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The stories behind the story

All of you who joined the d.confestival last week and especially the d.note from Jim knows it already as he showed it during his talk – the result of our storytelling. For all others, here is it:


First observation: the wall is full and we have nice “decoration” but for sure more important: the post-it´s are colorful and color-coded. Well done team.

As I wrote some days ago we went out of the building to talk to social entrepreneurs, experts and coaches during our research week in Berlin. We did 25 interviews and collected a lot of data. Although we will invest next time  more energy and capacity for observation and self-experience (why not working for several days in on of the entrepreneurs hubs?) these interviews give us a lot of data we have to handle now. So, let´s start the story-telling!

Interesting to see how also such a method is improving over time and during the iterations. For the first story telling we almost needed 2 hours to do it and to collect the insights (including a first general clustering of the insights and findings). The last interview we did in about 25 minutes and therefore we somehow optimized the way we did it.

One interesting and helpful constraint was that is was clear from the very beginning that we have to move to another space after the storytelling. Therefore it was essential to make our artifacts movable. We decided to use one FlipChart paper per interview and this was a good frame to ensure that we do not collect too many post it´s (we will never follow-up in the next steps).


Another very helpful rule we created during the story-telling was the introduction of several general clusters we found during the first interviews. We created per interview an empty FlipChart paper beforehand including these obviously interesting cluster. This helped a lot to get a good clustering per interview without too much extra effort.

With these tools we did the story-telling in 3 day (and yes this was hard work …). We filled the complete wall in our space, we brought it to Jim´s d.note and if you would put all post-it´s we used together in one long line this would get a line of 165 meters – at least this is a calculation of one of the team members 😉

So, not enough to travel to the moon but for sure long enough to have good data for the next steps.

Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 1.32.01 PM.png

The next time I will update you regarding our move to our official team space (where we learnt that it is sometimes also good, that such an space is not perfect from the very beginning) and of course about our work with the different frameworks to find the “golden nuggets” in all our data. Now it is time for sprint review No.2 (yep, we combine SCRUM and design thinking from the very beginning …)

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