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5 Key Tools You Need On Your Social Media ‘Utility Belt’ At #SAPTechEd Las Vegas

Zap! Pow! Wham! are three of the first words that I learned when growing up. My dad used to read them to me while we were watching Batman! Before the age of social media, as we know it today. What I loved about Batman was his utility belt and all the cool things strapped to it to help him conquer the Penguin, Mr. Freeze and The Riddler, among other bad guys. I was constantly trying to make my own utility belt to help me with my own conquering.

Flash ahead some years now and I still trying to create the best mix of tools for that utility belt. However, this tool kit of sorts contains social media tools. The kind that can make your SAP TechEd Las Vegas trip be more fulfilling and ‘run smoother’!


I’ve outlined my favorite inclusions for my social media utility belt and ideas on how to use them:

1. Instagram. What a great way to capture the vivid ‘visualness’ of Las Vegas than with Instragram. You can expect great pictures, great sharing and great storytelling with this app! Here are three ways you can tell and filter your SAP TechEd Las Vegas story:

  • Visually document you trip in Las Vegas, so what goes on in Vegas does not stay in Vegas!
  • Become a part of the trend by contributing to the social story of SAP TechEd Las Vegas
  • Encourage interaction among your tribe by ranking each other’s best photo at SAP TechEd Las Vegas and sharing it on Facebook!

2. Hootsuite. This command center for social media is a must-have for your trip to SAPTechEd Last Vegas. If not Hootsuite, then TweetDeck or other similar tool. Take advantage of an always-on platform to share, listen and engage! Consider these three uses of Hootsuite to make your trip more enriching!

  • Create lists of the key SAP TechEd Las Vegas resources to follow their real-time insight
  • Keep on top of your direct messages and @mentions to keep the conversation going during the day!
  • Stay on top of the #SAPTEchEd news by creating a stream and seeing housekeeping, session and event news in real-time!

3. QR Code Reader. There is always value add in having a QR code reader installed and on the front page of your smart phone. I still feel like a kid with a box of Cracker Jacks thinking of what cool thing will be on the other side of that code. If you do not have a reader installed, do so before you go to Las Vegas! You may uncover:

  • Value-add videos you can immediately view on your device!
  • Have the ability to take surveys and provide input
  • Receive valuable information to make your event attendance more fulfilling!

4. Foursquare. I love gamifcation! More than anything though, I love being the Mayor of my favorite “joints”. If you have not forayed into Foursquare, download this app to check-in and enjoy the benefits of being in Las Vegas … inside and outside the show.

  • Save some bucks and enjoy some specials on The Strip by checking in and earning badges
  • Check in at the official SAPTechEd Las Vegas site and leave a tip or comment about the event or a session
  • Have a contest with your friends to see who can attend the most sessions

5. Evernote. This manual-, video- and picture-based note taking app is the best thing since the World Wide Web … and that’s both versions … 1 and 2!

  • Take a picture of a session and upload it to your blog post
  • Capture video of a demo and add your notes to so you can use it when you return home
  • Set up a shared notebook with a team member to share your learnings or collaborate on a project

You know, as the years have passed, the space on my utility belt seems to have increased, which means there is always room for one more tool, so there is no need to limit this list to five!  Consider adding to this tool list or please comment below on how you have used them successfully in the past! We would all love to hear!

I will see you at in Nevada look forward to a putting some Zap! Pow! And Wham! Into SAP TechEd Las Vegas with social media this year.


Director, NA Social Media Marketing

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Great suggestions Gerry!

      BTW, everyone attending TechEd should know that we will have social screens all around TechEd that will be showing the full social stream (with photos!) of TechEd conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Youtube, and even from the SCN TechEd space.  Just tag your post with the hashtag #SAPTechEd or even just "SAPTechEd" and it will show up!

      So, make sure you're equipped with the right tools and you'll be able to join in the conversation and post photos and have them show up on the TechEd screens on the showfloor, hands-on session rooms, and more!


      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt

      Hi Gerry and all SAP Teched participants,

      Wanted to point to an additonal number of networking tools and contents that should be in your arsenal (belt):

      1. All attendees should have received an email invitation to "Find Out Who is Coming to TechEd" - by using the personalized link that you receive as a participant.  By creating your profile you can connect with others virtually and make plans to meet-up at the event.  There is a new capability to recognize attendees from your social networks of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
      2. Gali Kling Schneider wrote a wonderful guide to networking at SAP TechEd:
      3. I personally subscribe to and follow the blogs and conversations found in the Events and SAPTeched topic areas .  Things tagged with SAPTeched will find their way to those pages.
      Author's profile photo Stephen Millard
      Stephen Millard

      Great suggestions.  I can't function these days without access to Evernote and HootSuite is my social media dashboard of choice - particularly as I'm someone who makes use of multiple Twitter accounts as well as many lists.

      One thing that stood out to me from your list is that they're all available as smartphone apps so I guess that makes your smartphone is your 21st century utility belt?

      In the majority of cases I think that the ability to take a snap shot of someone or something on the go using your phone at conferences is deceptively simple and powerful.

      I'd also recommend your e-mail app and LinkedIn to aid your networking.  I much prefer just quickly connecting on LinkedIn or just sending a mail (with my contact details in the signature) than dealing with typing in (or even trying to auto load from a picture) from a business card.