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Collection of SAP HANA assets for easy reference

With All the Facts and Information Readily Available, Why Is It So Tough for Some to Speak Truth About SAP HANA?

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the great content produced around SAP HANA, and therefore some people get really confused about the facts! 

Here’s a nice collection of great blogs, videos, articles, and other content that will help you understand the essence and the truth about SAP HANA.

Brand New Stuff!

K   Key assets to De-Mystify SAP HANA

Forbes Blogs

Experience SAP HANA blogs

     Directly related to Oracle

     Other Interesting SAP HANA Blogs

Video Highlights & Customer Testimonials:

Other Great SAP HANA Stuff:

Is There More? 

Do you have a favorite SAP HANA asset we missed?  Share it here!

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