans will know that the weekend was the 50th Anniversary of the release of “Love Me Do”. Personally, I think it’s rubbish, but so what ? Well, it reminded me of another Beatles song that may be useful in the HANA v Exadata spat..

    “You say you want a revolution.”

    Lennon / McCartney

    Of course what it really needs is the rumored video from Hasso’s “moon” shot. Of course that says more about me than HANA 🙂

  • “Does your business run on made up numbers (like Oracle)? We can help.”

    “Analytics is about getting one version of the truth. Oracle missed the memo.”

    “Would it help your business if executives got their facts straight? Here’s how not to do it”

    “We know Oracle would like to bury some awkward facts. But our technology is designed to do exactly the opposite”

    • I like the color metaphors… red = Oracle’s brand color and indicates lost money (“in the red”), while “in the black” = making a profit.  Nice.  Now we just need AC/DC music rights!

      • Right, exactly what I was going for. Also, the rockin’ vibes of AC/DC builds on the music used in the current Run Better TV campaign…so I think this concept translates well for TV. As for music rights, I think Chip Rodgers said he has leftover TechEd budget? 😛