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“Site Management” Solution Template

Update for Release 1302 – July 2013

In this blog, I want to share the information on my solution template “Site Management”. The Site Management demo app is used through all chapters and how-to guides in my book on ByDesign Studio application development (Thomas Schneider: “SAP Business ByDesign Studio — Application Development”

You can download the solution template (from the Business Center, see details below) and import it into a customer-specific solution. As of July 2013, the template is for ByDesign version 1302. In the template you will find the entities described in chapters 1 to 5 of my book.

What is a solution template?

A solution template is a customer-independent solution that can be imported into customer-specific solutions. You can create all items that you want to reuse in a solution, for example, business objects, UIs, web services (exception: key user content, such as mash-ups). The solution template itself cannot be used in a production tenant, but only the customer-specific solutions derived from it.

How to use the solution template?


  • Access to a ByDesign FP4.0 tenant that is enabled for customer-specific development
  • Partner development authorization (Partner Development work center)
  • ByDesign Studio 4.0 installed

To import the solution template into your solution:

  1. Go to the SME Business Center, Wiki, SAP Business ByDesign Studio, Best Practice for Implementation ( ),
  2. Go to the the section “How-To Guides with Solution Templates” and download the zip file with title “Site Management”  to your computer.
  3. Open SAP Solutions OnDemand studio 1302, logon to a ByDesign 1302 tenant, create a solution with Type = Customer-Specific Solution and Deployment Unit = Customer Relationship Management.
  4. In the studio, open the Implementation Manager (View -> Other Windows -> Implementation Manager).
  5. Click “Import Solution Template” and select the file that you downloaded to your computer. The system imports the template into your solution.
  6. In the Solution Explorer, select the solution and select Activate from the context menu. The system generates the runtime artifacts.
  7. Open the Business Users view in the Application and User Management work center, select your user and assign the Site Management work center to your user (under Edit Access Rights).

See also the documentation on solution templates. (To download the documentation, select, SAP Solutions OnDemand Studio, Complete help: Print version. In the documentation, see section “Solution Templates Quick Guide for Customer-Specific Solutions”)

During importing the solution template into your solution, the artifacts are copied into your solution (this means technically, all namespaces are changed in the artifacts). After the import, you can change and adopt the artifacts.

What are the details of the solution?

The details of the solution and the solution blueprint is described in my book. The following entities are contained in the template:

  • Work center Site Management, with Site Reservation view, Sites view, Site Categories view: If you start testing, create site categories first, then sites, and finally site reservations (Reservations use sites, sites use site categories).
  • The central UI of the application is the Site Reservation QA, which you can open with the “New” or “Edit” button in the Site Reservation view (see Figure 1). I have implemented the following features:
    • Account: Value Help, input validation, ID/description mapping and navigation to the Account UI
    • Availability check for sites: “GetAvailableSites” and “Pick” function.
    • Arrival/Departure date: Prefill and input validation
    • Sales Order creation: create sales order (through button “Calculate Price” or “Release”)
    • Automatic number (ID) selection.

The solution contains the following business objects:

  • Number
  • SiteCategory
  • Site
  • SiteReservation


Figure 1: Site Reservation Quick Activity UI

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  • Hello Thomas,

    The example looks interesting. But when trying to open the template, ByDesign Studio shows an error that the solution was only meant for Customer XXXXX (I can't remember what the number was).

    Any suggestions on how we might be able to open this template?



    P.S. I even tried doing the "Switch Customer" method in step 3 of your steps above, using the customer number shown in the error message. It still didn't work.

    • Hi Greg,

      in which of the steps mentioned in my article did the error occur? I assume in step 5. Are you sure that you used the "Import Solution Template" button and not the "Upload" button? If the error persists, can you please create an incident?

      Best regards,



      • Thomas,

        Your comment is exactly correct. I had used "Upload" instead of "Import Solution Template". Thanks for the hint and help!



  • Hello Thomas,

    I think the "Prerequisites" section might need to be updated. In an FP4.0 PDI-enabled tenant (not a development tenant), I imported the solution template and attempted to activate the solution. However, the solution couldn't be activated because of the following types of errors:


    "Method or action 'Release' is not permitted."

    The only way I can think of resolving these errors to test this template is to make an official request to have the SalesOrder object to be opened up for write access. Has no one else tried loading up this template before? I can't believe I'm the first.


    • Hi Greg,

      yes, you are right. By default, write access to SAP business objects is disabled. If you want to get this removed, open an incident from your test tenant and SAP will remove the restriction. Unfortunately this is necessary for security and legal reasons.Please check the following business center document for details:

      I should have mentioned that in the prerequisites!

      Best regards,



      • Hello Thomas,

        thank you for the Site Management Tutorial. It is extremely helpful. But how can I upload generally a customer-specific solution into my or the Customers Test Tenant? I´ve read the documentation SAP offers. Unfortunately, I am not able to log into the Test Tenant via the ByD Studio FP4.0. It always says: "Tenant used productive". Do I need a special Test Tenant for that? At the moment, I am developing on the development tenant of our partner company.

        Another problem with Customer specific solutions, is that I cannot use the Service Integration for XML File Input or Webservices. It says to me that "Entity pid not supported in Reseller Mode". Therefore I use the Solution Type: Addon. Hopefully, the upcoming hotfix collection (no more differentiation between the two modes) can handle it, but I am not sure.

        Best Regards

        Rufat Gadirov

        • Hi Rufat,

          can you please have a look at my article Customer-Specific Solutions and Template Solutions? If you still have questions, can you please re-post your question there?

          Second: XML file input and web services: Probably the same reason as for Gregs request: these functions are not available if write access is restricted for your tenant. Please see my response to Gregs question above.

          Best regards,



    • Hi Pratyush,

      You can't access the wiki page because you don't have access rights for the Business Center. If you are an SAP Business ByDesign partner, you should have these access rights. Therefore please create an incident.

      Best regards,


      SAP Cloud Knowledge Management

      • Hi Ulrike,

        I make registration using my official email ID, still I get an error “Page Not found”. And Yes we are a SAP Business ByDesign partner.

        Please guide me to access the wiki page , to download Solution templat

        Thank you.

        Best Regards

        Pratyush SINHA

        • Hi Pratyush,

          There may be an issue with your Business Center user. Please open an incident as follows:

          1. Go to and click "Help".

          2. On the Contact SAP Cloud Support screen,click the link "open an incident" and enter the required details, including the link above you are trying to access.

          Best regards,


          • Hi Marianne

            I cannot create a incident also.

            I get this message on the screen

            "You currently don't have the permission to use this functionality.

            If you have just registered for the Business Center, you will get access within a few hours."

            Please guide to get the access or the way to get the solution template.


            Best Regards

  • Hello Thomas,

    When tying to import this template I get an error “Tenant is configured for on-demand solution SAP ByDesign. Solution/template Y... built for on-demand solution SAP Business ByDesign cannot be processed.”

    Can you tell please what may I do wrong?

    Best regards


    • Hi Irina,

      can you please open an incident and ask the support to check. From what I know, there is a compatibility white list check at import, and mybe the check is not correct.

      As a workaround, you can open the zip file itself. It is not encrypted. You can see the BODL / ABSL code in clear text and you could copy it manually into a trial solution. This works fine for BODL/ABSL, but unfortunately not for UIs.

      Regards, Thomas


      • Hi Thomas,

        I'm reading your book. It's very helpful. Thank you!

        But I can't open this template in the ByD tenant version 1402. I opened an incident and they told me that it works only up to 1308 version. Anyway, thank you for the tip.

        Best regards, Irina