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Setting up Screen Variant Beginners

            Setting up Screen Variant Beginners


  • O7E4                                                                       Parked documents
  • O7E5                                                                       Invoice/Memos
  • O7E6                                                                       G/L documents

Sample steps to create:  Parked document screen variant

Go to O7E4 transaction code à click on create à create a new variant. Below screen pops up and then press enter.

Note: don’t try change any standard variants, either copy or create new one.

In the order of the requirement for variant select the fields as shown below

After adding all the fields you need in the order of priority needed as per the requirement

Save the screen variant. The transport request is created. If it is the first time you creating a transport request. You might have short description and project and save it

Select the screen variant and Click on activate from menu bar.

Once activated you would see

Note: only if you want to default this variant (remember this cross client).  Go to TCODE: FB00 click on park document under the screen template and line layout variant for document entry.  Select your screen variant and save. What it does is this defaults your variant for all parked documents. As the change is across client.

Now go to you transaction f-65 for parked document’s menu – click on GoToà fast entry. As this variant is not defaulted

Now go to menu settingsà screen template. Select the variant you created

The layout you see is completely managed by offset and length defined during the variant creation.

Note the following:

  • The maximum line width is 82 characters. If the last column of your screen variant starts at 69 and the field length for this column is 11, you can only insert a field with a maximum length of 2, so that the maximum line width is not exceeded (69 + 11 + 2 = 82). In this case the system will reject any field with a length greater than 2, and issue an error message.
  • If you change the standard offset, no overlaps may occur between the individual columns. Overlaps exist if, for example, you change the offset in column 2 from 5 to 7. The field in column 2 then does not have enough space.

Additional information:

Now if you screen looks funny you might want to follow the below steps 

  • Open the screen that  is in  need some layout changes
  • Go to system à status
  • Double click on screen number
  • You are on the screen painter section
  • Now make the screen editable by clicking the icon (pen)
  • If you have authorizations it will be editable
  • Click on layout on the top menu
  • Change the layout and save
  • You can see your changes reflecting on the screen 

Got to SE51, you can change it here.

Now you are adding fields and the filed length is over 82 charters. You might run into error

Not sufficient space: 85 + length 4 > maximum line width 82

See OSS Note: 24059

Well I guess that is ..!!


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