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With All the Facts and Information Readily Available, Why Is It So Tough for Some to Speak Truth About SAP HANA?

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the great content produced around SAP HANA, and therefore some people get really confused about the facts! 

Here’s a nice collection of great blogs, videos, articles, and other content that will help you understand the essence and the truth about SAP HANA.

Brand New Stuff!

K   Key assets to De-Mystify SAP HANA

Forbes Blogs

Experience SAP HANA blogs

     Directly related to Oracle

     Other Interesting SAP HANA Blogs

Video Highlights & Customer Testimonials:

Other Great SAP HANA Stuff:

Is There More? 

Do you have a favorite SAP HANA asset we missed?  Share it here!

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  1. Jarret Pazahanick

    Great job with this Mark and I would challenge the Cloud/SuccessFactors team to come up with a similar document as hopefully it wont take a few comments by Larry or Workday to spur them on.

    1. Andy Silvey

      Hi Jarret,

      spot on, very good point, the whole community needs the Cloud and SuccessFactors Teams to produce a similar blog to this.

      All the best,


  2. Former Member Post author

    Hot off the presses! Many new content items and assets from TODAY:

    –          Technical blog “Exadata vs. Exalytics”

    –          Blog around the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program

    –          First Experience with ABAP for HANA – Evolution or Revolution?

    –          Video with Puneet Suppal around HANA; He’s live at Oracle Open World

    –          New HANA blog by SAP customer, SAP Mentor, ASUG leader Tammy Powlas:

    –          Top 5 SAP HANA Videos on YouTube

    –          SAP and Oracle Spar Yet Again: Why It’s Different This Time (ASUG)

  3. Former Member Post author

    More new assets as of today — Thursday Oct. 4th at 3pm Pacific time:

    10/4 Brand New Assets

    –          Blog crushing Oracle’s multitenancy claim

    –          Larry Ellison Quote on in-memory in 2010

    –          Video around the 100TB HANA scale-out implementation w/ IBM and Intel

    –          Blog about today’s HANA ad (write your own headline)






    1. Nishan Dev S

      Hello Mark,

      Headlines “Collection of SAP HANA assets for easy reference” is kind of confusing people if this is related to Asset Accounting, for Financial and Controlling folks, which is not the case. So title is kind of speaking to wrong direction.


      Nishan Dev

      1. Former Member Post author

        Thanks Nishan. Yes, the reference is to “content assets,” not “financial assets.” 

        Could be confusing for those steeped in accounting and finance. 

  4. Former Member

    Why is it so tough for some to speak truth about SAP Hana?

    Because only a few people still can foresee the impact HANA will have?

    Because HANA is a huge threat to a lot of people? (imho not so much to Oracle because they can do it too)

    Because SAP is using HANA as a weapon against Oracle in a war that will cost more than  it yields?

    Because SAP was and is over-hyping a lot of useless junk in the past? (definitely not HANA)

    Because a lot of SAP management and sales people have never spoken the truth so far? 😈

    Seriously i am a big fan of HANA, it is good to see SAP still can change the world. Keep it up, but as you said everybody should stick to the facts and dedicate to a business rather than seek to destroy opponents.

    Cheers Michael

    PS: i almost deleted this post, because a lot of people will probably get me wrong or will feel insulted but that was not really my intent 😕

    1. Nishan Dev S

      Hello Micheal,

      When you said huge threat ? like what ?, can you come up with scenario which is  “out of box “, in which area you are seeing that this tool has fall back ?

      Advantages :-

      1. It send your transaction data directly to HANA DB and from there it move to Disk DB.
      2. It has reliable Persistence layer which you take care of your data in case of unwanted failure

      3. If any slot failure, next slot take the job, or if many processor failure next board take the job, all this are seemlessly happening in the Hardware box

      4. Architecture  is  made up of Index Server, Name Server, Statistics Server, Preprocessor Server, XS Engine fetch data via HTTP.

      Can you please show us some out of box thinking, in which area you are seeing the threat ?

      Initially I was also thinking what is different in HANA ? but the more you educate yourself about HANA, the more you know. as always SAP product is  an OCEAN of Knowledge and similar is HANA.

      Best Luck,

      Nishan Dev

      1. Former Member

        Threat explained:

        HANA will challenge

        – traditional databases and their vendors (Oracle RDBMS, SQL Server, DB2), it already killed MaxDB

        – third party vendors attached to these databases and all DBA’s used to work with them

        – a lot of niche vendors of datawarehousing applications

        So HANA is not threatening data or leading to loss of data more than other databases. The point was that a lot of people don’t want HANA to succeed and thus not tell the truth about it.

        We won’t always have HANA as an additional database, at least SAP is going very strong to also replace the original database with HANA. And not only for BW systems but for all other applications like ERP and such.

        Cheers Michael

        1. Nishan Dev S

          Challenging competitor is the rule of business from tranditioal day, what new about that ?

          No Software can over rule other, if they can maintain the consistency, development, and quality in service, if Oracle can provide what their customer want to stay in fast pace business, well and good, if not let other do the job.

          SAP acquire Sybase which was leader in Database once, and that a eco-strategy of replaceing original database for all the application to HANA.

          Why you need two guys, if one guy can do the same job.

          Best Luck,

          Nishan Dev


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