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Oppa Gangnam Style Social Media Content Creation At #SAPTechEd Las Vegas

As I get my Gangnam Style moves down for some late-night lounge club dancing at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I cannot help to have some social media content creation ideas arise.

Hmmm. How do I connect content creation , evangelizing, sharing and crowdsourcing for SAP TechEd Las Vegas with this now-famous horse dance?!? Yes, everything I think about IS about social media marketing analogies. And, how can I show you how to create some awesome social media content while at the event?

This blog post shows you how to create great on-the-floor content that gets consumed and shared across all audiences … like the Gangnam Style video!  Psy, the artist behind the sensation was able to create content that was able to connect with multiple audiences and so can you!

Let’s see how Gangnam Style can inspire your content creation. I have applied the inspiration to five content-creation strategies while attending  SAP TechEd Las Vegas:

1. Take Interesting Video. SAP TechEd Las Vegas is a treasure trove of potential video! Embrace the opportunites!

  • Interview. Hold an interesting interview with someone (make sure to get the proper form to allow posting though.) Be creative with your approach to help the sharing on blogs, YouTube and Facebook! A few interesting ways into your interview could be “What have you seen at SAP TechEd Las Vegas that you plan to use in 2013?” “What is the most interesting thing you have learned at TechEd?”  
  • Demos. Capture a demo or a snippet of a presentation for social media sharing. Your content may be the first time that this demo has taken place, or it is connected to a trending topic. Whatever the tie-in, pass on the demo to the world!
  • Sessions. Don’t take an entire video of a keynote (or any other presentation) … just take some exciting shots of one can pass it on!  Tease the world with what they are missing. And while you are at it, make sure you have an interesting title to your video post.

2. Take Interesting Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, so get your Gangnam on and pass it on to the social media world!

  • Signage. Take a creative shot of the SAP TechEd Las Vegas signage and email it to one of our SAP channel managers Kevin Cassidy, Brianna Diemer or Chrissy Bryant! We’d love to see it and post it on our Facebook pages!
  • Floor Pictures. Take a picture of the most interesting thing on the show room floor and pass it on to our SAP social media channel managers! We’d love to post it to show all the non-attendees what there are missing! We might even bestow some special acknowledgment for your creativity
  • SAP Mentors. Capture The SAP Mentors in action! I was incredibly impressed last year by the energy that the SAP Mentors bring to TechEd. I think the world should see what they are missing by not attending!

3. Capture Quotes

  • Sound Bites. Everyone loves a sound bite! It’s one of the best takeaways of any session. Write them down and hashtag they key words of your sessions. No need to tweet your quotes in real-time … hang on to them and schedule them for between 6-8PM, the time when most retweets happen!

4. Tweet! Put on your reporter shoes and tell the people back home what they are missing in Las Vegas! But, if you are going do it Gangnam Style … make sure has some legs for retweeting, since the socialsphere is really only interested in relevant ‘stuff’.  What should you tweet about? Here are three ideas:

  • Inquire! Ask a session presenter, an SAP Mentor or an SAP social media ambassador a follow-up question and look for an answer directed specifically at you! Check this past SCN blog post for Twitter Handles –> How To Leverage Social Media Ambassadors & Experts At SAP TechEd Las Vegas
  • Be Ready. If you are going to tweet like PSY make sure you have your key hashtags and key words identified. In addition to every tweet containing #SAPTechEd make sure to include 1-2 others that have nothing to do with SAP and everything to do with the outside world (e.g., #Analaytics #Mobility)
  • Share! Be a part of someone else’s Gangnam moment and share their content … along with your message!

5. Blog! We are not all bloggers, yet we can all give it a shot! If you feel passionate about a point, then sit down and write 200 words about it on SCN. Follow this guidance to get the Gangnam word out!

  • SCN. Get signed up today and have your profile in order so you can actually contribute with a blog!
  • Make It Visual. The blog posts that are shared the most (and found the most) have a great mix of pictures, videos and quotes. Include all the aforementioned content you collected to get your blog on everyone’s hit parade! Leverage your collection with a smart blog post on SCN!
  • Make It Memorable! Hey, who expected a blog post that tied Gangnam Style in with SAP TechEd Las Vegas! Make your point about one takeaway and have some fun with it! If I can do it, so can you! To be sure people find your post, take advantage of using key words and placing the proper tags in the copy!

So, lets’ take a hint from Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style craze and think about how we can individually spread the word of SAP TechEd Las Vegas so others who cannot attend can reap the benefit of relevant, humanizing and authentic content! Before, we all leave Las Vegas, as Cheryl Crowe says that we all should do, let’s do our own Gangnam Style dance an upload it somewhere (make sure you tag it though, opinions are mine alone and are not connected with SAP … in case you don’t have your moves down!)

PS. Wouldn’t it be great to see an SAP Mentor Gangnam Style / flash mob?


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      And maybe folks want to get a little screen time by submitting their '30 Seconds of Recognition' (AKA SCNotty) video?

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