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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Matthias,

      The video is Great!

      It leads a cloud beginner in the best way to get a first HelloWorld up and running in SAP NW Cloud, including the steps for registering as SCN User and creating a Cloud Trial Account (what I described above).

      Thanks, perfectly done!

  1. Marco Voelz

    Thanks for the comprehensive write-up!

    However, I’m not quite sure why you include the steps 4.-8. in this setup just to ignore the “outcome” of step 8. (the redirect to the tools page). Couldn’t you first do everything _ecxcept_ these 4 steps (which will get you your developer account) and _then_ download the tools necessary for development? Seems like a clearer flow to me. Or did I miss something here?

    1. Former Member Post author


      Thanks Marco, for your hint that the (former) steps 4.-8. of section “Part II: Apply for your Developer Account…” might not be necessary.

      And also thanks to Sven to confirm that this is true.

      I confirmed it as well and removed the corresponding unnecessary steps of my description, so that my blog now describes exactly what is necessary to create a developer account.

      More details (see also my next reply):

      Why did I describe these unnecessary steps as part of the developer account creation?

      From the original document it looks as if you need three things to get your developer account:

      1. SCN account (Prerequisite of DOC-28197)
      2. Accept the End-user License Agreement for Development Kit (step 1. of DOC-28197)
      3. Accept the End User License Agreement for the Developer License (step 2. of DOC-28197)

      So for me it was not clear, that step 1. of DOC-28197 is not a prerequisite for the Developer Account creation, the step 2. in DOC-28197!

      (Especially as in step 3. of DOC-28197 it says “Download and set up the SDK and tools”, which was already described for the users, because when they accept the license of step 1. of DOC-28197 they are provided with a description of how to download SDK and tools via the “Tools web page”. And my interpretation of this redundancy was, you only need the Development Kit licence as prerequisite for the Developer Account, so ignoring the Tools web page instructions was my way to deal with it.)

      I suggest changing DOC-28197 to have a description without this redundancy:

      Simply remove the current step 1. of DOC-28197 completely (reason: accepting this license is already part of step 3 of DOC-28197 and not a prerequisite for step 2. of DOC-28197)

      1. Former Member Post author

        Just to understand my details above:

        In the meanwhile the description of has been changed, but not as I suggested above, but:

        Original step 1 (“Accept the End User License Agreement for the Development Kit) and has been moved after the original step 2 (“Accept the End User License Agreement for the Developer License“).

        This is really better than before.

        Anyhow current step 2 of DOC-28197 is also one step of current step 3. Probably this is to emphasize the importance of the license agreement for the ability to download later the tools and SDK download. Anyhow it is redundant.

  2. Former Member

    Yes, thanks for this helpful documentation.

    Last comment from Marco is correct:

    I just created my developer account without using steps 4-8 and it worked.. 


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