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Installing and Configuring R on Windows 7 using SAP Predictive Analysis 1.0.7

If you have downloaded and installed SAP Predictive Analysis 1.0.7, you can install and configure R using the solution.

Read the attached document on how you can do that.

It also contains troubleshooting tips in case you run into any issues.

Also, if you would like to download and install R 2.15.1 yourself on your system, please read through to do the same.

Happy analysis!!

P.S: Its an XML Word document which can open in Word.



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  • Hi Vishwanath Belur,

    I’ve followed these instructions using SAP PA 1.0.1 and R 2.11 on x64 – however, the folder structure on the R site has changed and x64 packages are no longer available from those links.

    Can you please let me know where I can find them to get the R-integration working with PA?

    Secondly, might be worth updating the document?

    Kind regards,


  • Gentlemen,

    R version 2.11 is way too outdated. How about support of the more recent ones? In fact, how about support of any R version? After all, SAP is making claims about “integration with R”, not “integration with a particular 2 years old version that is out of support and misses essential libraries”.

    • Hi Roman,

      New version of PA (1.0.7) is supporting R 2.15 along with 2.11. Infact, it also provides an option for customers to download and install R 2.15 in the product.

      Hope this helps.

        • Currently, we differentiate the In database analysis with In process analysis using the data source that is selected. Currently, we have no plans to allow mixing algos from two sources.

      • Wait a moment. Do I understand it right from the How-To file that only R 2.15.1 is now supported, not, say, 2.15.2 which is the main download option on CRAN?

        Or, should the answer be “alwsys let Predictive Analysis to install R”?

        • I don’t know if they did it intentionally, but I installed R 2.15.2 and is working “fine” with PA 1.0.7.

          What I can’t get to work is the integration with HANA algorithms after HANA SPS05 changes.

          And regarding the other question you had, I don’t think you can mix Hana and R algorithms in the same analysis in PA. Since it only shows the available algorithms regarding your data source. Hope this changes in the future.

          Do you know if you can throw R code to SAP PA?



          • Hi Kael, did you use the latest versions of the required libraries for PA? I am going to give it another try.

            And yes, I’ve been told somewhere here on SCN by the PA developers that the current release of PA can only work with HANA SPS03 or something like that. The next release of PA will hopefully with with the HANA SPS05

  • I am getting an error while installing Predictive Analysis, (PA install from SMP -> 51044831   SP07 for SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS 1.0 64B).

    After the screen where I allow SAP AG to make changes to my computer, I get an error stating that: “Installer has detected that a previous operation did not complete under another user. Program will exit”.

    I ran the install as admin and as myself. I installed R 2.15.1 (64) and Java 7 update 10 (64), prior to trying to install PA. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

      • I was able to complete PA install. It required deleting some
        registry keys for Visual Intelligence. Apparently uninstall process didn’t clean
        it properly. I am able to use PA but not with R. When I tried to configure R
        for PA I get an error referring to directory permissions. Unfortunately, I am
        not able to change those permissions. I worked with support and they were not
        able to do that either. They think that maybe I need the key for PA, I am using
        the version with 30 day access.  

          • I installed R outside of PA and R seems to be fine. The
            issue was that when I tried to use R in PA I got an error that R is not
            configured for PA. I tried to configure it but it didn’t like it so I decided
            to install R again through PA. I uninstalled R that I already had first and
            then I tried to re-install it through PA. At the end of the process I got a
            message that R was installed but packages where not configured because I don’t
            have proper authorization to folders. I looked through troubleshooting document
            and found the same error that I got with a note that I need to change the directory
            permission on C:\Users\Public\R-2.15.1\library. Admin account has all the privileges
            on that dir so I assume they mean “CREATOR OWNER” account.
            Unfortunately, for some reason I am not able to change that authorization. I
            will try to find more time tomorrow to look into this again.

          • but if you keep the R version fixed this solution will easily suffer incompatibility problems between the R version and the upgraded packages (you always get this alerter in R). A solution would be to include a link to the suitable version of the packages in the standard installation procedure.

          • We have fixed this in the next release of the product (to be available in this quarter) where the R packages would be retrieved using the R command. Hence, there will be no compatibility issues.


  • Hi Vishwanath Belur,

    I have installed Predictive Analysis 1.0.11 in my sytem.

    I already had R 3.0.0, however, for the tool purpose I have installed R 2.15.1 and tried to configure for that.

    But now it’s throwing the error message

    “Error: R.dll version doesn’t match, (DLL 2.15.1; expecting 3.0.0)”.

    I tried uninstalling R3.0.0 completely, but still the problem persists.

    Please let me know how to fix this?



    • Please follow the below process:

      The SAP PA 1.0.11 is installed [assuming it is correctly done]

      You do not have to install R 2.15.1 if you are installing 3.0; Un-install all R installation; make sure you go to the installation path and delete all trails of the folders installed.

      Now install R 3.0.2;

      In the File> Preference> please make sure you link the path to the R-libraries; the paths are different please make sure you move the R libs to the installation path.

      the new version of R installs packages by default in the users\R\library folder rather than in the C:\program files\R library where PA looks for it, so we’ve found the extra step of moving the installed packages is needed with recent installations.

      You might get other errors like rJAVA installation when the required R libraries are not installed in the expected location [you get this when executing the Algorithms]. Check and make sure that all 10 required packages are installed in the library directory of the path you installed R, All 10 packages have to be in c:\Program Files\R\R-3.0.1\library if this is the path mentioned in File> Preference>


      Once you have un-installed both the versions and have deleted the trail, please follow Vishwa’s  [mentioned above]

      If you encounter rjava error while executing the algorithm, please visit

      • Hi Arvind,

        I’ve installed the R 2.15.1 & downloaded all the packages separately (not from SAP UI).

        Also I have uninstalled all other version (including their respective folders too).

        After I do all configuration I can see all algorithms to be there, but while executing I’m getting the Error message related to the dll.

        I’m not able to see any option to provide R paths in the  “File> Preference”

        Did you mean “File>install & configure R”?? I did that correctly only.