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Enter the 2012 SCNotty Awards for SAP TechED Madrid 2012

The ideal award show to meet up with your favorite SCN Community Members is the SCNotty Award show. SAP TechED Madrid is coming up soon and that means a SCNotty award show will be hosted.

The idea is to create a 30 second video. In that video you can tell something about yourself or you can show an aspect of yourself or you can do something humorous or you can go all out and crazy, it doesn’t really matter as long as it means something for you and you want to share it with others.

To pursuade some more community members to enter the SCNotty Award Show, the most logical thing to do, is create my own SCNotty entry (I won’t be competing for the award(s) though since I will be co-hosting the show.

<EDIT>After Fred’s nice comment, I decided to create a new SCNotty video. Minutes after the comment I went out to create this SCNotty video, I captured the video myself using my iPhone and edited the pieces together using Splice (cost a few dollars in App store)

Once it was done, I send it to my e-mail and uploaded it to youtube.

Fred Verheul this is typically me, I pick something up and I do something with it, minutes after it reached me 😀

Hope you like this one better 😉


Once that’s done, insert the link of your video on the wiki page on SCN along with your details and voila “You are in the contest!”

If you want to get more inspiration, you can check out the SCNotty videos of the previous year(s) by searching SCN on “SCNotty awards or SCNotties SAP TechED”.

I shall not rest! Together we stand strong!

Evil plans are in the making 😈 – to be continued…

See you at the show!

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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for bringing the scnotties  for Madrid to our attention once more (can’t have too much of that 🙂 ). I will of course happily participate again, since the award show was by far the most funny part of sapteched Madrid 2011.

    Only thing is: I now know everything about a certain idea, but almost nothing about Tom (it was Tom right? 😉 ). Is it possible to elaborate a bit more on the Tom part? Would be awesome…

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hi Fred

      Thanks for the comment!

      You can start by reading all my past blog posts 😉 Lots of them contain things about me really 🙂 . I can make tons of SCNotty videos since I’m the co-host 😎

      The show will feature me as well in some weird way I guess 😀 lol hehe

      Best regards


    • Hi Tim,

      Please don’t (feel intimidated). For a badly edited (or to be totally honest: NOT edited) video see my 2011 entry. I was kinda intimidated too last year, but eventually I fired myself up and I can tell you: however crap the video (and mine is), it’s totally worth it.

      So please shoot and post your entry, because really anything goes, and it will make your sapteched2012 even better/more fun.


    • Hey Tim

      Nothing to worry about. It’s taking the step to create one that matters, a little step or for some a giant leap out of their comfort zone which is good!

      The atmosphere last year was great so I don’t expect it to be any different this year 🙂 it’s just plain fun.

      I’m convinced you can wip something up 😀 , looking forward to it (no pressure).

      Best regards


  • LOL!

    I have to admit: you picked up on the challenge brilliantly.

    The after-EDIT verdict: very nice video, especially the part where the IPhone seems stable 🙂 . Would be a good candidate to win a SCNotty, too bad it’s not allowed 😛 .

    Thanks Tom, this time I indeed learned something about you. Appreciated!

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hey Fred

      It was actually pretty hard to place my iPhone somewhere in the erm, dirt and make sure it was in the right position and then get it to remain in that position 🙂 . It tumbled down a few times and I had to go fetch it 😆 .

      The part where you see my wheel was also rather challenging since my rear brake needs an urgent fix and I had to go down using one hand on the brake 😉 . No animals were hurt though during the making of the video hehe 🙂 .

      I can still win if someone else is willing to host lol so if you want to be the host lemme know 😉 . I’ve done the co-host bit last year already, don’t mind doing it again but love to enable someone else to experience it as well “pay it forward”.

      Best regards


    • Hi Thorsten

      Deadline is 8th of November (end of week before SAP TechED starts).

      Unless you have something really special in petto and it has to be recorded on the way to or at SAP TechED, exceptions can be made but please let me / us (I don’t know yet who us is) know 🙂 .

      Best regards


  • Hi Tom,

    Great video you’ve made, love the entry by Roel van den Berge too!

    Unfortunately I’m not able to attend SAP TechEd Madrid since my wife is pregnant and we are expecting Carmen’s little sister mid November…

    Nevertheless, I really like the idea so I will do my best to a) meet the November 8th deadline and b) submit a PG-13 rated entry and join the contest by absence, just like a real rock star 😎

    • Hey Robin

      Yes, please do make a SCNotty entry 🙂 . You can win without being present (if it’s really good of course) 😉 .

      Congratz on the upcoming family expansion.

      Best regards