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Blog It Forward – Natascha Thomson

I am honored to be part of the blog it forward chain via Audrey Stevenson, Tom Cenens and Tridip Chakraborthy. Three people who embody the best of SCN and I am proud to call friends beyond SAP.



I am a yogi, social media marketing consultant, and happy wife. Some of you know me from my time at SAP, starting in 2007 until this summer. During this time I had the great pleasure to become a part of SCN – even though I am a marketing person. And I will never forget the great honor of being an SAP Mentor in 2011. Running with the wolf pack was an unforgettable experience.

I will very much miss not being at TechEd this year but already submitted my entry for the #SCNotties (with Dorothea SieberPLEASE WATCH THIS ON YOUTUBE if you don’t see the captions here:

I started my own business – MarketingXLerator – in 2011, reducing my hours at SAP to a 3-day-week. It was my luck to work for Rick Fleischman who made it all possible.  Working part-time in Silicon Valley and having an interesting job is difficult.  Now I have been a full-time small business owner for three months and it’s been an amazing learning curve and experience. I know for sure that I could never do it without the support of so many wonderful folks around me; and I mean providing me with mental strength, know how, as well as actual leads. My first client was SCN member and SAP partner Eric Vallo of EVTechnologies: thank you for the faith and getting me started on my journey.

While social media can be overwhelming, I think that it matches with my personality. I’ve been a connector all my life, loving to socialize and bring people together. Frankly, I think the social media hype will subside and social media will be similar to email marketing (which I found exciting in the 90s). Luckily, my current job has been a serious brush up on the 101 of all marketing areas, so I think I’ll be ready to move on to whatever is next.

Things that come to my mind at this moment as important are my husband Allan (who is originally from Scotland), my sister, my friends, my cats, travel, nature, skiing, the New York Times, human rights, movies, volunteering, and meditation; sleeping is underrated too.

A Fun Fact about Myself

Currently my main hobby is practicing and teaching yoga. Here a picture taken on a sabbatical I took with my husband this April in Hawaii (my favorite place on earth), on the Big Island:


A cool picture of Myself or My Homeland/Town

While I was born in Germany, I have lived in the USA for over 15 years and am a US citizen.

I’ve moved away from California a few times to live on the East Coast and in Scotland, but it seems the old Eagles song Hotel California true for us: “You can check out any time but you can never leave”.

Here a picture of a recent trip I took to Norway.  The place is called Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock and the most popular tourist attraction in Norway. It’s a 3-hour round-trip hike if you are going up with a group of goat-like Norwegians who don’t seem to slip or need rest.


Questions that were Blogged Forward to Me

  1. Tom Cenens:  What is your favorite place in the world?
  2. Tridip ChakraborthyWhy does the SAP Community Network matter to you?
  3. Audrey Stevenson: What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why? 

1. What is our Favorite Place in the World?

That is a tough question, as I love California very much and I feel quite fortunate to have been born in Germany. But my heart is probably in Hawaii.

If you have never been there, let me explain it like this: the temperature is perfect, the natural beauty is breathtaking, and the whole place has a spirit that connects you with nature and the circle of life.

I’ve been to most Hawaiian islands and Lanikai on Oahu took my breath away. Then again, I always like the island best that I am on. The Big Island is definitely the best place to completely unwind while Oahu is a place I could probably live. Here a picture of Lanikai beach:


2. Why does SCN Matter to Me?

It’s a good question, particularly as my current role does not require SAP expertise. So what do I get out of the community? I have always felt a little bit out of place on SCN as I don’t have deep technical expertise on SAP products. As a marketing director for SCN, I got my feet wet in the social media area. The job I had applied for and accepted was a partner marketing role, but the day I started it all changed and I was suddenly helping grow and improve BPX.

I have always felt that the SCN community is warm and inviting. People have been incredibly supportive when I got started and along the way, until today. I will never forget #NataschaToTechEd – an experience and fun I can’t even describe (Thanks especially John Appleby). Of course, there are always a few who have a bad temper or push their own agenda at the expense of others, but that is just life; and I think I have gotten much better at not taking it personally.

What amazes me is how many times people from SCN (ok, I admit, in particular mentors), have reached out to me to support their projects, provide them a reference, collaborate on a blog, or just check in on how I am doing. My first SCN member friend was Jon Reed – as a vendor who produced podcasts with me. He gave me a lot of good advice and I really enjoyed working with him.

From the SAP inside, I can say that working with Marilyn PrattAudrey Stevenson Keith Elliott, Oliver Kohl (my first Twitter mentor!), Matthias Steiner, Kieran O’Connor, Frauke Hassdenteufel, Aslan Noghre Kar,  and so many others (sorry I can’t list you all) was amazing. These people really care about the community and work their butts off to make things happen, put things right, and keep it interesting.

So why does SCN matter to me? It’s all about the people. And SCN has some amazing people.

3. What was the Most Fun Project you ever Participated in and Why? 

#SCNotties: Maybe because it’s closest in my memory but I truly enjoyed the SCNotties in Las Vegas last year.  It was great to go as an SAP Mentor and meet so many amazing folks, but just planning the event with Jim Spath, Greg Myers, Mark Finnern and the fabulous Sylvia Santelli was a treat.

After weeks of getting funny videos in every day, Mark Finnern pushed us to wear Elvis costumes at the #SCNotties Awards in Las Vegas. As our budget was small, Greg and Mark ended up in the full costume while Sylvia and I wore Elvis wigs (and no, I am not going to post THAT Video here).


A close tie is writing a book on social media with Michael Procopio from HP and Peter Spielvogel that is due out on Amazon in December: 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing.  It has been much harder and time-intensive than I could have ever imagined but so worthwhile. Jonathan Becher and Mark Yolton have already read the book and provided wonderful early praise! You can pre-order now :-).

Blogging it Forward to…

  1. The one and only Michelle Crapo. Not only is she an expert in her field, I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging some very long emails with her on all topics of life.
  2. Our beloved Aslan Noghre-Kar who is so caught up in his new role in the Start up area of SAP that when I asked him if I can blog it forward to him said: “Blog it what”? As the ex-Mentor handler, he needs no further introduction.
  3. Rachna Lal is somebody less famous in SCN, so I think this is a great chance for more people to get to know her. We met in a SV Social Media Aficionados Meetup Group that I host with nancy uy and it turned out that she worked for an SAP partner. She is early on in her career but already quite experienced in marketing and social media.
  4. Joseph Kelly just commented on my blog on LinkedIn that he is ready to BIF it, so I added him :-). Joseph is a top writer and content editor, we’ve worked together around #SMW12 events at SAP and now we are leading social media for @MarketingCampSV with a host of other great folksMarketingCamp is on November 3rd, 2012 at Nokia in CA. The first Marketing Unconference. Topic submission is open.

Please Blog Forward 2-3 of the following questions (or make up your own if you don’t like mine)

  1. Why are you a member of SCN?
  2. What 3 things would you tell a newbie to do to get started on SCN?
  3. What are your favorite social media channels? Or if you don’t use social media, why?
  4. What is a topic you feel strongly about and would like to address here?


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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Natascha

      Thanks for taking the time to write the #BIF blog! Great pictures and good read - actually the part on the SCN is about the people is something I can definitely relate to 🙂 - my article in the latest SAP Mentors Quarterly is about that 😀

      Funny scnotties video you got going there 😆 .

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for being my friend 😉

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Natascha,

      Great blog post (always enjoy reading your posts, even if marketing is not my thing) and very funny scnotties entry! This one will definitely earn you a prize 🙂 .

      Thanks for continuing to share these on scn even now that you're not working at SAP anymore.

      Cheers, Fred

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      really appreciate your kind comments.

      I thought, at the SCNotties, it matters the most to be a part of it. Even if you get the last place for your video, there is likely to be a price by Jim Spath :-).

      Best, and see you on Twitter, as usual,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      A big HELLO to Natascha,

      And to clone her words "A big virtual hug!".   You are an amazing person.   Thank you for sharing this blog with all of us.

      I'm sorry you won't be at Teched.   I'll miss you.    (as will a lot of others)

      Great blog - I loved the pictures (And the Scnottie goes without saying),

      See you in virtually,.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      very sweet of you to say :-).

      You are so warm and sharing, I love that about you.

      Glad you found a new job and hope it's great?

      Our paths will cross,


      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Hi Natascha, It has always been a joy and a privilege to know you - and now we have just that -little- bit more in common - Lanikai! 

      We have family members living in Kailua, and it is wonderful.  Did you go to the Kalapawai Market for Coffee?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I am the privileged one to know YOU!

      We stayed in Lanikai for 3 weeks during our sabbatical earlier this year and we just loved the place so much. The Kalapawai market? Are you kidding? I love that place - great lattes, snacks and just fun.

      Also really enjoyed Island Snow and Buzz's 😆 .

      Happy Friday,


      Author's profile photo Martin English
      Martin English

      Good to find a bit more about you, Natascha 🙂

      While I preferred Lahaina on Maui, Kailua did ring a bell from my only Hawaiian trip; There's an 'interstate' that runs from a Marine base just to the north of Kailua over to Pearl Harbour.  Our tour guide suggested that this was the major concern over the placement of the marine base (such a cynic !!).

      While I don't have any photos of the market online, here's one from google maps, just for the memories 🙂

      PS looking forward to reading the book, have my preorder in !!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Martin:

      you can preorder here :-):

      I agree, Maui is fabulous too. And the Freeway (H-3?) does have a great view.



      Author's profile photo Vinod Kumar
      Vinod Kumar

      Hi Natascha,

      Welcome back to SCN 🙂 🙂 , hope you enjoyed the sabbatical .  Excellent blog post & nice pictures (already seen most of them, courtesy : your Facebook account )

      Regards, Vinod

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      so true, FB keeps us connected.

      Thanks for the nice comment,


      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      Natascha, you're such a good writer. I enjoyed reading about your experiences, and I love it that even after moving into a job that doesn't touch SAP directly anymore, you're in our community blogging. It's a testament to the strength of the connections made here!


      P.S. It's too bad the captions in your SCNotties video don't show fully in the embedded mode. I'd recommend that folks watch the video on YouTube directly to get the full experience! 

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks, I added to the blog to watch the video on YT!

      Author's profile photo Matthias Steiner
      Matthias Steiner

      Great blog Natascha! So, how can I get a signed copy of your book? 😉

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Yeah, so how can "we" get signed copies of your book 😉

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      LOL. If you buy one, I can sign it for you :-). Coming out in December.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Happy to sign for you :-).

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy

      Hey Natascha Thomson My Dear Mentor

      Like always, i would keep stressing it on and on, that your writing is FRESH, every single time

      The best grafitti of yours was about the power of #tweetchats that you so well crafted with and example of a session that you attended and wished how that would have been made better

      Believe me, there are so many redirects from my side to folks that want to leverage social media into their work-streams to your blogs on SCN and also MarketingXlerator.

      I did not realize that you had a pre-order website for the 42 rules, am sure, each rule is a tangible $ to itself, mashed with your perspective.

      I am wishing you all the best for the journey you've started, and am sure you will take it to greater heights.

      The fun thing about working with you is the FUN piece itself and you are a true showman 🙂 ...that word hold good for both gender's 🙂

      When you were back from Hawaii, i felt, as if I have unsubscribed from a Travel and Living Channel that was Hawaii oriented, you and Allan gave us that refreshing time-line for 3 months, kudos at no cost 🙂

      Have fun and be the person you are, Down to Earth and a benchmark for Collaboration



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      now I just have to figure out how we can meet in person again.

      What is your next project together, virtually?

      Maybe we can co-blog again? I am also going to invite you as a guest-blogger to my blog.

      Plus, thinking about a webinar series, maybe you can be a guest speaker?

      This the beauty of SCN, social media & lastly life: you meet great people and then you get to collaborate and make work so much more fun.



      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Hi Natascha,

      Since you started this blog as "You are Yogi"...... it increased my curiostiy and  get interest to read this wonderful Blog completely..

      it is very nice to know abt you and your great interest!!! It is true!!! SCN has amazing members like you!!! 🙂




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      so you are a yogi too?

      Thanks for your very kind comment. Have you had a chance blog it forward yet? Would love to read the blog.



      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Yes, i was yogi too, more into meditation kind of stufffs.... earlier it was started as hobby.. Now it is become my part of my life 🙂

      here is my BIF content Blog It Forward - Jansi Rani Murugesan



      Author's profile photo xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct)
      xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct)

      Thanks a lot for joining the BIF family!:)

      I've never been to Hawaii, but now I certainly want to:)


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Natascha,

      Lovely pics and scenary! 😘

      Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

      Have a nice day! 🙂


      Hari Suseelan